White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes* Circulation: 191,286,117 Issue: 602 | 3rd day of Swimming, Y15
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Budding Trouble - Part 11

Did you see how small that cage was? He at LEAST deserves the entire contents of the Chocolate Factory.

by jupebox
Mamma Knows Best - Part 2

Parents come up with the funniest rules...

by 0123kl
Dead End: Boochi

Let's get outta here!

by killable

After defeating Zombom...

by moon_flash

I won Tombola today!!!

by jadafun
Of Course

How are neopets supposed to tell the difference?

by piechoclate
So Hot :O

I'm so thirsty!

by andy94174
Lab Shenanigans

Lessons learned at the Lab.

by vilvery
Pea Chia Woes - "It's Called Fiction!"

*pops in*

Also by bittersweet52

by krazybabeh

All In the Family 1

Some pets don't know their own strength.

by whimsiicakes
Just Another Day


by miacirclegirl
What Could Possibly Go Wrong

You'd have to be painted invisible for that to work.

by lilkittie080
Spotlight on the Weewoo Pt. 3

Mysterious Origins

by mortimae
Sketchy Puns

No Jubjubs were harmed in the making of this comic in any way... except maybe his pride.

by sparkles_a18
Food Troubles

I am so not eating that!

by sk390
How to Keep your Plumpy Fit!

The secret technique that will slim down your plumpy!

by littledude61394
Unseen Footage #4: Plumpy

Well, at least until now...

by princess__neo277
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"The Story of Kanrik" by xenna_15
The Gelert shivered in the night and coughed, his breath becoming visible in the chilly air. He had been wandering for hours, and still there was no one. No one but him and the howling wind. He heard footsteps and dove into the shadows in an attempt to hide. He looked around in fear. His eyes widened as a Shadow Lupess came forward, followed by a Blue Lupe...

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To Be A Big Girl
She was going to be ten years old in a month and she no longer wanted to be called a baby.

by 77thbigby


My Friend the Cupcake Faerie
"What in Neopia is a cupcake faerie?"

"A faerie who makes cupcakes, obviously."

by dewdropzz


Creating the Themed Neohome 2.0 of Your Dreams
I would like to share with you my tips on how to create the themed Neohome of your dreams!

by vanessa1357924680


How to Be Yourself in a Crowded Neopia
There is a lot of pressure on us Neopians to have it all – trophies, avatars, expensive items, millions of neopoints, impressive pets. But do those things really matter? Is your Neopet any different red, green, yellow, or blue than when it's Darigan or Royal?

by rupeedupe


Two Dozen Black Dresses: Part Four
"Yes, he and his Mynci counterpart managed to sew the dresses quite to specification. Although there is a minor matter of a Kyrii apprentice to attend to."

by emblo93


The Breadmaster's Challenge: Part Six
"I haven't made it yet, Mum. There's still one challenge to go and the Breadmaster said it would be the toughest one yet. And the other finalists will be hard to beat; they both have a lot more experience than me..."

by meganhilty

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