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Rejected Yooyuball Yooyu Colours

by pikachu315111


Yooyuball, the premier sport of the Altador Cup. Though officially there are 10 players on a field at anytime, 5 on each team, some say there's an 11th player who's the most important. This player is the Yooyu itself, a Petpet who has the ability to fold into a ball shape and is used as the ball the other players throw, catch, and try to score a goal with. But to make the game a bit more interesting, there are currently 7 kinds of Yooyus, each adding their own unique gimmick:

Normal: No added effect.

Fire: Faster than a Normal Yooyu. Also will be thrown after held for a few seconds (what do you expect, the player is holding FIRE).

Snow: Slower than a Normal Yooyu.

Faerie: Flight pattern curves randomly left or right.

Mutant: Copies a gimmick of another Yooyu.

Darigan: Pre New Yooyuball: Went the opposite direction when thrown.
Post New Yooyuball: Goes a random direction when thrown.

Clockwork: After a few seconds in play, it'll start blinking red until it finally explodes (don't worry, no Yooyus are harmed playing Yooyuball. Players on the other hand...).

But these are the only the Yooyu Colours that are so far approved. Yooyu of all Colours (most Colours not released to the public... yet! Remember, there's got to be a Yooyu prize every year) are tested to see if their gimmick will see play. However, for one reason or another, they sort of hit a snag and the Altador Cup Committee refuses to approve them until these problems have been fixed. I think we should shed some light on these unfortunate Yooyus and see what they have to offer and what is preventing them from seeing active play. So let's go behind the scenes to see:

Rejected Yooyuball Colours:

Before I begin, I would like to mention that at ANY moment one of these Yooyus can be approved for play with fixed, altered, or a completely different gimmick. These are just initial gimmick concepts and don't represent how they'll actually be played:

Colour: 8-Bit

Gimmick: When thrown, it stutters as if it was a moving sprite.

Problem: When looking at the 8-Bit Yooyu head-on there's no problem, it's when you look at it from the side is there a problem. What's the problem with its side? It doesn't have one! And because the Yooyu is "spinning" around when thrown, players viewing the 8-But Yooyu at a one angle can see it one moment but the next moment they can't and have no idea where it went. Players complained they can't play with a Yooyu which isn't visible sideways and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Checkered

Gimmick: When thrown, only the other team can catch it while its moving. If it has stopped moving, any team can pick it up.

Problem: Due to the Checkered Yooyu's "turn based" logic, if it appears for a second time during the game it refuses to go into the same goal it went in the first time, seeing it as the other's team turn to score a goal. Players complained they can't play with a Yooyu which seems to be playing by its own set of rules and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Chocolate

Gimmick: When stolen, the player who it got stolen from is "stunned" for a few seconds, distracted by the smell of chocolate.

Problem: The Chocolate Yooyu has complained that some players keep trying to eat it, the Altador Cup Committee agreeing once they stopped being distracted by the smell of chocolate.

Colour: Christmas

Gimmick: Gave the holding player a random power-up. Player loses the power-up once they throw it or it gets stolen.

Problem: The Christmas Yooyu only did its gimmick during the Month of Giving. The Altador Cup Committee decided moving the date of the Altador Cup for a Yooyu gimmick wasn't a valid option so rejected it.

Colour: Clay

Gimmick: When thrown at a wall it bounced back the direction it was thrown at.

Problem: Due to the rough play of Yooyuball, the Clay Yooyu quickly got molded out of shape, usually into a cube or pyramid. This made the Clay Yooyu not aerodynamic and difficult to throw. Players complained about not able to make accurate throws, the Clay Yooyu complained about needing to be reshaped after every round, and the Altador Cup Committee just didn't see anyone on the field getting anything out of this.

Colour: Cloud

Gimmick: Creates a small whirlwind around it that slightly blows away players.

