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Paint Brush Problems: Transparent (8/9)

Some things are better left unseen.

Written by usasoccr

by msjanny

Life Is Hard 5.0

You get all dressed up...

by scathachs
Life is a Playground - Battle Time!

Get ready to fight!

by larenchan
Slush: Petrifaction?

Woodland pets can easily become...

by _torchic__
Wait A Minute...

Waaaittt... lemme just...

by dysinthi
Oh Socks

I really hope I get arms!

by amunet022

Way to spoil the moment. Sheesh.

by fullmetalslushie
Inside the Mind of King Altador

Wanna talk?

by whatamidoingwhy
Good Job

Making the Altador Cup awkward, one fan at a time.

by williteverbethesame
Grave... Danger?

Just where did they find a cupcake shop?

by dinoblox

Well, that's just Pterible.

by musui64
Behind the Scenes: Pterattack

He probably trains.

by amelia_124
The Mystery of the... Island Mystic?!

We all know the Island Mystic's fortune's don't come true... right?

by rinnegans
Pea Chia Woes - "It's Magic??"

Something has happened!

Also by bittersweet52

by krazybabeh

Easy as Stealing Candy From a Baby?

Never has it been easier!

by littlegirlydude
Plain Awkward: Babysitting

Not as easy as it looks.

by becky31220
Neopets Go! #2

Artists can't take any day off in this comic!

Art by the_shii

by iara_purity

The Vacation

Summer is finally here! Beach time!

by skyward_rush
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"Drawing" by goodsigns
As he was applying some purple to the edges of the sky, a Scriblet climbed onto his shoulder, its antennae twitching as it studied the drawing. Quite suddenly, it leapt into the air, its blue-and-red beetle wings buzzing, aiming for the canvas...

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Catacomb Calamity
"You are to go in there and bring me back the finest treasure your little paws can get a hold of..."

by testrachelamy


As he was applying some purple to the edges of the sky, a Scriblet climbed onto his shoulder, its antennae twitching as it studied the drawing.

by goodsigns


Chariot Chase: Altador's Forgotten Gem
Chariot Chase is quite unique and definitely worth a visit. If you have what it takes you might even leave with one of its most sought-after souvenirs, the gold trophy.

by newneo129


Don't Trip! Read These First!
If you are heading out for the weekend or a long trip that will take you weeks or even months before you return home, it's a great idea to plan ahead with at least a book or three...

by princess_daisy186


The Persecution: Part Five
"Are you kidding me? A little silver and garlic and we can have them all under control!"

by racerfishy


Saving the National Neopian Bank: Part Four
Golgoth stood up. "Then why not simply close the shop there and move out? It's clear that these decisions are damaging the company, and are so damaging the shareholders who the company exists to serve. Why haven't we already done this?"

by rider_galbatorix

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