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Hey CQ! *waves* I'm glad that you guys took the time to try to fix all of the problems that we were having with neomail. But now, when I click on the little mail icon that pops up at the top of the screen, I receive this error message: You did not send or receive this mail, so you cannot read it! It looks like everyone is having this problem. Can you explain what happened, and give us any kind of eta on a fix? Thanks! ~ terahawk
Hi! So, we had to make some updates to Neomails on the back end, but one of the changes we had to make caused this new issue you're describing. All that's going on is that the event notification isn't linking properly with the mail itself, so when you try to open mail that way, the link won't work and you get that error. While annoying, it's nothing to worry about, and we're working on getting them linked properly again. In the meantime though, you can continue to completely access all your neomail from your inbox!

Hey there! So I've noticed something about the new mutant wocky. While I have my mutant wocky set as my active I can't see his picture while posting on the boards. My wocky, Poxnar, would love other Neopians to see his ugly face! Hopefully the mutant wocky isn't the only pet having this problem... I was hoping that you guys could look into it and fix it? Thanks! ~ hong_kong
Hi! Yes, we've been aware of this issue with some of the newer non-basic pets, buuuuut, drumroll please, it's all fixed now!
Alas, many of you already knew that, as you can now see your pet, oh well. Anywho, if anyone's pet is still missing in action, please let us know!

In the last editorial, you mentioned that our pets could not have relationships with other pets. I know this means romantic relationships because there's no real way to realistically monitor every single instance, but does this extend to other types of relationships? i.e. brother/sister, cousins etc? Are we allowed to mention that our pets have parents? Some clarification would be extremely wonderful. (: Thank-you for your time and remove my username please? ~ username removed
Yes, familial relationships are definitely allowed. Your pet can have parents, but just make sure you leave it at that, to avoid the no romance rule :)

Thank you so much for the lovely new dyeworks items! The NC community has been waiting a looong time for this. There is just a few tiny things that are bothering me and I hope you can help :) Unlike the original Side Swept Blond Wig, the dyeworks versions ends up behind the aisha antennas. Is there anyway to fix this? And the dyeworks flower wings doesn't remove existing wings. Could you please rezone it to "Restricts: Wings Transient Biology"? Please leave out my username. ~ username removed
Both items are fixed, enjoy! We're glad you like the new items!

I already got over not being able to change my username, hence why I changed accounts :P but is it so hard to make is possible to change pets' names? I understand you guys are busy with major changes, but I'm curious. Thank you! ~ luminarya
Yes, actually it is. The way the site was originally coded, every bit of info stored about your account and pet is done based off of the pets name (which is why they need to be unique). In order to change a pet name, it would have to be updated in every place on the site (which is A LOT), so to make it possible we'd have to totally re-code how that works and migrate all of the existing names and info to the new method we'd put in place. Which is unfortunately a huge undertaking. It's something we've talked about and that we definitely want to do, but the execution is something that's going to take a lot of time and resource and planning, and as you mentioned, we've had some other changes to make right now.

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