Problem: Players weren't the only thing getting blown around. Dirt and dust also got blown around getting into the eyes and causing coughing fits as well as covering the field in a dirt cloud. Players complained being unable to see and play, those viewing the game in the audience seats complained about being unable to see the players because of the dirt cloud, and the Altador Staff Committee agreed after they were done coughing.

Colour: Custard

Gimmick: "Sticks" to the player holding it making it unable to be stolen. However the holding player has to throw it at full power to get it unstuck and it doesn't go that far.

Problem: An unknowing member of the opposing team who tries to steal the Custard Yooyu ends up also getting stuck to it and thus the player holding it. And because both players are unable to throw the Custard Yooyu, the game has to be halted as the players are pulled apart. Before the first incident was resolved the Altador Cup Committee decided to reject the idea after it took half an hour to pull the players apart.

Colour: Desert

Gimmick: Flight pattern does "the Sakhmet". It moves forward a bit, takes a small skip back, and repeats until stopped or caught.

Problem: The Desert Yooyu either didn't make that much distance or sometimes even flew back into the hands of the player that threw it. Players complained that there's no way to throw to a team mate or even score a goal since the Yooyu would go into the goalies' hands before hitting the back of the net. The Altador Cup Committee originally considered it as a challenge for the players to overcome, but after seeing a game where no player was able to score a goal as the Desert Yooyu kept flying back into their hands as they moved around, they changed their minds and agreed to reject it.

Colour: Disco

Gimmick: Flight pattern zigzags.

Problem: The Disco Yooyu is suppose to always zigzag in the same pattern, but if it hears any song, music, of tune it changes its flight pattern into an different pattern according to the beat they're hearing. The Altador Cup Committee was thinking of changing that it zigzags in a random pattern but then noticed Teams started to mess with the opposing teams throws by whistling a simple tune always making the throw miss. The easiness of manipulation made the Altador Cup Committee rethink their decision and reject the Disco Yooyu.

Colour: Dung

Gimmick: Repels ally and opposing players. Goalies are unaffected.

Problem: Though the idea is that only one player was to go after the Dung Yooyu, NO player wanted to be that player. The way the Dung Yooyu repels everyone is by its intense stink, and not only did players not want to smell it but the player holding it often picked up the foul smell until they can shower off at the end of the game. The goalies also complained that they had no choice but to block and catch the Dung Yooyu. The Altador Cup Committee agreed after needing someone to fetch them clothespins for their noses to block the unbearable smell before they could even talk to the complaining players.

Colour: Elderly

Gimmick: When it hits a wall its speed decreases.

Problem: The Elderly Yooyu kept falling asleep or complaining about how things were better in the "good ol' days". Players complained it was distracting and though the Altador Cup Committee at first wrote it off as challenge the players needed to overcome, after hearing the Elderly Yooyu tell them a story about the "good ol' days" they were quick to change their minds and agreed to reject it.

Colour: Electric

Gimmick: When thrown at full power both the throwing player and any player who catches it gets stunned by electricity for a few seconds.

Problem: The rough play of Yooyuball caused the Electric Yooyu to keep discharging when doing anything that wasn't staying still or walking. Even running may jostle the Electric Yooyu enough to cause it to go off. Players complained the game was halted to a Slorg's pace as they tried not to do anything that may cause the Electric Yooyu to shock them and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Eventide

Gimmick: When it hits a wall its speed increases.

Problem: If the Eventide Yooyu was thrown at a corner, usually resulting it hitting two walls, and no player catches it and it hits another wall, it start going so fast that no player can catch it safely. After players learned this no player wanted to catch the Eventide Yooyu which caused it to keep hitting walls until it was going so fast that it either hits a player who couldn't dodge it in time or the walls stop being able to deflect it and the Eventide Yooyu implants itself into a wall. Players complained about injuries and the Altador Cup Committee didn't want to keep repairing walls so agreed.

Colour: Ghost

Gimmick: When thrown it fades in and out of visibility, being only catchable when visible. Goalies can catch it even when faded.

