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A Neopian’s Guide to Eyries

by bencat52


Eyries are a beautiful, majestic species, gracing the skies of Neopia for centuries. While Eyries are a popular species, not many people know much about them. Before you adopt an Eyrie, you should know a few important things!

Eyries weren't always Eyries!

No, you read that correctly. Eyries are a very old Neopian species, and weren't always called "Eyries". Originally, Eyries were called "cerpulls" and "tatsus". All cerpulls and tatsus changed into the delightful Eyries we know today!

There aren't many Neopians around who are old enough to remember cerpulls or tatsus, but they were quite different from the Eyries we know today. They were, in fact, dragons! They had wings, and three horns on their face. In July of 2000, cerpulls changed into tatsus, which were slightly different dragons. The main changes between the two were that tatsus had two horns, and a nice mane instead of spikes on their backs. Since many were unhappy about the change, users were able to vote on a new tatsu in January of 2001. This was the first Eyrie!

Bigger than they Look!

Eyries are the largest species of neopets, and aren't to be taken lightly. Although you can be sure Eyries are polite creatures, getting to close to one may not be a good idea, especially if they're not having a good day!

On the other hand, an Eyrie can be a fierce friend when needed, and will certainly defend its owner with all of its might. If you make friends with an Eyrie, you will have a friend for life. In the same way, making enemies with an Eyrie will guarantee an enemy for life, and many more enemies to come.

They're Friendly... Most of the Time

Eyries are strong and caring creatures, and can grow to be life-long friends. But be careful! Eyries can sometimes become quite ferocious, especially in the battledome! Be careful not to get on their bad side! Make sure that before you engage in a battle with an Eyrie, you mention that this is a friendly match. Any attack on an Eyrie is to be taken seriously, and an Eyrie should definitely know whether the attack is friendly or not.

Watch the Feathers!

Eyries are proud creatures, and don't appreciate when their feathers are tugged out! On the rare occasion that you may be invited to ride one, it would be best to keep your hands away from their precious wings. Not only will you make an enemy, but messing with an Eyries wings while riding on it may be dangerous.


Being a large species, Eyries do need quite a bit of space. Not only do they need a nice room in a neohome, but providing air space for your Eyrie to fly around in would be an excellent idea! It is important than an Eyrie get plenty of exercise for its wings!

When Eyries are confined to small spaces, they get restless, angry, and flabby! They will most likely be unable to fly for long periods of time, and will certainly not be happy with you.

Lord Kass?

Most Eyries don't appreciate being compared to Lord Kass. While some consider him a great hero, many don't appreciate the reputation he gives to Eyries. So be careful! Get to know an Eyrie well before bringing up the Darigan War, and certainly check which side they supported! An Eyrie from Meridell will definitely not be happy about being compared to Lord Kass.

Eyries Don't Just Eat Seeds!

Many people assume that since Eyries have beaks, they only eat seeds. Of course not! Eyries eat a large variety of things including seeds, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Some Eyries are vegetarians, but not a lot. To make sure you keep your Eyrie happy, make sure you ask about their diet beforehand.

Baby Eyries are Just As Big!

I certainly don't mean size-wise, but their personalities are huge! Many assume that since baby Eyries are significantly smaller than their adult-counterparts, they are tamer and more reserved. This is certainly not the case! If anything, baby Eyries are far more boisterous than adult Eyries, and certainly more aggressive. Baby Eyries tend to fall into extreme personalities. They are either extremely reserved, or extremely... not! Of course, get to know your baby Eyrie before making any assumptions.

Never Clip Them!

Clipping an Eyries wings is a big no-no, unless the Eyrie needs it for their safety. The only reason to clip an Eyries wings would be if it needed to remain stationary for a few weeks. Even then, clipping should be reserved for extreme cases. Eyries, unlike animals, are extremely intelligent, and can certainly realize when and when not to fly and use their wings. Even very young Eyries are born with a sense of safety in regards to wings and flying.

Be a Friend.

Not only do Eyries need a caring owner, they need a caring friend! Eyries are often misunderstood because of their size and ferocity, but all an Eyrie really needs is a good friend. Being there for your Eyrie and understanding them when no one else will is a huge trait for an Eyrie owner to have. It's only expected that you are kind to your Eyrie, especially since you will get so much in return. A loving friend, a strong ally, and a ride to the top of Terror Mountain! Always remember to treat any Eyrie with kindness, and you'll soon find yourself with an army of friends!

Every Eyrie is Different!

As with any other pet, all Eyries are different. This is not a solid guide that every Eyrie will follow. Some Eyries are pacifists, and some are afraid of heights! This guide is simply to serve as a guide for many Eyries, and will surely help you when choosing whether or not an Eyrie is right for you to adopt. To be sure, get to know the Eyrie in question. Perhaps you may find a friend you never knew you had, and perhaps you'll find that this Eyrie isn't exactly your perfect pet. Never pick a pet solely on its species or color, but on them. They are pets, not things!

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