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So close.

Also by Pinksrainbow

by lyndsey4657

Daylight Robbery

Well that was rude.

Also by shennyyy

by icygal2310

Just Jelni: Faking Faerie

Jelni wants to be painted Faerie, but she gets a different pair of wings!

by angul888
Eclectic Antics: Makeover

The event's not even here yet, but that doesn't mean these crazies can't get hyped about it.

by amarettoball
Altador Cup Foods

Everyone has their own priorities...

by 43456
Even Aethia Has Those Days

Poor Battle Faerie...

by scechoi
Oh No

Uh, nevermind.

Also by voudoo and murillion

by shadowlugia_92

NeoPaper: Jelly Pet at Mealtime

Observe: a Jelly pet's surreal majesty, as she devours her meal.

by mbredboy31
Mad Scientist Is Mad

Why so crazy?

by brenda_bbm
What If I Turn Into A Frog?

... a frog?

by ketchup547
Annoying Kanrik

I think a better question would be "Why are there so many?"

by theschizophrenicpunk
Head in the Clouds: Altador Cup

Why would you pick Team Altador?

by yoshisislandbandit
The Perils of Customisation

Nobody had thought about that...

by ngf57
Darigan Breakball


Also by vanillerrybeitje

by marbear_4u

My Pet Rojel's Never Ending Career Advice

She never stops at nothing!

by natlain
Sloth's Daily Dare

He never realized games were so fun!

Also by ruben160

by cosmicfire918

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Put Your Party Pants On: Tyrannia Victory Day

Tyrannian Victory Day is upon us once again, and you know what that means, a 24-hour long PARTY! But what does one wear to a Tyrannian Victory Day party, you ask? Wonder no more because I am here to help. This helpful guide will show you a variety of items to wear, and a few to avoid, this Tyrannian Victory Day, all without breaking the bank!

Other Stories


My Wandering Lady – A Faerie Tale
A large fire burned in the gypsy camp tonight. Around it sat a ring of Neopets. Not gypsies, these. No, they were Meridell locals who had come from all the lands 'round about. For tonight was a special night. Tonight, the Teller of Tales would tell the story of the Wandering Lady.

by reiqua


Messi's Meowclops'
It was the year 18 in Neopia and a small litter of new meowclops had wandered through the Haunted Woods toward the magical smell of Faerieland. There were four of them in the family and they had been separated from their mother for a few hours now.

by wildprincessxoxo


Trophies That We Actually Regret!
Inspired by the ironic notion of actually REGRETTING one's trophies, I thought I'd write this article! Most Neopians are eager to accrue as many trophies as possible. Yet there are also those motley players who actually REGRET the trophies they own!

by indulgences


From the Top: An Inteview with Top Kadoatie Feeder
Whether you have only thought about feeding a Kadoatie or are already and experienced feeder, I’m sure you are curious as to how some dedicated Neopians have managed to feed so many Kadoaties. I’m here today with infernodragon02 to talk about the experiences of one very committed and enthusiastic Kadoatie feeder.

Also by infernodragon02

by malphd


The Vine of Destiny: Book 1, The Apprentice Pirates: Part One
“By Fyora…” Jacques gasped, “Who would be crazy enough to sail a dinghy in the middle of the Maraquan Circle?!” “Somebody who doesn’t know the first thing about the sea would be my guess.” Garin replied as he looked through a spyglass and spotted a pair of Neopian girls clinging to the mast of their dinghy as it was tossed by the waves.

by teamchao466


Reign of Ice: Part Three
“No time for sarcasm, get me out of here!” Brendon was frantic. Irena started looking around for something she could use to pull her brother out of the quicksand. “This is why Mom never takes us on her vacations,” she muttered to herself.

by neolikepets

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