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The Strange Glazed Bowl

by ticketytock2kay


Our story begins in a little house along Magical Road, Neopia Central. If you happened to peek into a certain Jelly Room one morning in the month of Eating, you would have seen a most peculiar sight…

      Mydnyte_Star, the Starry Lupe and sole brother (and protector) or his family, was sitting at his sister's Pink Vanity Table. True to its name, the top of the desk was cluttered with different shades of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick in every colour you could imagine - down to black. Sitting beside him and patting his face with powdered blush was his youngest sister who had just turned a year old. She was SunniePaws, affectionately known as Sunnie, and she was a yellow Cybunny.

      "Tell me why you're doing this, again?" Nyte groaned as his sister spread Midnight Eyeshadow over his eyelids.

      "This will bring out the depth in your eyes," Sunnie babbled carelessly, scrutinizing her victim.

      "No, not that… this," Nyte remarked, perturbed, throwing his paws out in front of the desk, then gesturing towards his face.

      "Oh!" his sister giggled. "Well, you know how I'm saving up for a Royal Paint Brush, right? Just yesterday at the Grooming Parlour I saw a notice at the door: Make-Up Competition; First Prize: 10,000 NP! The sign went on to say that we should be prepared to do up any pet, no matter what colour or species. So, if I can practice on as many colours as possible, I'll be ready!"

      Just then, a Skunk Usul by the name of KupKakez walked in, carrying a plate of Strawberry Jelly. She was older than both of them and often dished out her opinions and thoughts, no matter how tactless they might seem. This time she commented dryly, "All ready for an Air Faerie Quest, I see." She then set the plate of tantalizing jelly down on the desk.

      "Oh no!" Sunnie exclaimed suddenly, taking no notice of her sister, or the huge plate of wobbling jelly. Nyte's eyes fluttered open, wide with fear.

      "What? This stuff isn't permanent, right?" he ejaculated, quickly rubbing his cheeks with this paws and ruining his sister's work.

      Smiling sheepishly, like a Babaa, the Cybunny held up two lipsticks. "I've opened and used two instead of one. Never mind, I'll just need a small pot of some sort to scrape both into."

      Nyte's eyes lit up. "I know just the thing!" he said, brightly, leaving the room. In a little while he returned, as his sisters busily shared the jelly. Cradled gently in his paws, which were stained with Tan Blush, he held a small bowl that was covered with a plastic lid.

      It wasn't just a normal bowl: it was brightly polished and had been pieced together form bits of broken stained glass windows. As a whole, the bowl was simply breath taking and unique.

      "Wow! Where on Neopia did you get that? Did you make it? Why haven't I seen it before?" both his sisters pounced on him and the delicate specimen.

      Nyte seized the opportunity to escape from being made-up any further and sat down on the Fresh Bamboo Bed. Then he told this story…

      Not so very long ago, when I was a young Lupe, Morphing Potions weren't unbuyable and people could actually afford the Lab Ray. Back then, even 30 NP was a lot and could buy you two Vanilla Milkshakes.

      There was a carnival going on in Faerieland in honor of Fyora's birthday. I had a good friend, whom I have lost contact with, a Lupe named Jenner. He was a Red Lupe - and I say "was" because I do not know his current state. He begged me to go to the carnival with him.

      "There will be rides, and treats, and food! Do come!"

      Needless to say, I asked my owner. She said certainly, of course I could go, and gave us 40 NP each. We were delighted and promised to spend it wisely.

      Upon reaching the carnival, our senses were greeted with pleasant smells of Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza and Faerie Queen Burritos. Jenner and I spotted a young Gelert wolfing down burritos at an All-You-Can-Eat contest. We exchanged looks and said at the same time, "Flat-U-Less!" before bursting out in unholy shrieks of laughter.

      At first we held onto our money, tempted to buy the little trinkets and goodies, but we were determined to spend it on something worthwhile. Towards lunchtime, we grew hungry and so each of us spent 10 NP for a few slices of pizza which we shared.

      We continued wandering around the carnival, and, near the end of the day, both of us had but 5 NP left. There was nothing you could buy with 5 NP, save a Bottle of Sand (of which we both had plenty). Also, neither of us wanted to buy something with our combined money… both of us wanted to bring home a memento of the day.

      Right near the Pie Throwing Contest I spotted a delicate line-up of bowls - like the one you see here - and their colours were dancing and winking in the fading sun. And there was the most beautiful sign I'd ever seen: "WIN A BOWL! 5 NP EACH!"

      I clutched Jenner's paw, for we had both seen the same thing. We ran forward eagerly, almost scared that the fading day might grab hold of our bowls, and leave us with nothing.

      The pretty Faerie Kacheek at the stand beamed at us. "You're very lucky," she smiled, "I have two bowls left, perfect for Lupes such as yourselves. All you have to do is stand behind that yellow line and toss your 5-Neopoint pieces into the bowl of your choice.

      Jenner stepped up, eyed his bowl, and tossed his coin. Sure enough, it landed in the bowl, and it was his! "Yes!" he cheered, stepping aside. "Now you try."

      I had practiced my aim and accuracy skills just the day before at the Defender's Training Centre - and sad to say, they weren't very good. I even contemplated asking Jenner to win it for me, but something in the Kacheek's eyes told me I should give it a go for myself. So I swung my paw and tossed my coin. With a clink, it had entered MY bowl! I had won it! Both of us thanked the Kacheek and carefully took our prizes home. My only tie with Jenner today are our bowls, which are almost identical.


      With that, Nyte finished his story.

      "Here, you can have the bowl," he said hurriedly, slightly embarrassed at revealing a part of his past to his sisters. They, however, just stared at him in awe.

      KupKakez spoke up. "Hey, I bet this bowl is worth a lot of NP - maybe even 750, 000 NP!" she said pointedly. Sunnie stared at her sister.

      "Oh, how could you even think of selling Nyte's bowl?" she asked, stealing a glance at her brother, for alas, she had the very same idea.

      Nyte, being an old and mature Lupe, simply shrugged. "Why not? Tell you what, we'll go down to the Shop Wizard right now and ask him about this 'ere bowl." At that, his sister flung herself on him with a bear hug. "Oh, thank you so much, Nyte!" she breathed.


      "Funny, another Lupe was here to ask about a bowl a lot like this one, today," the Shop Wizard said. "Anyway, it's worth about 1 million Neopoints in trades. You better go to the Trading Post instead."

      Sunnie clutched her brother's arm. "Did you hear that?"

      "Yeah, one million NP! Not bad a for a 5 NP investment!" Nyte chuckled.

      "No… he said another Lupe was here about a bowl like this one!" Sunnie explained, impatiently. On a sudden hunch, she turned to the JubJub. "Was his name Jenner?"

      The Shop Wizard nodded.

      "Oh, that's my friend!" Sunnie forced a smile. "I want to send him a birthday card. I know you keep record of your customers, so, could you give me his address, please?"

      A little coaxing was all it took before the Shop Wizard agreed.


      Sunnie looked around her happily. She had a beautiful royal coat and her brother was off at Mystery Island with his friend, Jenner. On her shelf were two almost identical bowls.

      Jenner had given them a Royal Paint Brush (for he had grown very rich since his childhood days) in exchange for Nyte's bowl; and immediately after that gave both bowls back to Nyte as a gift.

      After all, as he said, "They look so much nicer together, and at your place they'll have more people to admire them. Besides, I'll probably be coming around very often..."

The End

Author's Note: You can even visit Mydnyte, Sunnie and CreamKupKakez if you hop by my Advent Calendar gallery! Just look up "ck_plushies_inc" :) I hope you liked my story.     

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