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Usuki Singing Stars #10: The BIG Birthday Blow-up - Part Five

by downrightdude


"You can't do that! We were born to enter this party!" Scary exclaimed impatiently. The guard just looked at her through his black sunglasses and laughed.

     "Sorry, ladies," said the Grarrl, "but rules are rules. You can only enter the Bash IF you have an invitation. No invitation; no party. It's as simple as that."

     "But everybody else in Neopia Central was invited, so why aren't we allowed?" Sparkles wondered. The guard just gave her the 'what did I just say?' stare until Sparkles sighed and backed away from him.

     "Not so fast!" Scary exclaimed. Before Sparkles could say anything to her, Scary pulled out her tranquillizer dart from her purse and threw it at the guard's thick neck. In just a matter of seconds after that, the guard grabbed the dart and quickly fell to the ground in an awkward daze. Scary clapped with joy. "Come on! We don't have any more time to lose."

     "Umm, Scary... where did you get a tranquillizer dart?" Sparkles asked nervously. "And what was it doing in your purse?"

     "I have my resources," Scary explained. "Now if you and Lola are done yet, we still have some party planning things to do. Let's go!"

     "Okay," said Sparkles and Lola. Scary grinned and told them that they had one hour and fifty-nine minutes until Patricia and Snaw were coming. "I'll start by spreading the news to everybody I don't know," Sparkles suggested. After hearing Scary's approval, Sparkles began to make her way through the giant crowd that was anxiously waiting for the Blue Kacheek Group to perform. Everybody Sparkles met couldn't hear what she was saying because of the shrieking and yelling that was going on in the background.

     "It's going to be an extravaganza Neopia will never forget!" Sparkles shrieked at a pink Uni. The Uni just stared at Sparkles and shrugged her shoulders. Sparkles groaned and began to yell louder. "IT'S GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST PARTY NEOPIA EVER SAW!!!"

     "Well, of course it is, dodo." A brown Aisha smirked behind her. Sparkles shuttered and turned to look at a pinwheel wand holding Aubri, who was also wearing a sparkling red and gold tiara. "Do you like it?" asked Aubri. "I got it from my official eleventh birthday goodie bag. There was also a beautiful necklace and a-Oh, that's right. Today is Patricia's birthday, isn't it?"

     "Yes, it is," Sparkles sighed, feeling a bit embarrassed about Scary's 'hijacking' plan.

     "I see," said Aubri. "So how is the little lonely birthday girl? Is she washing white frosting out of her ears? I wouldn't be surprised if it was from last year's cake!" With the snap of her hands, Aubri's henchman Sophie began her forced laughing until Aubri snapped her fingers again.

     The speckled Draik looked at Sparkles and asked, "So are Scary and Lola still running around the Money Tree like total newbies? Or are they just doing that for exercise?"

     "They're just having their fun, Sophie," Sparkles insisted. "And now I will be joining them. Bye-bye."

     "Whatever," Aubri scoffed. "And F.Y.I., can you tell Cuddles that he shouldn't invite me to Patricia's stupid failure of a party next year? I'm still surprised that he handed me Michelle's invite." Sparkles groaned and quickly made her way through the huge ground and to where Lola was sitting. As soon as she saw her, Sparkles ran quickly and plopped beside the tired Cybunny.

     "Sparkles, I'm afraid our efforts to hijack this party are very futile," Lola sighed regretfully. "I don't think that Scary's ideas are even working! My attempts to re-ice the giant birthday cake didn't go well because of the heavy security. Who would have thought that TNT would have so much security over a five tiered birthday cake?"

     "Well, it IS a big cake," Sparkles admitted. "But I agree with what you're saying, Lola. I couldn't even get people to listen to me when I was telling them about the other two birthdays." Sparkles then got up and told Lola, "Let's go tell Scary that we're out of her plan. It's not like it's a horrible plan, but it's just too 'big' for us to handle."

     "Do you think Scary will understand?" Lola wondered. "She can get hotheaded sometimes."

     "True. But we should still tell Scary about our feelings and concerns," Sparkles suggested.

     Lola nodded and got up. "Come on, Sparkles. I think I saw Scary by the snack table."


     "What are you guys going here? I thought you two would be busy with the party planning!" Scary demanded. She quickly swallowed her cupcake and continued with what she was saying. "I can't believe you two are quitters! Always backing out at the last minute while you leave little old me with all the backbreaking labor. How could you!"

