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The Last Blast: Trophy Guide

by felix_gaeta


In The Last Blast, robots are swarming Kreludor's mines and, of course, it's up to you to stop them! You play as Sergeant Zarex, a Grundo veteran of the Kreludan Civil War and it's your mission to battle your way through hordes of enemies and destroy the computer core that's controlling them all. Well... That's the mission that the game provides you with anyway, but if you're like me you're more interested in expanding your trophy cabinet than saving Kreludor from certain doom. As it turns out, completing the game is counterproductive to earning a high score, so if you want a shiny gold trophy for your collection, read on to learn the best strategy!

Basic Gameplay

Before we delve into specifics, you'll need to learn how to play the game! Last Blast is a first-person shooter (or FPS), which is quite different from the typical game on Neopets. If you're not familiar with this style of game, play through it one or two times just to get used to controlling Zarex before you start trying for a high score. It'll benefit you in the long run!

Because there are so many controls, and the in-game instructions do such an excellent job laying them out, I won't go over every detail. There are, however, a few important things to point out. First, if you use your computer mouse with your right hand, you should stick to the Type 1 controls. If you use it with your left hand, go with the Type 2 controls. Second, when you're using the Bzzt Blaster gun or the Virtublaster 3000 you can simply hold down the spacebar (or right control key) to fire repeatedly. For the other two guns, the Goo Blaster and Sleep Ray, you can only fire one shot at a time. Finally, you can ignore the night vision keys along with the instruction pages on Equipment. These were features that were originally meant to be activated by purchasing items with neopoints, but TNT decided against it in the end and the items were never released. Thankfully, the path to a high score won't take you into any of the dark rooms where night vision would have been helpful!

Once you have a good handle on the controls, the next thing you need to learn is how to effectively use the different guns. The gun you start out with, the Bzzt Blaster (which is mapped to the 1 key on your keyboard), is easy to aim with and is the only gun with unlimited ammo, but it's weak and doesn't fire very quickly. Because of its unlimited ammo, it's an ideal choice for when there's only a few Spyder robots around, but if you start to get surrounded, switch to something else ASAP!

The Virtublaster 3000 (mapped to the 2 key) is a rapid-fire gun that can take down enemies quickly, but it requires more precise aim than the other guns. This is useful in just about any situation you find yourself in, but you have to be careful not to run out of ammo.

The Goo Blaster (mapped to the 3 key), is a close-range weapon with a wide area of effect and a somewhat small supply of ammo. It's also your new best friend. Any enemy that's directly in front of you when you fire is significantly damaged, with the added benefit of becoming stunned for a few seconds. As such, this is the perfect gun for dealing with large swarms that are closing in. If all that wasn't good enough, both the small and large robot Spyders, the most common enemies in the game by far, will be destroyed by a single shot of the Goo Blaster.

The final gun is unique in that doesn't do any damage at all. Instead, the Sleep Ray (mapped to the 4 key) puts every enemy in front of you to sleep! It covers a very long distance and wide area, so use it whenever there's just too many enemies to take out quickly even with the Goo and Virtu-blasters. Also, enemies that are asleep will take more damage from all guns, so if your Goo and Virtu-blasters run out of ammo, this can be useful to cut down on how many Bzzt Blaster shots you'll need to fire. It has very limited ammo itself, however, so be careful how often you use it.

If you ever need to check on your ammo for any of your guns, pressing the tab key will open up the HUD on the left and you can see a meter under each gun representing your remaining supply. Alternately, there's a ring surrounding your crosshair that shows how much ammo is left for your active gun.

We're almost ready to start playing, but there's still one more thing you need to know, and it's the most important! The scoring in this game runs on an invisible timer. Each enemy has a base point value that you'll earn when you defeat it, but every minute or so that value will go down. For example, when you first start the game, the small Spyder robots will give you 10 points per kill. That will gradually decrease to 9, 8, 7, and so on until you get no points from them at all. More difficult enemies give more points, but they all decrease at the same rate and after enough time, only the last two enemies will still give you any points at all: the green aliens and the Sloth robots. The problem is that their points stop decreasing at 1, so it's not a viable strategy to just keep mowing down enemies for as long as you can. You have to work quickly, and your ultimate goal should be to make it to the third and final level as fast as possible so you can make the most out of the high points you earn from those two enemies before the score timer runs out.


