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Neopian Fashions Part 5: Moltara

by petpet_master_


Ah, Moltara, the mysterious land of the subterranean neopet. Comprised of molten lava and multiple types of rocks, it is home to many Neopians who prefer adventure and excitement. Discovered in Y11, Moltara gained instant popularity. Why? Because, well, it is AWESOME.

Seriously, have you ever tried the food from Molten Morsels? It may look... horribly... burnt, but it actually tastes very good and you are sure to come back for more. Not hungry? Fine, maybe you should head over to Tangor's Workshop. Create, build and repair many objects you have and will find in Moltara's many dark caves. Of course, you cannot do any of that without a proper light source! To Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic! He is sure to have a lantern suitable for all your adventuring needs.

Well, now that you have everything you need, I say it is high time we play some games! Try your hand at Tunnel Tumble and be sure not to run into the mines (or the walls). Not exciting enough for you? Oh boy, watch out, we've got a bad Kass over here. Okay, okay here is a good one. You ready? Two words: Cave Glider. Yeah? Yeah! That's what I am talking about! Use your parachute to guide Roxton on his dangerous plunge through Moltara City. Collect treasure and power-ups along the way for a smashing time (okay, maybe smashing was not the best word for this particular subject)!

As you have probably guessed, in order to have the best possible Moltaran experience ever, you need to dress the part! I mean, that Giant Moach Costume is pretty cool, but this is not the Haunted Woods! You are going to need a serious make over. So off we go to Neopian Fashions Part Five: Moltara.


1. Moltara City Background

Rarity: 80

Price: 15,000 NP

Have a love for that big city life you just did not want to leave behind? Show off how cool you are with this scorching background! It is sure to catch the attention of every citizen in town. This background is an essential to any Moltaran Wardrobe.

2. Moltara Silhouette Background

Rarity: 101

Price: 100,000

Maybe you are going for a more "cool and collected" look, if that is even possible at these temperatures! Make an adventurous look classy with this soothing background. A tad more expensive than the above background, but to a Fashionista like you, money is no object! Er... well, I guess it is technically an object, but you know what I mean. You like this background and you are going to buy it!

3. Shiny Obsidian Foreground

Rarity: 80

Price: 40,000

Ah, what is this? Have we seen this before? Why yes, yes we have. This item was in Neopian Fashions Part Two: Kreludor! That is the great thing about items like this, they can be used more than once. You can be a true Moltaran Miner with this beautiful foreground (or a space trooper, up to you!).

4. Steam Jacket

Rarity: 101

Price: 10,000,000 NP

This Steam Jacket is a must have for anyone venturing into the subterranean lands. It is sturdy and can withstand a multitude of damage. Its steam function helps keep you cool when travelling closer to Neopia's core. But, of course, every item has its set back. You did not expect to get this type of technology for cheap, did you?

5. Trousers

(Hardy Blue Trousers, Khaki Trousers)

Rarity: 68, 40

Price: 20,000 NP, 500 NP

Pants, pants, everyone loves pants (and you will need them too!). Both these models of trousers are sturdy and perfect for climbing big rocks. They also match with anything and are a wardrobe staple. Buying a pair of these would definitely make a good investment.

6. Masks

(Steam Respiration Mask, Respirator Work Mask)

Rarity: 101, 90

Price: 1,000 NP, 15,000 NP

Ha, you actually thought the air was breathable down here? Please, with all the mining going on, there is tons of debris, most of which you cannot even see. Now only does this mask look cool, but it is completely necessary. Buy on today!

7. Hats

(Elegant Gear Top Hat, Apple Bobbing Bart Hat)

Rarity: 86, 101

Price: 8,000 NP, 300 NP

Hats are a great way to make a statement and separate you from everyone else. But, be wary of the fact that wearing a hat incorrectly can result in a fashion disaster.

8. Shoes

(Elegant Gear Boots, AAA Host Shoes)

Rarity: 82, 101

Price: 5,000 NP, 33,000 NP

Both pairs of these shoes are excellent for climbing the rocky terrain of Moltara. As well, they will go fantastic with anything, especially those Khaki Trousers.