     "We didn't want to leave you," Sparkles insisted, "but your very creative ideas were getting too big and too unrealistic for us! How can we actually hijack a party this big, Scary? Its impossible!"

     "Well, then you have thought about that before you ditched me!" Scary exclaimed. She sighed and threw the cupcake she was holding onto the ground. "So, now what? It's too late for us to go to Pat's house, and it's WAY too late for us to go back home. Should we just stay here and hide for the rest of our lives?"

     "Oh, you guys don't have to do that," a friendly voice insisted. The girls turned around and gasped at a smiling faerie Shoyru.

     "Patricia!" Lola exclaimed in disbelief. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at home right now?"

     "Well, I was," Patricia began, "but I got bored waiting for you guys to show up for my party, which was getting pretty lame since my mother had decided to re-hire that Kacheek clown from last year to perform."

     "We are really sorry about messing up your birthday," Lola sighed. "But one question: how did you know that we would be here? Did somebody tell you?"

     Patricia nodded. "Yep. Cuddles told me just a few hours ago. He said that you guys were trying way too hard to give me the best party ever, and he also mentioned that Scary had this big hijacking idea that she had wanted to implement tonight because of some fight you guys had."

     "It was mainly about the cost of party d├ęcor. Nothing too big," Sparkles explained. Patricia nodded and listened while Sparkles told her about how Scary had come up with her hijacking plot, how she and Lola got sucked into the whole idea, and the overall complications that made the whole hijacking plot too impossible to establish successfully.

     Scary waved a fist in the air. "Curse you, Cuddles," she murmured. "Everything was going smoothly until he blurted everything out! Now the surprise is ruined!"

     "I like surprises! I also like peanuts and cuckoo clocks," a happy voice announced. Scary face-palmed herself as her flowerpot wearing father strutted his way through the crowd and towards his two daughters. "Did you say anything about a surprise, Scary?" Snaw wondered. "Is it cake?? Or is it a talking coconut that I can name 'Simon Du Coconut'?"

     "It's not a cake and it's definitely not a talking coconut," Scary insisted. She sighed regretfully and said, "It was supposed to be a huge birthday for you and Patricia. But things began to get a little out of hand because of a stupid idea that was so big that it eventually blew up in our faces in a short matter of minutes. So what I guess I'm trying to say is that I'm s-"

     "Ooooh, cupcakes! Snawey Likey!" Snaw exclaimed as he tiptoed his way to a waiter holding a tray of blue cupcakes.

     "Okay... never-mind," said Scary as she stared at a very crazy Snaw singing about his love for toilet paper and glitter. She eyed Patricia with a mischievous look on her eyes and said, "At least you still have one more surprise to look forward too."

     "What are you talking about? I thought this whole night was ruined for you, Scary?" Patricia wondered. Sparkles and Lola gave Scary the same 'what are you up to?' look that Patricia was giving her.

     Scary shrugged her shoulders. "I guess you can say that one surprise went well tonight," she explained. "Let's just say that your good old friend Scary was able to talk to an important person before they began their speech for the Bash. And say," Scary said as she pointed to the stage, "I think that's him right there!"

     Patricia squinted her eyes towards the mysterious stranger. "Hey, isn't he that yellow Shoyru from Yes Boy Ice Cream?"

     "You mean Larry???" Sparkles exclaimed. Lola nodded and Scary just crossed her arms while she waited for Larry to begin his speech. During the whole birthday speech, Patricia kept eyeing Scary for some kind of indication of when her surprise would come, but Scary jut grinned coolly and looked up at the stage while Larry wrapped up his speech.

     "And finally," Larry announced in his low, irresistible voice. "I would like to personally like to wish Patricia Winston and Mr.... Snow a very happy birthday today! This next song is dedicated to you two and to Neopia!" Everybody in the crowd shrieked as loud as they could while Larry and his two partners began to play the dedicated song.

     "Oh my gosh! I can't believe he knew my name!!" Patricia shrieked excitingly. "Larry knows my name! Larry knows my name!! Oh, Scary, I don't know how I can ever thank you for this! It's the best birthday gift I could ever receive; a dedicated song from Yes Boy Ice Cream!"

     "You don't need to thank me. After all; it is your special day," Scary insisted. Patricia grinned widely while Scary, Sparkles and Lola hugged her and shouted, "Happy Birthday, Patricia!!!!"

The End

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