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How To Survive Krawk Island & Live to Tell the Tale

by 2_andromeda_8


Has the mediocrity of the usual summer holiday bored you to the core? Can't decide whether this year's destination is Terror Mountain or Faerieland? Or maybe sun, sea and sand just doesn't do it for you this year either?

Whatever your motives might be, this year it's time to bring out the buccaneer in you. Yes, you!

Krawk Island is a pirate paradise and even referred to as a "lawless harbour," yet the intrigue of savouring specialties at The Golden Dubloon or training at The Academy has attracted many folk from all over Neopia.

So pack your compass, cutlass and dubloons: begin your swashbuckling adventure the right way. This is for the adventurer in you - venture to Krawk Island, follow these simple steps, you'll even live to tell the tale!

The following are essential places where visitors go to, and how you carry out your exploration determines whether you make it or not! Here goes nothing...

Arrival at Warf Wharf:

So you've sailed the Neopian seas without the misfortune of running into Captain Scarblade and his crew. Count yourself lucky.

Now head straight to Krawk Fashions - ok, you may not ACT like a pirate, but you can at least LOOK like one. With a pirate eye-patch, peg-leg, or red and white stripes, you will blend in like a dream. No one will ever know.

Next, you need a pirate companion to give you insider knowledge. Little Nippers is your next call of duty. Grab a Pawkeet or a Krawkadon. These little critters will not only keep you company but will inform you about the who, the what and the where without raising suspicions. And don't forget to take said petpet with you everywhere you go - do not leave him/her unsupervised.

The Swashbuckling Academy:

Don't risk "walkin' the plank," it's time to pay Captain Threelegs a visit. After listening to the Captain's legendary recount on how he lost his leg, allow him to share his wisdom and experience by signing up to one of his courses. Please remember: a pirate will always be a pirate - therefore, you'll be showing the dubloons first THEN starting the training! Enough said.

Treasure of the Black Pawkeet:

After some swashbuckling training, it's time for real adventure. Unless you have been living under a mossy rock, you will know about Bloodhook's miraculous survival and how his secret treasure is, supposedly, forever lost.

No pirate nor local has ever found the buried treasure; maybe you'll be the one to find it? Make sure you do this discreetly. After all, you want to live to tell the tale, right?

Smuggler's Cove:

Let your pirate petpet guide you to a notorious cave at the bottom of a cliff. Maybe you will find a souvenir to commemorate your great Krawk Island adventure and show your friends when you get back. Be cautious at all times, and don't forget to haggle.

Anchor Management:

No Krawk Island visit is complete without some anchor management. We've all heard the stories about the day Krawk Island went away, dubloons morphing into yellow flower petals, and sailor's claims of the Island being swallowed by "silver-grey" mist. Worst of all, how could true locals ever live on everything tasting like maple syrup? Yes, maple syrup. So now it's time to put some of that training into practice. Help the folk to ward off the evil, dreaded Krawken - that's if you don't want Krawk Island to become the island of no return.


Don't let this strange looking, hat wearing skeleton of a machine intimidate you. The key to survival is to avoid carrying several sparkling, shiny items which jingle along with every step you take. Therefore, begin reducing the bulk by exchanging your dubloons for higher denomination coins. Reduce your bulk coins without compromising value nor running the risk of being mugged by pesky pirates!


Surprisingly most of the buzz and excitement isn't coming from looting, treasure and battles at high sea. In fact, it is right below The Golden Dubloon where most of the enthusiasm is coming from. Even the petpets can't seem to keep their cool. So the room is small and dingy, and used exclusively for gambling. But bear in mind that with your master disguise no one will suspect you are an amateur. This dice game is worth a visit as there is no limit to how much you can win... join the table, roll right, and you may even make your fortune.

Food Club:

There seems to be a commotion as twenty terrifying pirates seem as though they're ready to go into battle. But wait, there is food and locals are placing bets. Currency rather than cutlasses are involved, and it's all about taking calculated risks. In order to survive, it's best to gain some knowledge about this dangerous game. With five arenas, twenty pirates, numerous allergies and up to ten bets per round, Neopians participating sure ain't playin'. Before you place your bet on Franchisco Corvallio or whoever takes your fancy, get to know them first.

Time to Go:

Off the north coast of Krawk Island, a noticeable islet in the distance promises adventure. A pitch black canvas featuring a crimson red jolly roger and cross bones decorates ominous words: KEEP OUT! To go or not to go? That is the question. Maybe it's the stories that you've heard, but you hear cackling in the distance...

Remember that the purpose of this guide is so that you live to tell your tale. Therefore, without further ado, it's time to immediately scurry to Warf Wharf again, and climb aboard the first vessel back to Neopia Central.

Return to Neopia Central:

If you're on a ship headed towards Neopia Central from Krawk Island, then congratulations you've made it! If Krawk Island doesn't satiate your hunger for adventure, maybe you ought to take a detour to the Lost Desert or Haunted Woods. After all, if you survive Krawk Island, you can survive any land in Neopia!

In the mean time, be sure to keep a weather eye open on the horizon. The fierce Captain Scarblade is known to sail these waters.

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