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Becoming Meridell

by star138


Also by silly_mistake

Meridell Day is a wonderful time to enjoy everything that Meridell has to offer including visiting Turmaculus, entertaining King Skarl, or even rolling some cheese down Meridell's scenic countryside. Meridell Day is also an excellent time to dress up and show of your very finest Meridell-themed customizations.

If you don't know what to wear to Meridell day, fear not! We're here to make it all better and help you start off Meridell Day with the perfect wearables. Pets everywhere are eager to show off their Meridellian finery to celebrate (except perhaps Darigan pets but whatever--they have the whole Citadel to themselves, it's fine).

We are excited to help to make it easier for you to get through Meridell Day feeling like Royalty and looking like it too! We're here today to share our ten most favorite items to get that perfect Meridell-themed look with a variety of Neopoint and Neocash items sure to catch any and every pet's fancy.

1. Meridell Castle Silhouette Background (Neopoint)

The neopoint silhouette backgrounds are always nice with bold art that makes a pet stand out. The Meridell Castle silhouette is especially nice with its picturesque view of Meridell Castle. The lovely green colors make it ideal to show off whatever outfit your pet favors. And, really, who hasn't wanted their own personal castle?

2. Peppermint Queen Sceptre (Neocash - Retired)

When in Meridell, it's important to look the part. What we mean is: You need to look like you belong in a castle! (Especially if you already have that Meridell Castle Silhouette Background.) Royals love nothing more than having a shiny sceptre to wave about. This one is especially appropriate for Meridell Day since it already has its own crown. Sceptres are, of course, great handheld items for two legged pets but, believe it or not, this one even looks neat hovering next to four legged pets.

3. Meridell Countryside Background (Neopoint)

Meridell Countryside Background is the perfect outdoor background for many customizations. Featuring a cheery setting in King Skarl's courtyard, it really makes the perfect surrounding for all royal pets (and maybe even peasant pets)! It's really one of the best Neopoint Backgrounds and we tip our hats to TNT's artist on this one!

4. Stately Tree and/or Shrubbery (Neopoint)

If you aren't hanging around Meridell Castle, chances are you're taking a stroll through the lovely countryside (or you're using the Meridell Countryside Background). These two neopoint wearables are a great way to add a forest-y touch to any customization. Use them together or separately to frame your scene with greenery for that lush, Meridell feel. Stately Tree even comes equipped with its own beam of sunlight that is sure to show your pet to its best advantage!

5. Charming Corn Husk Dress (Neocash - Retired)

Speaking of greenery, Charming Corn Husk Dress is a nice item for any of your pets who want to show some Meridell spirit without being royal. As the name suggests, this dress is charming and will indeed look lovely on a variety of pets to complete that natural look. Its flowing style lends itself to all body types making it ideal for all of your pets to share too.

6. King Skarl Throne Background (Neocash)

What says Meridell better than King Skarl and his Throne? You can feel like Royalty with this luxurious background. It's an easily obtained NC Background by purchasing "King Skarl is not Amused Map" and playing Neopian Battlefield Legends. There are plenty of guides to show you how to play.

7. Kings Crown and Wig and/or Regal Valentine wig (Neocash - Retired)

Wigs are generally the final touch to make or break a customization. Whether you are customizing a male or female pet, these wigs are sure to add just the right regal note for a day spent strolling the Meridell Castle grounds and neighboring countryside. Kings Crown and Wig is an obvious choice for a royal look since it is a king's wig. But the Regal Valentine--with its carefully styled locks and heart accent—is also sure to have everyone wondering about the new royal hairdresser your pet has found.

8. Kings Crown and Wig and Kings Cape (Neocash - Retired)

As we've mentioned, Kings Crown and Wig is one of the best crown and wigs for male pets. And what King doesn't have a cape? This red and gold cape with a lavish, embroidered design is perfect for any pet to feel like a real king! Prizes won from the old retired Blumaroll game and suitcases, these definitely fit together well and will suit any king.

9. Queen of Hearts Dress (Neocash - Retired)

What better way to feel like royalty than to put on a lavish gown? Queen of Hearts Dress really makes you feel like royalty! Featuring red and black colors, a heart bodice with a high standing, upturned collar and a plump skirt this dress is a real beauty.

10. Royal Paint Brush or Usuki Paint Brush (Neopoint)

Royal is all the rage this Meridell Day and what better way to show off your Royalty with a Royal Paint Brush! Although this is a fairly pricey purchase from the Hidden Tower, the Royal Paint Brush can make any pet ready for the festivities this Meridell Day! And trust us, you'll be happy to have the wearables long after Meridell Day has passed.

If you're lucky enough to have an Usul and neopoints to spend, you might want to skip the Hidden Tower and go ahead and buy an Usuki Paint Brush to give your Usul some spiffy royal-looking clothes. And if you're a fan of Quiggles the equally dashing Quiguki boy is quite the catch. Boy Usuls can look particular dashingly with a jaunty Usuki hat while Girl Usuls and Quiggles will get some lustrous locks with their new paint job.

There you have our ten most favorite items for your Meridell Day customizations. We, of course, think all these items are great and lovely to wear. But remember, just because they all look great it does not mean that they should be worn all at once. Some items may not suit each other in one customization. That said, even one or two of these pieces are enough to add a royal flair to your pets' customizations!

We hope we have helped you in deciding what to wear this wonderful Meridell Day. We also hope our article helps in avoiding future Meridell Day fashion faux pas. And remember, even after Meridell Day is over, these items are still beautiful wearables. Don't be afraid to show off that royal style any time of year!

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