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The Crystal Heart: Part Three

by kassyandrya12345


Celine was having no luck at all in the dungeons of Queen Fyora's castle. She searched high and low in the cells, occasionally coming across a prisoner or two; thankfully they were asleep, though.

      Celine was only thinking about finding the Heart. She was worried. Would she be able to make enough magic for the Light faerie's part in making the Heart work? What if Kassy was captured while she was tailing Karly? She had a secret no one knew. Celine sighed and sat down on a bench in a cell as she closed her eyes and remembered the horrible day.

      She had been a young Cybunny, when her younger sister first had plans to become a leader of Faerieland. Celine had scoffed at the idea of her sister becoming Queen when she wasn't even a faerie! Celine had frequently pointed that out to her, but her sister had always replied to her, "All in good time, dear sister. I shall find a way to become the Queen."

      Celine's mother had told her that it was just a phase her younger sister was going through. However, as she grew older, Celine's sister continually asked for more faerie-related items. It became clear soon after that that it was not so much of a childhood game but a reality to her sister. Celine and her sister slowly grew apart; never speaking after their mother was sent to an old neopet's home and was no longer able to have the two siblings over for dinner.

      One day, Celine received a letter in her neomail:

      Dearest Sister Celine,

      It is to my great shame that we have no communicated with each other in at least ten years. I have seen the error of my ways and now know that I shall never be the leader of Faerieland- however, I am close to it, but I now know my place in the council, Sometimes Queen Fyora even listens to my advice! I would like to get to know you once again, if you would meet me for dinner at my neohome on the second day of the month of Relaxing, also known as Fyora Day, It is the only day of the year that I will not be busy working for the council, despite popular belief, we have our hands full on Jhudora Day and Illusen Day! On Fyora Day, the Queen will be attending feasts all over Neopia, ending with Faerieland. Please stop by for a meal anytime after midday. If you do not come on Fyora Day, I will take it that you do not want to know me anymore, which I would not blame you for, Celine.


      Your Sister

      Celine was smug and shocked at the same time. She decided that her sister knew her place in Neopia now, so it was time to get to know her once again. She had sent her sister a reply message saying that she, too, was sorry that they had lost touch for so many years, and of course she would attend dinner at her neohome on Fyora Day.

      Two weeks later, Celine set out early in the morning for Faerieland. If she could hurry, she would be able to catch Queen Fyora's appearance at the parade before going to her sister's neohome.

      Hours later, Celine had just enough time to see the Queen before heading to her sister's neohome. Now she was at the door, pondering over what to say to her sister before she knocked on the door. She groaned silently as her mind grew blanker by the second. As if on a whim, she knocked in the door.

      "Dearest Celine! So wonderful that you could come today! Come in, come in, and Happy Fyora Day!" her sister cried when she opened the door.

      "Sit down at the table, let me get you a pear smoothie! Homemade, and still you favorite, I hope?"

      Celine nodded, surprised that her sister still remembered the times they had had smoothies, a pear for her and a strawberry kiwi vanilla for her sister.

      Her sister smiled and retrieved the smoothies from the refrigerator. She handed the pear to Celine. Celine took a small sip. It tasted odd.

      "Enjoying your smoothie, sister?"

      "Well, it tastes a bit... off, if you know what I mean. I'm sure that it's fine, I'm just comparing it to the Smoothie Store's standards," Celine assured her.

      "Well... sister, let me just say I have made a teensy lie in your letter... I still wish to be Faerie Queen. Like our descendant, the Darkest Faerie! These smoothies are really... potions. To turn us into faeries. I did want to offer you some of the glory, so I made sure that you drank some as well. As faerie sisters, think of it, we can rule Faerieland! The Dark Faeries will rule, and peace shall never exist again! The potion is already working! Look, you're growing wings!"

      Celine gasped. It was true! She had sprouted wings! Quickly, Celine dashed out of the neohome and flew into the Faerie City, and into the secret tower shop, where a tried and weary Fyora was, about to close up.

      "Wait!" Celine called. She explained in a hurry what her sister had done.

      Fyora looked startled. "I will send you to the Faerie Academy, free of charge. You will pretend that you are a true faerie. It seems that your sister turned you into a Light Faerie. You should be able to perform magic fairly well. Now, tell me, what is your sister's name?" she inquired.

      "Her name is Karly," Celine whispered.

      It was the buzzer that shook Celine out of her trance. She prayed that it was good news. Kassy was already in trouble with Karly. The eraser glowed blue once... but not a second time. Celine gasped. Mandy had found the Heart in the portrait room! Celine moved as swiftly as she could to outside of the Queen's quarters. Only Rosie and Mandy were there.

      "You got it?" Celine asked, astonished.

