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New Series

Agent of the Sway: Recovery - Part One

Another land had been added to the map. Gradually, the corners were being filled in by unseen hands.

by herdygerdy
Those Left Behind: Part One

They say a story is never truly finished, only abandoned.

by frazeocity
The Great Game: Golden Quill Edition - Part One

Who could have stolen the prized antique golden quill, which had been carefully guarded in the deepest vault of the National Neopian Bank for over five decades?

Also by rielcz

by secant

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Strange Cute Petpets

Petpets - the beloved friends of our Neopets. Some of them the majority of Neopians would likely agree are adorable, like the Snowbunny and the Kadoatie. But what about some of the... stranger ones? The ones that aren't quite as "d'aww" inducing, but are still lovable? This list is in honor of them, the weird but oddly adorable Petpets that might get overlooked...

Other Stories


"Ada," Dmitri hissed in my ear. "Ask her to hold the cures while we get the NP."

by rocket91__h_h


A Companion For The Count
"Let's take the short cut through the park back," Lina suggested, eager to get back to their neohome.

by goodsigns


How to Care for a Petpet
There comes a time in every pet's life when he or she longs for a Petpet of their very own...

by liesl_1997_11


Have You Hugged a Spoppy Today?
In the market for a new Petpet? Well then, perhaps it's time to consider the Spoppy.

by inverted_destiny


Not So Subliminal Messaging
The Space Faerie has her ways...

Idea by kaddisti

by fanlia


Breakfast In Bed
Wailing Bowl of Oats.... Part of a balanced breakfast?

by actinia

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