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New Series

Hannah, Brynn, and Nabile and We Hate Hanso Club 2: Part One

An Usul with flowing brown hair and a swinging green skirt was running down the hall being pursued by half a dozen guards. She did a front handspring and then slid on her knees, stopping just in front of Nabile...

by kristykimmy
Moltara's Winter: Part One

Jon woke up feeling extremely happy. Today's the day, he thought joyfully...

Also by saltsman

by saudadesdagripe

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"Pay It Forward" by jarm9
Indamira generally did not like shopping. She especially did not like shopping trips. She did not like shopping trips and yet, here she was, on a shopping trip. Her owner was so the worst. "Mama, I want to go home," the Christmas Cybunny said...

Other Stories


The Story of a Plushie
My name is Meta... or it used to be. I haven't had a name for a long time now.

by reiqua


Event Horizon
Commander Hyren's bare feet compacted the starch-fine layer of sooty dust covering the desolate planetoid, tagged in his helmet's heads-up display only as Calixto Sigma-3204...

by cosmicfire918


Chariot Chase: Altador's Forgotten Gem
Chariot Chase is quite unique and definitely worth a visit. If you have what it takes you might even leave with one of its most sought-after souvenirs, the gold trophy.

by newneo129


Don't Trip! Read These First!
If you are heading out for the weekend or a long trip that will take you weeks or even months before you return home, it's a great idea to plan ahead with at least a book or three...

by princess_daisy186


Plain Awkward: Babysitting
Not as easy as it looks.

by becky31220


Way to spoil the moment. Sheesh.

by fullmetalslushie

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