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From the Top: An Inteview with Top Kadoatie Feeder

by malphd


Welcome to From the Top, a series of interviews with top players from across Neopia. We all know the competitive nature of games but there are many other “unofficial” top player lists. With this series, I will be interviewing players ranked at the top of these activities and we will here what they have to share. Today we travel to the Neopian Plaza…

I’m sure that during your time in Neopia, you’ve stumbled across the Kadoatery or encountered a Kadoatie feeder, or perhaps, were interested in the Kadoatery – Mew! Avatar. The Kadoatery is where Kadoaties go when their owners are on holiday. It's a nice place, but it doesn't take long for them to get lonely. It is here that the Kadoaties rely on the generosity of Neopians.

Whether you have only thought about feeding a Kadoatie or are already and experienced feeder, I’m sure you are curious as to how some dedicated Neopians have managed to feed so many Kadoaties. I’m here today with infernodragon02 to talk about the experiences of one very committed and enthusiastic Kadoatie feeder. Infernodragon02 is (unofficially) recognized as the top active Kadoatie feeder, having fed over 18 thousand Kadoaties!

Welcome, Infernodragon02.

Thanks, I’m happy to be here today.

How long have you been feeding Kadoaties?

I don't even know, but it's been a long time. As I recall, it took about a year from the release of the Kadoatery for me to not feel so intimidated and become ready to learn. I have a screenshot of my first in an e-mail dated from the latter half of 2005, so that may have been the year.

What do you enjoy most about feeding Kadoaties?

At first it was fresh and new, then it became an addictive way to fill the time. It fed into competitiveness and became the sort of niche that didn't require too much of a time burden, could be done at any time, and proved to be the one at which I was adequate. The best part, though, has to be that, because it is a niche, it is one that can be shared. Even by being present enough one can recognize the username of another feeder and commiserate with their efforts to serve these fuzzy overlords.

Is there a pattern to when they get hungry?

Now they've changed it to operating on a 28 minute schedule along with seven minute pends and, on top of that, seconds that aggregate every pend. It is discommodious and easier than ever to miss out on new Kads.

Are there special prizes for feeding Kadoaties?

I believe it's one Kadoatie for a bronze trophy, ten for silver, 25 for gold, and then 75 for the avatar. Too bad they didn't keep up the idea of winning a Kadoatie too.

You must enjoy feeding Kadoaties. Why do you continue to feed them after reaching the avatar level of 75?

It offers fun for a lot of people for different reasons. I found that I wasn't ready to stop at 75 and I wanted to get better at it. Over time, it became the last daily activity that still felt worth doing.

What types of food do you feed? Are all of them expensive?

They'll eat just about anything. But not Draik Eggs. Oh no. They'll still eat Rhuby Fruits, but not those eggs. They will eat anything from various shops, excluding Gross Food, Bakery, and Chocolate (WHY???), etc., up to rarity 96. So there are an ever-expanding variety of foods at reasonable prices.

What strategy do you use to feed and why?

I had to transition to SDB, since that left me better equipped for the long haul. The problem with relying on the shop wizard is that one can get stuck with an overpriced result, which doesn't gel with being a cheapskate on a limited budget. An inventory is a good way to get introduced to the mechanics and by keeping 49 or less items one can still combine it with the shop wiz. Also, depending on how I feel, I will aim for a particular spot or move around in hopes of not stepping on anyone else's toes.

The Kadoatery is listed in the games section…do you think there should be a high score table?

Since it is a game, I don't see why not. Instead, it seems like they've made it more akin to the contests, where trophies aggregate on a lookup, but of course it's far different from producing art and in regards to the permanence of a high score table even the card and avatar collectors can put themselves back on the table whenever they want.

Is there any memorable time you fed a Kadoatie? What was special about it?

It might be that the most memorable were the failings, whether that be missing out on beating a notorious account because the item had vanished from my inventory, accidentally navigating to some unrelated area of the site, or unknowingly using a food that had inflated. I have drawn items out from my own shop at times. However, the most memorable would be the first, followed by the 75th. Lots of fumbling.

Do you have a favorite Kadoatie? Or a special food that you like to feed?

It was always fun to figure out the references, but mine would have to be chibikadoatiekawaiibaka. It is insane, very Japanese, and I screenshot it every time since Kads are baka. I liked to feed Cupcakes with Rainbow Frosting, Chocopie Slices, Borovan, and smores for some reason. Maybe it's the sweet tooth, maybe it's distinctiveness.

Any unusual Kadoatie that you have fed? Or something surprising that you'd like to share?

Nothing comes to mind. I can remember beginning along with the owner of my guild who had introduced me to this place. We used the same inventory of cheap freebie foods and I always lost. But that's not unusual or surprising, is it?

Is there anything you would change about Kadoatie feeding?

It has to be the time system. Anything else I can deal with (although I've long wished that the rules were better stated), but the randomness in it is frustrating. It isn't fun in restocking and it is a time drain here. Why can it take over an hour for Kadoaties to finish digesting? Why are the pending feedings seven minutes long? Why do the seconds change now? Whyyyyy??? It makes no sense! Were they afraid that we would be overrun by unbuyables?

Any last words of advice for enthusiastic Kadoatie feeders?

If I can do it, you can too. I do so not like such stock phrases, but in this case I am sure it is true. Don't get discouraged by all of the details, because this can change when all is said and done. Go out, join the community, and have fun!

Thank you, infernodragon02, for taking the time to answer these questions. Your insights and words of encouragement are appreciated. Kadoatie feeding is truly a fascinating hobby and I would encourage all Neopians to give it a try!

So take a short trip to the Neopian Plaza. Right there, next to the Wishing Well you will find the Kadoatery. There are so many Kadoaties in need and, although it may be difficult to connect with one at first, with perseverance, they will warm up to you and you will be able to feed one or possibly more. Go ahead, make that connection and you will find that giving back to the community can be so rewarding!


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