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Short Stories

The Rescue of Dr. Boolin

"I can see the street lights in Neovia," Brave Bren gasps between strides. The howls grow closer...

by pillsi
Life as a Puddle: A Desert Abominable Snowball

Okay, guys, this isn't funny. 

No, really, I'm not kidding.

by kidicarusguy

A Play about a Debate in a Prison

"That would be a Kyrii by the name of Yurius. He was an old student of mine, you see. I scheduled an appointment earlier, but perhaps you didn't-?"

by dragonair23
A Companion For The Count

"Let's take the short cut through the park back," Lina suggested, eager to get back to their neohome.

by goodsigns

"Ada," Dmitri hissed in my ear. "Ask her to hold the cures while we get the NP."

by rocket91__h_h
The Lenny Apprentice

"Today's such a beautiful day," said Mama-Mee while she was looking out of the window.

by nanakagi

"Samii!" KT shouted. "Stop that! You almost hit me! And that looks spiky and dangerous!"

by jarm9
Surviving the Snowager

"Why, oh why, are you even considering this?" he thought aloud to himself as he made his way through the shimmering icy chambers.

by mauduin
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"Those Left Behind" by frazeocity
I was startled by a whack on the back of my head. Combined with the unsteady rocking of the boat, it almost knocked me over. "Hey now, stop with the gloom." I turned around to see Lapnir rearranging his tail after using it to hit me. "This isn't like you..."

Other Stories


Iothia's Interview With Krell Vitor
Mr. Vitor has been very gracious as to allow me some of his time; the team is currently taking a quick rest in between some fierce last-minute training for the Cup.

by justice_scales


Top 10 Strange but Somehow Adorable Petpets
The weird but oddly adorable Petpets that might get overlooked at first glance.

by niightwind


Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Two
"It's not just glitter, you ninny," said Rosia. "If we get this spell right, then we can imprison every puny faerie into sealable, glass containers..."

by downrightdude


The Cross-Painted Curse: Part Three
That second week being a cross-painted pet was the worst.

by swimmingstar01


Mauwee and The Mysterious Egg Part 7
A Green Egg?!

by reantimate


Worst Choice Ever!
You're just kidding, right?

by happy_things

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