Problem: The Ghost Yooyu needs to concentrate in order to constantly switch between being tangible and intangible, but the rough play of Yooyuball made it lose focus occasionally causing it to fade out after a player had caught it resulting it going through the player as they ran. Players complained that there was no way to follow plays when they can't even hold the Yooyu and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Gold

Gimmick: Decreases the speed of the player holding it and can't be thrown far. However it's worth 2 goals.

Problem: The Gold Yooyu kept being stolen. One or two would vanish after a day of practice and later be found being sold on the streets. The ones selling it claim they bought it from someone who works in the colosseum. However they couldn't give a description as they were wearing a cloak and the Neopian or Neopians responsible were never found. For the safety of the Gold Yooyus, the Altador Cup Committee rejected it until they can assure better security.

Colour: Grey

Gimmick: Halves the player's throw power.

Problem: A happy Yooyu makes for happy players and the opposite is just as true. The Grey Yooyu demoralized players and the game eventually came to a halt as players felt sorry for throwing it away constantly. Players complained they just couldn't play due to the Grey Yooyu's plight, even though it didn't have any, and the Altador Cup Committee agreed though it took them a while as they couldn't bring themselves to reject, as they put it, "the little guy".

Colour: Halloween

Gimmick: If the player tries to steal the Yooyu, they may get scared causing the steal to fail and stunning the stealing player for a few seconds.

Problem: Some teams just aren't scared easily, like Team Haunted Woods or Darigan Citadel, giving them an unfair advantage. Also some teams were more prone to being scared and some individual players were always getting scared thus unable to ever get the Halloween Yooyu. There were more teams who wanted the Halloween Yooyu removed than those who wanted it to stay so the Altador Cup Committee agreed with the majority.

Colour: Ice

Gimmick: Eventually slips out of the holding player's hand, said player leaving it behind as they run forward.

Problem: The Ice Yooyu slips out of the player's hand by melting off water (don't worry, the Ice Yooyu can get back what water it melted off by freezing the moisture around it). However, the melted water drips onto the field and players started slipping on the muddy patches it created. Players complained about injuries and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Invisible

Gimmick: Is invisible, players only knows where it is when it stops moving, creating a dust cloud upon landing on the ground.

Problem: IS INVISIBLE. Do I even need to explain why this idea doesn't work? Players complained they can't do anything without seeing where the Yooyu is or going and the Altador Cup Committee was quick to agree.

Colour: Island

Gimmick: If the player holding it has a power-up, it trades the power-up for another one.

Problem: Power-ups weren't the only things traded. After a round all players would have to gather and trade back items as the Island Yooyu would also trade items that players had on them. Of course fights broke out as some players would accuse another player of having an item which belongs to them but the accused player says it was their item, both accusing each other of being a thief. Players complained about their belongings getting swapped and sometimes never given back and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Jelly

Gimmick: When thrown, it'll bounce over any player in its path until it stops. Goalies are unaffected.

Problem: The team that was scored on claimed the goal didn't count because the Jelly Yooyu didn't exist. The Altador Cup Committee eventually got frustrated with hearing the same claim each time so they rejected the Jelly Yooyu.

Colour: Magma

Gimmick: Combination of the Snow Yooyu's slow speed and the Fire Yooyu's making players throw it after a few seconds because it's too hot.

Problem: While the heat from the Fire Yooyu is relieved after being thrown, the Magma Yooyu left some magma globs on the player's hand who then spends a few seconds rubbing it off and cooling their hands. The Altador Cup Committee originally considered it as a challenge the players needed to overcome but as more and more players complained about hand injuries they changed their mind and rejected the Magma Yooyu.

Colour: Maractite

Gimmick: Starts off very fast but slows down gradually.

