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NeoPaper: Attack of the Socks

by mbredboy31

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The Trouble with Tridents: Part Three
What used to be a beautiful place -- shifting in different shades of blue, petpets dancing and twirling in the currents, and magnificent kelps and seashells shining in the sunlight coming down from the surface in colours of green, red, pink and blue -- was as it should be except for one thing: everything was purple.

Also by scherwoodz

by winterdreary


Dubloon Training
Let's hope Cap'n Threelegs isn't on a diet...

by _clement_


At the Battledome: vs Space Faerie - Part 2
Rinse and repeat.

by winner19955


Dances With Werelupes: Part Two
The Werelupe King peeked his snout over Terra’s shoulder. “Lady Illusen…” he grumbled. “I was not expecting to see you here.”

“The sentiment is mutual,” the Faerie said, folding her arms and tilting her head, looking down at him like a disapproving parent.

by cosmicfire918

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