Now we can start! In order to progress from level to level, you have to locate three switches on the walls (they kind of look like blue eyeballs) and destroy them. You should destroy them with the Bzzt Blaster to save on ammo. I'll walk you through the levels the best I can, but if you find my descriptions on where to go confusing, there's a handy map on a screen in each level right at the beginning. Take some time to memorize the layouts of the levels before going for a trophy!

Level 1: You start out with only the Bzzt Blaster. Begin walking straight until you reach a tunnel that will take you right. Follow this tunnel all the way to its end while killing the Spyder robots that spawn. They WILL spawn behind you, so pay attention to the arrow indicators telling you where attacks are coming from. It's very important that you keep moving no matter what! Kill all the robots you see, but don't let them slow you down. When enemies are behind you, turn around and then continue walking backwards while you pick them off. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, you'll see a switch on the wall. Destroy it and you will receive a random gun.

This is more important than anything else, so pay attention: If you're on a trophy run and don't get the Goo Blaster, restart the game now! The reasoning is simple. Up until the very end of this level, the only enemies you encounter will be the small and large robot Spyders which are both destroyed with one blast of the Goo Blaster. To defeat as many enemies as possible while also keeping your time spent in this level to a minimum, it's by far the best option. Once you have it, double back through the tunnel killing Spyders along the way for the rest of the level. The most efficient way to take care of them is to let a group gather in front of you, then take them all out at once. Instead of walking around them during their stun time, continue walking into them so that you can pick up any health, oxygen, or ammo they drop. Once you're out of the tunnel, turn right and you'll come to a fork. Go left and you'll walk through a tunnel with lava and end up in a wide open room. You'll see two red doors. Go through the tunnel between them and you'll find switch #2. Destroy it and one of the doors will open, but it's best to ignore it. Double back to the large room and go left past the still-closed door and into the tunnel to the right of it. You'll find the last switch halfway through. Destroy it and the last door, the exit, will open. Go through it as fast as possible. If you encounter tank enemies towards the end of this level, keep in mind that they'll take two Goo Blasts to be destroyed. Pay attention to your ammo and don't be afraid to go out of your way for a few seconds to collect more!

Level 2: Go straight through the tunnel until you come to a room with large crystals. Go into the first tunnel on the right and you'll find switch #1 which will reward you with another gun. Unfortunately, you're going to want reset here as well if you don't get the Virtublaster. You'll need to be able to switch between the Goo and Virtu-blasters in this level so you don't run out of ammo for either. You'll also start encountering the alien enemies here which are more easily defeated with the Virtublaster. Resetting will test your patience, but it will pay off in the end. Return to the crystal room, switching between Goo and Virtublaster when necessary, then enter the next opening on the right. You'll come across another tunnel branching to the left and a door. Go through the tunnel to find switch #2. Go back, then walk past both of the now-open doors you see to find a huge room with the exit door on the left. To open it, you'll need to go find switch #3 in the back towards the right and destroy it first. Remember to kill everything you see while keeping your time and ammo usage to a minimum!

Level 3: The enemies start coming hard and fast now, so your health will definitely become an issue if it hasn't already been. Always try to distance yourself from enemy groups so they don't get too many attacks in before you take them out. There will be two paths from the first room; take the one on the right. You'll end up in a large red room. There will be a small tunnel leading off to the right where you'll find switch #1. Once you destroy it and get the Sleep Ray, that's it! We don't want to actually complete the game, so your mission now is to wander around, stay alive, and keep racking up points until the score timer runs down. There are TONS of enemies now so that shouldn't be too difficult. Start using the Sleep Ray any time the swarm becomes too big so you can pick everything off safely. Pay very close attention to health, oxygen, and ammo drops because you'll need a lot of them.

This game isn't all that popular, so with the above strategy and enough practice you're practically guaranteed a trophy. The hardest thing is making snap decisions about which gun is best for the situation, which you'll get better at with time. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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