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Game Review: Meepit Juice Break

by gritely



Q: Why review this game of all the games in the world of Neopia?

1. Once you get the hang of the game, it can help you earn up to 3000 NPs a day. This is far more than what you'll earn from games like Meerca Chase and Hasee Bounce, or basically any other game listed under "action" games. Meepit Juice Break is a "puzzle" game, so obviously it requires more wit. Using your brains pays!

2. When you're an expert at the game, it depends very little on luck, unlike most of the other games. Meaning you can get high-scores of 3000+ (which means about 900 NPs or more) every time you play. This also means you don't have to replay and replay the game a 100 times just to get a higher score that you can send for a reasonable amount of NP.

3. The game comes with nice, cute and lively music. It doesn't get irritating until after awhile, like most of the other music that come with games. And when it does, you can just turn it off! :D

4. It is one of those games that you dun tire of easily (like Kiko Match) because it's a different challenge every time you play.

5. Lastly, the animation is really good, so its pleasing to the eye and provides an all round wonderful experience to play. :)

OK, enough of the benefits... let's get on to HOW we can play it well.


Instructions given on the site by Neopets:

In this game you are controlling the Juice-O-Matic, an overly complicated machine designed to deliver fresh Juppie Juice to Meepits. Click on the each pipe to rotate it clockwise so that there is a unbroken pipe between the Juppie Juice and the Meepits. Sometimes you will have to mix colours together to create a new one!

If a Meepit drinks Juppie Juice that is the same colour as them, you get extra points (they are quite particular about what they drink). However, they will be satisfied with any colour. If a Meepit is not fed in time, you will lose a life. Lose three lives and it's game over.

Hints & Tricks

1. As the instructions mention, always always try to feed the Meepits Juppie Juice that are of their colour... especially in the beginning of the game when the pace is slow. (It doubles the score received for that feed)

As you proceed to higher levels and the time limit grows shorter, you might have to ignore the colour and simply feed the Meepits as fast as possible with juice of any colour.

Stated below is the combination of juices from the different pipes to get each colour of juice available in the game:

Red: red pipe

Yellow: yellow pipe

Blue: blue pipe

Orange: red + yellow pipe

Green: yellow + blue pipe

Purple: red + blue pipe

Pink: red + yellow + blue pipe

2. Try to include as many "healthy" fruits as you can along the pipes (meaning the red and blur coloured fruits) and avoid the apple cores..

Red fruit: +10 points

Blue fruit: +25 points

Apple core: -10 points

As the level increases, the number of healthy fruits will decrease and apple cores will appear more often. So the strategy is to make sure you get all the early fruits when there are less apple cores to deal with, and when there is plenty of time to deal with each Meepit.

At high levels, you can also "compensate" by using a path with BOTH healthy fruits and cores so that though points are deducted, at least you do not get a negative score for that feed.

(impt!)3. This is a hint that is vital to you scoring higher than what you usually would. It took me some time to discover this "cheat" too.

Since points are given for every piece of pipe you use, theoretically, you should be as long-winded as possible and try to make use of EVERY single pipe without changing the juice's colour. So for example if you got a red Meepit waiting to be fed, you cut off the last pipe (the one nearest to the Meepit) and take your time to connect all the other pipes in the screen, till everything is RED and only then do you re-connect that last pipe and succeed in feeding the Meepit.

In fact, (I've got this before).. when you use up every single possible pipe in the whole maze, you get a bonus addition of 50 points if I'm not wrong. That's 15 NPs already!

But this can only be done for about the first 3 or 4 levels. After that, the pace gets too fast and if you're over-obssesed with using up all the pipes, it's more likely that you'll run out of time and lose your 3 lives.

4. There are times where you will discover that there are 2 Meepits of the same colour both waiting to be fed. So, you can try to do just that! Feed them both at one go! :) This is very beneficial especially if say, both the Meepits are green and you feed them green juice. You get 4 points for every pipe used!

In the later stages, when time runs out fast, you can feed 2 (or even 3 Meepits) at one go to save time, even if they're not of the same colour.

5. ALWAYS keep check of the amt of time left for you to feed each Meepit. This is not as easy as it sounds, when you have 3 Meepits to feed at once and only about 20 seconds for each one. While you're feeding one, the others are also ticking away!

6. This is pretty much common sense, but is still vital to playing this game well. DO NOT panic! Most of the time, when you panic in a thinking game like Meepit Juice Break, or maybe the spelling game or Sutek's Tomb, you end up blanking out and being unable to solve the puzzle/think of words. So just take deep breaths and concentrate on feeding the Meepits one by one.

Well, that seems like all I can tell you about Meepit Juice Break for now. I hope this review has managed to interest all you faithful Neopian Times readers out there enough to go try out this game! Hopefully, the hints and tricks work and soon we'll all be much richer by the day :) Go on, try it! And tell me if I'm a genius or just weird :)

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