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Dear TNT,
Thank you so much for putting those little hangers on clothes items! It helps a lot, because lots of times there are clothes items that are not really clothes at all. Anyway, I was wondering: since paint brush clothes also have the little hanger, does this mean we'll be able to move them from our closets and put them into our Safety Deposit Boxes? ~runeis

Not yet. This change was purely a graphical one.

Dear TNT,
The new wearable icon is a huge visual distraction! Please remove the outer circle and make the background transparent; make it look more like a watermark and less like a slapped on sticker (Advert Attack is the feeling it currently conveys). It would mess with galleries and Petpages less and be visually uniform with the Neohomes symbol! True, it would be hard to see on the darker backgrounds, but since the wearability status of any given background is the least in doubt of all the items of Neopia, it would hardly be an issue. P.S.: a parasol would have been nicer than the hanger but, ah well! Can't win them all... ~sammalmeri

Our intention is a icon that matches the Neohome and music item symbols, as adding a similar icon to wearables has been a long-requested feature. However, we are open to the idea of adjusting it. If anyone has an idea on how to make it visible on any item but less visually distracting overall, then please send us your ideas to consider. :)

So, uhm, is the Neofriends bar REALLY still in beta? ~rationalizing
Oh, you misunderstand! The toolbar isn't in beta, it's called Neofriends (Beta!).

Okay, so maybe not. We've had plans to redo the system to be more accurate (instead of showing friends who have been on for 76 hours when they have not, in fact, gone on a Neopets bender). So, we left beta on there because, if we removed it, then people would think it's an updated version. Once it gets updated, then we will remove (Beta!).

Hi, TNT! Would it be against site rules to play two games of Yooyuball simultaneously on the same account in two different browser tabs? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Uh, no. That sounds like it just promotes cheating and abuse. Please only play one game at a time.

Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on the idea of people making "Let's Plays" of Neopets games? ~kami314
Go for it! We think they're awesome! :)

Unless you're cheating or scamming in it.
Then we're going to have to have a little talk...

So, I finally noticed how ridiculous the title that my 9.5 year younger self gave to my Neodeck and knew it was time for a change. I laughed myself silly when I saw that we could also enter a "deck-scription." I just needed to deck-xpress my appreciation for the word play. ~keoshky
Puns have a long and noble history in this office. We're glad it gave you a laugh! :)

I'm not sure if this is the best place to put it, but I felt the Altador Cup Committee needs to know... Coco Metrone's a double agent! She was seen playing on Kreludor's team a couple of days ago, and when she's facing downward when playing for Krawk Island, her Kreludor jersey shows! (Is this grounds for disqualification?) ~neo_coaster363
*gasps* Surely it was just a simple error that needs correcting, and not a devious plot by Coco!

What kind of metal are Neopoints made of? ~peirigill
Oh wow, good question! Neopoints are made out of Neodium.

Hey, TnT! There have been rumors flying all over the place about the five account rule. It appears to have been taken off of the rules page, and people seem inclined to take this as a "yes, you can have more side accounts." Could you clarify the rule for us? ~just_smile_its_easy
The five account rule is still in effect.

Is it possible that you won't publish an art piece into the Art Gallery just because you don't like its title? ~alice_sadness
Some titles can greatly change the context of an image. If we feel it is inappropriate, then we may choose to not spotlight the piece. If it's borderline, we may still spotlight it but alter the title before displaying it on the Art Gallery page. This is a pretty rare occurrence.

If I submitted a comic for the 650th issue of The Neopian Times a few weeks ago but haven't gotten a response yet, then what should I be expecting -- a rejection closer to the release date or an acceptance, or perhaps you guys are drowning in submissions and haven't had a chance to see it yet? I've been super busy recently, with (unfortunately) hardly any time to play, so do you think it would be worth it to put some more time away to make another submission? ~rainfable
You should get a response, don't worry! There is a lot of competition, so a backup entry doesn't hurt (you can always submit it next year, too), but you certainly don't have to make more than one entry if you don't have time.

Hi, TNT. I was watching my daughter work on her Neohome earlier and she told me that she wished she could find a television for her 'pets. Well, we both looked through all of Neopia for a tv but couldn't find one at all. So, I'm wondering: did we miss them somewhere, or are there none at all? If so, could the creative powers that be maybe make one someday? ~bonitamerria83
Aside from the technology found on the Virtupets Space Station, TVs and other complex electronics are too advanced to be found in the world of Neopia. *whispers* However, just between tens-of-thousands of you and us, putting a painting on a boxy item in your Neohome does create the look of a television.

We love seeing all the creative ways you guys
use furniture to design your Neohomes!


Hey, TNT! I just wanted to say that I love the little hanger symbol on wearable items in shops! This makes it so much easier when I go to Uni's Clothing because there isn't any more guessing! Thanks a bunch for the new update! ~tiger109972

Hey, TNT! Kudos for your mention in a prestigious newspaper about a programmer who was inspired by Neopets and went on to create a non-profit that teaches coding to kids. I hope you never lose that dedication to creativity, fun, and originality, because it really does make a difference. ~shusu_chan

Please let me tell you how much I like the items so far from the Hall of Fountains. They are lovely -- atmospheric and thoughtful and also very pretty. More, please! :D ~agallis

On June 7th, I celebrate ten wonderful years in Neopia. I've just graduated high school and will officially be a legal adult in a month, but that does not in any way mean that I have to "grow up." One of the many lessons Neopets has taught me is that you can always be a child at heart. TNT, I truly cannot thank you enough for keeping this web site running for so many years. Neopets has seriously shaped me to who I am today and I can't imagine who I'd be without this experience. I've become a writer, an artist, a critical thinker, a shoulder to cry on, a programmer, and many other things through my experience here. Thank you again for everything you've done, and here's to ten more wonderful years! (Please remove my username.) ~username removed


Do Faerie Farts? and if so are they magical and have elemental pow to them? Should Balthazar Bottle those too? and Faeries do Fart do the ones bottled by Blathazar only bless the pets who releases them cause they can't take more of their smell? ~username removed

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