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Faerie Abilities Guide Series: Level 10

This week, we will be looking at the Level 10 tier abilities: Cranky, Meh, and Positive Thinking.

Also by woccawoccawocca

by dragonsfriend1021

Chariot Chase: Altador's Forgotten Gem

Chariot Chase is quite unique and definitely worth a visit. If you have what it takes you might even leave with one of its most sought-after souvenirs, the gold trophy.

by newneo129
Don't Trip! Read These First!

If you are heading out for the weekend or a long trip that will take you weeks or even months before you return home, it's a great idea to plan ahead with at least a book or three...

by princess_daisy186
Owning a Guild

Running a guild is no easy task.

by terabithian
The Great and Wonderful Kauvara

An Interview with the Owner of the Neopian Magic Shop

by mithos__
The Many Fabulous Uses of Jelly!

Jelly is a food with many wondrous uses, which ought to be listed among the greatest aspects of Neopia, rather than condemned to live out its days as a relatively overlooked novelty item.

by geckolord
Snowbeast Snackrifice: A Complete Guide

A complete guide to Snowbeast Snackrifice that will hopefully shed light on this commonly misunderstood game and help you on your way to a trophy.

by rock_star_megs
How To Survive Krawk Island & Live to Tell the Tale

For the adventurer in you!

by 2_andromeda_8
Alternatives to the Everyday Omelette

Would you like to eat egg for all your meals? I certainly wouldn't.

by snowpuffcookies
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"The Story of a Plushie" by reiqua
When I was made, I was a blue Grundo plushie. Just a simple plushie. Most people don't think much of Grundos, especially not in such a boring colour as blue. But I didn't mind. Grundos are a pretty good shape. And blue's a pretty nice colour...

Other Stories


Event Horizon
Commander Hyren's bare feet compacted the starch-fine layer of sooty dust covering the desolate planetoid, tagged in his helmet's heads-up display only as Calixto Sigma-3204...

by cosmicfire918


As he was applying some purple to the edges of the sky, a Scriblet climbed onto his shoulder, its antennae twitching as it studied the drawing.

by goodsigns


Where the Wind Blows Wild: Part Five
Corbin said, "My brother and I call ourselves the Monster Hunters. But that's not a good name for it, really. We try to protect everyone..."

by saphira_27


The Persecution: Part Five
"Are you kidding me? A little silver and garlic and we can have them all under control!"

by racerfishy


Wait A Minute...
Waaaittt... lemme just...

by dysinthi


Plain Awkward: Babysitting
Not as easy as it looks.

by becky31220

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