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Top Ten Paint Brush Colors for Customisers

by auraichadora


For so many Neopians, customising has become a fun and popular hobby for us to spend our time on. Between the many species-specific Neopoint items and the daily-released Neocash wearables, we are given an infinite amount of options and outfits, allowing for anyone that participates in customisation to create and re-create the image of their dream pet without getting bored.

For some customisers, having the perfect "base color", the color of your pet's skin or fur when they are created, painted, morphed, or zapped, is just as important as the clothes themselves. Some colors look much better than others, and allows for outfits to look and coordinate better. Some even have their own specific paint brush clothes for each species, which can be moved from account to account as long as the pet remains the color they were painted in order to get the clothes. These clothes, however, remain in your closet if the pet is ever re-painted or pounded so they can be used on other pets in the same species even if the colors don't match.

This list is my top ten paint brush colors that are perfect for customisers. They range from plain base colors to those that provide different clothes as well as a nice base for customisation. These are based on my opinions, so what colors work for you depends how they may appear on your pet and your own personal preference. All of the listed colors are available from paint brushes, but can also be obtained through Fountain Faerie Quests and lucky zap at the Secret Laboratory. Also, for each color I've included a little fun fact for your entertainment.

10. Grey

Probably the most depressing color in Neopia, Grey gives pets droopy red eyes and pitiful frowns that many can't help but adore. The base is a lighter shade, allowing dark elements to pop out compared to super light items. However, I feel Grey can be limiting due to the expressions – a sad face can ruin what would be a happy outfit.

Fun fact: The first of two color-specific Neopets Day, Grey Day, is celebrated on April 14th. The other, not listed here on this list is Mutant Day, celebrated on August 25th.

9. Baby

The cutest pet color ever! This brush makes pets shrink down to an adorable Baby form, often including clothes like diapers, dummies, and pajamas that fit their little forms. Baby is one of the few pets that can't be normally customised, so they are a bit more limited than Grey when it comes to customisation. Thanks to the NC Mall, however, items are being created to fit specifically for Baby pets, making them a lot easier and a lot more fun to dress up.

Fun fact: Baby was the first color to have all 54 species being able to be painted the color, with the exception of the four basics you can choose from when creating a new pet.

8. Pink

A lot of people really only like Pink because it's an avatar-related color (see fun fact below), but it's also a nice plain color for customisation! Depending on the pet, the shade can be either really light or dark or hot pink, and is perfect for the girliest of pets. The shade does limit the use of some popular face paints and make ups, as these are usually the same color and rarely, if ever, stand out.

Fun fact: For those that don't know, feed any Pink pet you own an item with "popcorn" in its name and receive a prize.

7. Faerie

Anyone that participated in The Faeries' Ruin plot and got at least 40,000 points for their efforts were able to purchase this brush. Faerie pets are likely a personal favorite for many, as base colors are very pretty pastels or basic colors, and very colorful wings add an extra bit of challenge and cuteness to outfits. The wings aren't part of regular customisation, so they can't be switched to different pets in the same species, but they can be "removed" to an extent by placing on a different pair of wings.

Fun fact: Did you know the Faerie Paint Brushes used to be in the Hidden Tower? They were retired from there some years ago, so it was a surprise to see them re-released as one of the top-tier prizes for The Faerie's Ruin.

6. Christmas

Even when it's out of season, Christmas allows pets to be painted into close-enough shades of expensive colors (such as Brown and White) or lighter or darker shades of colors that are basic or cheaply painted (such as Green, Red, and Cloud). This is a great substitute color for many winter-like shades without costing a paw and a leg to get them. Also, they have seasonal-related clothes that can add a little more charm to a winter or Christmas themed outfit.

Fun fact: It's very rare, but you can find a Christmas Paint Brush thanks to a Terror Mountain-specific Winter Random Event. Also, there's always a chance to receive one during the Advent Calendar, such as in 2007 and 2008.

5. Island

Aloha! For those pets seeking a tropical vacation, look no further! The tanned skins and clothes that fit the theme will make your pet feel like they are a native of Mystery Island. Island clothes can also fit a number of different exotic and summer-based outfits without feeling out of place, although some might be a little disappointed that the flower hair clips that come with several different species aren't able to be worn with wigs.

Fun fact: All Island-colored pets have tribal markings on them except for one species. Yep, the Kyrii is the only one without white or tan tribal markings, being purely a medium shade of brown.

4. Yellow

Yes, a color that technically doesn't even need a paint brush – upon creating your pet, you can choose this color as well as three other basics (red, green, and blue). The plain shade allows for practically everything to pop up, and doesn't drown out face paints and make ups. Also, because it's a basic color, there's never a need to buy a paint brush for another color or shade, although there are paint brushes available just in case.

Fun fact: Yellow is the base color for several more expensive pet colors, just without the clothes or accessories. Desert Chias, Faerie Acaras, and Faerie Kacheeks are just three examples.

3. Striped

Do you prefer blue or pink? You never have to decide between them with Striped! Pets are painted either a dark or pastel shade of blue, with triangular pink stripes that mark their body. This is actually my favorite color in all of Neopets, hence why this is really high on my list, but the color can be a little hard to customise with face paints and make ups, as well being a bit more on the girly side.

Fun fact: Meercas are the only Striped species that, when painted, aren't colored blue and pink. When painted, they look more like a Neopets version of a chipmunk.

2. Royal

I'm sure we all treat our pets like royalty – why not make them look like it? Royal pets get different clothes based on their gender, as well as different base colors. However, both genders can wear the other's clothes, following the same guidelines as mentioned before, as well being able to switch different base colors if they are zapped into the opposite gender by the Lab Ray Scientist (so you can have a Royal Boy Draik, but the purple color that is specific to the Royal Girl Draik).

Fun fact: While most species have clothes related to a generic prince or princess theme, there are few that have more region-represented clothes. Lands like Shenkuu (Mynci), Altador (Kiko), Mystery Island (Chomby), and Maraqua (Koi) are just a few examples.

1. White

Some of you likely shouldn't be surprised by this being #1 – White is essentially the blank slate! White is the easiest to customise because it's very versatile and doesn't really distract from the overall look of the outfit. However, inflation has hit this brush pretty hard, so you may be spending a fortune in order to paint your pets.

Fun fact: For Usul owners, you may be surprised if you paint them White that the color of their hairbands and bows aren't White to match. The hairbands and bows in this case are Red, matching the same shade as their eyes.

And there you go, my list of the top ten paint brush colors for customisers. Hopefully you got a little inspiration for the best color for your pet, and perhaps learned something new about the different colors of Neopia. Happy customising!

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