9. Accessories

(Explorer Backpack, Tour of Mystery Magnifying Glass, Brass Gear Belt)

Rarity: 88, 101, 75

Price: 50,000 NP, 12,000 NP, 300 NP

Accessories are what make or break an outfit. Prove your knowledge of Moltara history with these stylish pieces.

10. Foreground Items

(Lava Puddle, Dirt Shovel)

Rarity: 101, 78

Price: 40,000 NP, 5,000 NP


11. Moltara Inventor Workshop Background

Rarity: 500

Price: 200 NC

Moltara has always been a home for Neopian inventors. So show off your inventions with this super stylish background!

12. Muted Library Background

Rarity: 500

Price: 200 NC

Maybe you need a break from the hustle-and-bustle of city life. Head on down to the library to focus on your studies. This background is perfect for catching up on your physics.

13. Vibrant Gears Garland

Rarity: 500

Price: 150 NC

There is nothing better than having a spare gear whenever you need it. This garland is sure to help you while inventing, and if it does not, it still makes a pretty great decoration!

14. Lace Flower Dress

Rarity: 500

Price: 150 NC

Contrary to popular belief, not all of Moltara is a dusty, obsidian mine. The Moltara City Council often hold many fancy parties and masquerades, both of which require only the classiest clothing. Look like a princess and be ready for danger at the same time with this sturdy Lace Flower Dress.

15. Rugged Work Shirt and Vest

Rarity: 500

Price: 150 NC

If you are even thinking about going near that anvil, I suggest you wear this. It is stylish, sturdy and is sure to protect you from any broken ribs or injuries of that sort. Remember, the Neohospital is over 4000000 paces north-east (and that is not including how far underground you are). If you get injured, you better have some extended knowledge in the medical field (which you probably do not).

16. Moltara Inventor Superpack

Rarity: 500

Price: 700 NC

Too busy inventing things to create your own outfit? Of course. Yes, we will just go with that. Look your finest as a Moltara Inventor with this superpack. It consists of Moltara Inventor Coat, Moltara Inventor Hat and Goggles, Moltara Inventor Trousers, Moltara Inventor Workshop Background, Moltara Inventor Work Table, and Moltara Inventor Shoes.

17. Super Sleuth Hat and Wig

Rarity: 500

Price: 150 NC

Golden, brassy hair is praised in Moltara, partially because it is a beautiful colour, and partially because it is quite the feat to live in Moltara without singeing your hair once or twice. Then again, maybe that is why you are wearing the wig. Hmm... just do not tell anyone.

18. Suave Wavy Brown Wig

Rarity: 500

Price: 150 NC

Even miners have to look their best. Get that "rolled-out-of-bed-looking-fabulous" look with this chic hair piece for only 150 NC. This wig is durable and can withstand temperatures up to and including three times the temperature of Neopia's Core!

19. Shoes

(Pretty Plaid Shoes, Mad Tea Party Shoes)

Rarity: 500

Price: 100 NC

Shoes are a must in Moltara. Nobody likes burnt feet! You may not have found the exact style you wanted in the Neopoint section, so try these on for size! The NC Mall offers many styles of shoes including Pretty Plaid and Mad Tea Party. Surprisingly enough, these styles are quite commonly found in Moltara because of their durability (and they match everything!).

20. Accessories

(Spinning Flower Goggles, Spotted Print Glasses, Elaborate Hair Gears)

Rarity: 500

Price: 100 NC, 50 NC, 50 NC

Are you trying out a bit more of an eccentric look? Do not hesitate to add accessories! Show your loyalty to Moltara in the best way possible with any of these eclectic trinkets. However, make sure they are securely fastened. The last thing you want is your lovely trinket falling into a pool of lava!

Well, congratulations! You have successfully finished Neopian Fashions Part Five: Moltara. Now you can travel to and from Moltara carefree with these awesome fashion tips. Remember, that magma is quiet and can sneak up on you. You would not want to ruin your outfit!

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