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Orvinn the First Rate

by shadowlugia_92

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The Wrong Side of the Law
The future is a scary place. At least this was the conclusion Siren had come to. The Desert Hissi had been dreading this moment for a long time, and now it had come he was still dreading it.

by light_faerie382


Lord Faerigan - Fyora's Role in the Meridell Wars: Part Six
Valentine’s Day was a few weeks away but Faerieland was already busy preparing for their annual Valentine’s Day ball. Every year, Fyora would send out a special invitation to Lord Darigan, despite him ignoring them. Ever since the end of the wars with Meridell, Lord Darigan was hesitant to make any public appearances.

by black_skull725


Step 2: Blockade the Trade Routes
Distracted by the cuteness.

Also by 0123kl

by bittersweet52


Duplicity: Part Eleven
Three images materialized before Lisha: a faerie with a burning heart beating beneath her chest, a Skeith with glowing bones beneath his layers of fat, and a Lupe with bloody, hollow eyes. She identified each as Ambition, Greed, and Revenge, respectively.

by likelife96

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