Problem: The reason the Maractite Yooyu loses speed is because it starts to rust in the air losing its extreme aerodynamic property (don't worry, when put back into water the Maractite Yooyu heals off the rust). Players started complaining about getting rust all over their uniform and equipment, sometimes needing to get replacements, and the Altador Cup Committee agreed to reject the Maractite Yooyu until a stronger rust remover can be made.

Colour: Maraquan

Gimmick: Flight pattern was like a squid. It moves forward, stops for a second, and repeats.

Problem: Players complained about smelling like fish after handling the Maraquan Yooyu. Though not as bad as the Dung Yooyu, Team Maraqua started to get offended when other players kept saying "Maraquan stink like fish" and the Altador Cup Committee decide to reject the Maraquan Yooyu to prevent fights with Team Maraqua.

Colour: Pirate

Gimmick: If the holding player has a power-up, it loses it.

Problem: Much like with the Island Yooyu, the Pirate Yooyu kept taking things other than power-ups. Worst yet, if the Pirate Yooyu was left on the field, it would bury the items it stole. Players who got an item stolen complained needing to scour the field to find their lost item, other players complained about sometimes tripping over a mound where items are buried, and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Plushie

Gimmick: When it hits a wall, it completely stops moving.

Problem: The Plushie Yooyu kept being squeezed too tightly either because of rough play or some players liked hugging it. The PlushieYooyu complained it was starting to lose stuffing (don't worry, it can regenerate the stuffing) and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Royal

Gimmick: If thrown and no one catches it when it stops, only the one who threw it can pick it up. If the goalie was the one who threw it, anyone on the goalie's team can pick it up.

Problem: The Royal Yooyu is a spoiled brat. It wants treats and praise every time it's used and throws a temper tantrum and misbehaves if it doesn't get what it wants. Players complained that they refuse to play with an inconsiderate and selfish Yooyu and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Sketch

Gimmick: Creates a visible line where the holding player can throw it.

Problem: The holding player's team's strategy can possibly be revealed to the opposing team. Players complained about their strategies being revealed but The Altador Cup Committee originally considered it as a challenge to overcome but then saw a game where the players were running around trying to prevent the opposing team from figuring out their strategy but always failing. And once the opposing team got the Sketch Yooyu, the same thing happened to them! The Altador Cup Committee changed their decision and agreed to reject it.

Colour: Spotted

Gimmick: When thrown and not aimed at the opposing team's goal, it flies toward the closest teammate.

Problem: There were problems with the Spotted Yooyu's "spotting". If there was an opposing player in between all potential teammates, the Spotted Yooyu would go right back into the hands of the player who threw it. Also, the goalie is considered a teammate so the Spotted Yooyu can go to the goalie if he's the closest one even if he just tossed the Yooyu to another teammate. Finally, sometimes the Spotted Yooyu will keep going back and forth between two teammates. Players complained about being unable to aim the Spotted Yooyu where they want it to go if it isn't toward the opposing team's goal and The Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Starry

Gimmick: Normally acts like a Normal Yooyu. But once in a while when thrown it'll shoot across the field knocking aside anyone in its path, except for goalies.

Problem: Players complained of minor to serious bodily injuries, saying the Starry Yooyu goes way too fast and they're usually not prepared for the hard impact. Goalies are getting more of the serious injuries due to them being able to stop the Starry Yooyu, thus take the full impact that knocks a field player aside. The Altador Cup Committee considered it a challenge players would need to overcome, but after witnessing a game where a Starry Yooyu knock several players unconscious they changed their minds and agreed to reject it until they can slow it down a bit.

Colour: Stealthy

Gimmick: When a player is about to catch it when thrown, it'll sometimes teleport behind or next to the catching player instead. Goalies blocking it do not count as catching it.

Problem: Stealthy Yooyu is right, it's actually TOO stealthy. When it teleports it doesn't make itself apparent when it reappears, taking players minutes to figure out where it went before seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Players complained that it takes way too long to locate the Yooyu and that is if they ever find it before the game ends and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Strawberry

Gimmick: When thrown it drops seeds occasionally which will stun a player for a few seconds if they run over them, causing them to slip and fall.