      Mandy nodded. It was behind a portrait of... the author of the books!" Mandy whispered excitedly.

      "That's great, Mandy! Who are we waiting for?"

      "Nikki, Heather and Katie. Assuming that Kassy was taken by Karly," Rosie told her as Katie rounded the corner, eyes wide when she saw the Heart in Mandy's hands. Soon after, Nikki and Heather appeared.

      Katie nodded. "Are we all ready?"

      Everyone nodded.

      Katie went first. She conjured up a wisp of black smoke. She put it next to the Heart that Mandy was still holding. The smoke went into the Heart and filled it one sixth of the way.

      Rosie went next. She made a fireball, and, careful as not to set the Heart on fire (although if the stories were true, the Heart could only be broken by it being smashed) and put the fireball next to the Heart. A new layer, a bright orange color, rested on top of the black smoke, so now I was two sixths of the way full.

      Mandy handed the Heart to Katie so that she could go next. She made a small flow of water between two of her fingers. She held then next to the Heart, which it went into, forming a blue layer on top of the fire.

      Nikki came up next. She took soil from the small pouch she always carried around with her. She then stood by the Heart and carefully blew the soil by the Heart. It filled more; this time it was a brown color, the color of the soil.

      Heather basically repeated the same process as Nikki, but she used no dirt. When the air was inside the Heart, the layer became a white color, turning around in a constant circle.

      It was Celine's turn. She told herself that she'd done this a thousand times before, which she had, only this time it was on a bigger scale. Carefully, she began to make a small ball of light. Everyone watched Celine as she tried to make it larger. She wasn't discouraged yet, however, and put the small ball of light next to the Heart.

      Seconds passed. Nothing happened. The small ball of light Celine had made was not enough to fill the Heart the rest of the way. She put her hands at her sides, dismayed.

      "If only Kassy was here! She could help me!" Celine wailed.


      At first, Celine thought that she had imagined it because Kassy was on her mind. But the voice said more.

      "Katie?! It's Kassy! I'm here! In the supplies closet! Karly trapped me in here when she found me!"

      The faeries all rushed to the supplies closet door.

      "Did she lock you in there using her wand?" Celine asked hopefully.

      "Yes! Can you undo it?" Kassy cried from in the closet

      Pointing her wand, slightly trembling, Celine managed to mumble the words that would unlock the door. If this works out, she thought hopefully, maybe I'll have managed to do something to help!

      The door suddenly flew open. Kassy was inside, eyes wide. She ran out to greet her friends.

      "Kassy, I know that you're happy to be out of that closet, but you need to help Celine make the light ball so we can complete the Heart before Karly and her cronies come!" Katie exclaimed, still holding the Heart.

      Kassy nodded. "Celine, I need you to make the largest light ball that you can. I'll help you, I'm not too good at making them myself, but hopefully, if we combine them, we can make one that's large enough. "

      Celine nodded and began to concentrate hard. She managed to make a light ball slightly larger then before. Kassy then made a light ball, about two times the size of Celine's, but still smaller then the average Light faerie's. Kassy held the ball close to Celine's so that they were joined together.

      Together, they held the light ball next to the Heart, and it filled the rest of the way!

      "So what happens now?" Celine asked.

      The Heart did nothing.

      "Uh, guys, you might want to see this!" Heather called from where she was looking out the window. Everyone rushed to her side.

      The view from this window was the gardens where Fyora kept her statues. And Karly stood next to the statue of the Darkest Faerie.

      Celine opened the window.

      "Celine, what are you doing?" Heather cried as Celine fired a spell at Karly to knock her back.

      At that exact moment, Fyora came from her quarters.

      "What is the meaning of all this?" Fyora demanded.

      "Queen Fyora, Karly's out there, you have to catch her! She wants to unfreeze the Darkest Faerie and have her destroy The Crystal Heart, but we found it and it's ready! Peace should be here soon!" Celine explained.

      Fyora fired a spell at Karly. She froze next to her ancestor.

      "Where she will stay, so she can not again get away." Fyora smiled, then turned to Katie, who was holding the Heart.

      "The Crystal Heart, eh? I've never been able o find it, myself. Thank you, girls, for doing so. It will be safe in my study, I believe. All I need to do now is-" Fyora gave the Heart a slight tap with her wand. It glowed brightly.

      That was the moment that changed Faerieland forever. Peace spread throughout the whole land. From that moment on, Faerieland was safe from danger. The Heart was never threatened. No one quite knew how Faerieland suddenly became so peaceful.

      The faerie friends returned to the academy without Karly, and the faeries who had been under her control (Kassy had guessed correctly) were set free to live normal lives. From that moment on, the seven faeries were best friends, having been on such an important mission together.

The End

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