Problem: If not all the seeds are collected at the end of the match, the seeds could root themselves and start growing into a strawberry plant. This causes damages to the field and may possibly cause player injuries as players tripped over either the plant or more often the roots. Players complained that, while they're alright with the seeds gimmick, they can't play on a field invested with plant roots which the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Tyrannian

Gimmick: If not being held and isn't moving from being thrown, it'll slowly moves away from nearby players.

Problem: In order to keep running away, the Tyrannian Yooyu often went out of bounds. Some Tyrannian Yooyu eventually learned that since no player will chase it out of bounds they immediately headed there whenever possible. Players complained they can't play with a Yooyu who doesn't even want to play (oddly enough, a later investigation revealed the Tyrannian Yooyu DO want to play and they're just following orders) and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Water

Gimmick: Creates a small whirlpool around it that slightly suck in players.

Problem: Remember how the problem with the Ice Yooyu was that the water it dripped created small patched of slippery mud? Well now imagine trails of slippery mud all over the field caused by the Water Yooyu's whirlpool wherever it's thrown. Made worse by the Water Yooyu's whirlpool sucking in effect, it made slipping on the mud more likely and getting back up a challenge. Players complained that they can't play if they can't even get across the field and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Woodland

Gimmick: When caught after being thrown, it'll sometimes cause the player to sneeze and toss it.

Problem: Some players were VERY allergic to the pollen the Woodland Yooyu uses to make players sneeze. Reactions vary from a sneezing fit to breaking out in a full body rash. Players complained for their and/or their teammate's health and the Altador Cup Committee agreed.

Colour: Zombie

Gimmick: If not being held and isn't moving from being thrown, it'll slowly move toward nearby players.

Problem: Though no cases have been reported, upon hearing about the Zombie Yooyu the players complained about a zombie virus. Though the Altador Cup Committee said the Zombie Yooyu didn't have such a virus, players were still hesitant to approach it except for Team Haunted Wood's "Brains" Mortigan. The Altador Cup Committee was firm on their decision of the players having nothing to worry about from the Zombie Yooyu (except maybe a small bite or two), but hesitant players make for slow and dull games so the Altador Cup Committee gave in and agreed to reject the Zombie Yooyu.

And that's all the reports there are on the rejected Yooyuball Yooyu Colours. As you can see, adding a new Yooyu to the already air tight lineup is a very difficult process. Not only are the gimmicks more complicated and they need permission from the PPL before they can even create a new Yooyu Colour, it also takes years to train the new Yooyus how to play properly. And even when the Yooyu do play as they should, problems concerning player issues or unforeseen side effects may also put the Yooyu on the sidelines. However this doesn't mean they may never become active, training and fine tuning is constantly being done with all Yooyus in hopes that they can get rid of the quirks preventing them from seeing play. And even if they never do, they'll at least make nice prizes (as proven by the Christmas Yooyu which was allowed to be an Advent Calendar gift).

UPDATE: Upon the switch to New Yooyuball, players have been demanding for a re-evaluation of the Darigan Yooyu. Players complained that it was fine the way it was before and now they're lucky if they don't spend half the game trying to trick the Darigan Yooyu into making a goal. However the Altador Cup Committee are vehemently refusing to pull an active Yooyu from play, pointing out the Mutant Yooyu had received similar complaints in the past for being a "luck-based" Yooyu but now most if not all complaints about it have stopped. Players submitted a counter-argument that the Mutant Yooyu, while annoying, still has two thirds of a chance of going straight forward so they can rely on those statistics, but the Darigan Yooyu will NEVER shoot straight forward but rather have 7 other directions it can go making it too unpredictable. As of right now the Darigan Yooyu is still in active use as the way it currently is, though who knows if that may ever change.

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