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Usuki Singing Stars #10: The BIG Birthday Blow-up - Part One

by downrightdude


"Did she follow you?" Sparkles whispered to Lola.

     Lola shook her head. "She almost did, but I insisted that I could go home without her." The yellow Cybunny was very pleased that she had successfully reached Scary and Sparkles' backyard shed, where the three-some were holding a very important meeting regarding Patricia's surprise birthday party.

     "Now that Lola has finally arrived," Scary announced quietly, "we can finally continue our plans for creating the best surprise party ever! Now Sparkles, do you have any new ideas for party themes?"

     "I have a few new themes we can add to the list," said Sparkles. The pink Bruce pulled out a piece of paper from her sweater pocket and quickly wrote her ideas down. "One theme that can work with is a 'Fancy Shenkuu Tea Party'. We can hang paper lanterns everywhere and dress up in traditional Shenkuu costumes and make-up. I found the perfect cake at the Bakery, and the Food Shop has a big sale on green tea that runs until tomorrow."

     Lola nodded her head in consideration. "I like it! I'm sure Ms. Butterworth won't mind lending her tea set for the party. What's you other idea, Sparkles?"

     "Well, I was thinking that we could also do a 'Background Garden Extravaganza'," Sparkles explained. "Pat already has lots of flowers in her backyard, so all we need would be our tea dresses, parasols, and maybe an inflatable gazebo-"

     "Boring," Scary moaned. The purple Bruce rolled her eyes and said, "And besides, that sounds just like the totally boring party that Lola had four months ago." Sparkles blushed with embarrassment.

     "I thought it was fun," said Lola. "So do we all agree with the Shenkuu themed tea party? Or do you guys want to discuss that 'Fashionista Ball' idea that Scary made up yesterday?"

     "I still don't get why we have to plan Patricia's birthday party," Scary grumbled. "Why can't her own family do anything this year?"

     "Because that's not what Pat wants," Sparkles insisted. "Remember that birthday party that Ms. Winston held last year?" Scary nodded and shuddered at the thought of clowns and cream pies flying in the air while a very distraught Patricia tried to blow out her birthday candles. So in order to show Patricia how much she meant to them, her friends had decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her at her house! Ms. Winston was already clued in to everything, and she allowed the three-some to plan the whole party, which was so far going to be a Shenkuu tea party.

     "So I guess we're all set on everything, right?" Lola wondered anxiously. "We're doing the Shenkuu tea party theme for Patricia's party? No ifs, ands or buts?"

     "Agreed," said Sparkles. "I can't wait see the look on Pat's face when we show her-"

     "What are you guys doing in a backyard shed?" a faerie Shoyru wondered. She had just opened the shed door and was surprised to see her friends sitting on the shed's dirt floor.

     "Patricia!" Lola exclaimed. She immediately got up and said, "We were just... umm... looking for... a... a rake! Yes, a rake!" Sparkles nodded in agreement and quickly grabbed a rake behind her.

     "Why do you guys need a rake?" asked Patricia.

     "Because I promised our Dad that I'd rake the yard," Sparkles explained. "I was hoping that I could rake all of the dead leave and pile them up before he makes some kind of leaf coat or something."

     "Okay..." said a very confused Patricia. Rather than bring up the awkward shed moment again, Patricia had decided to bring up her concerns over her upcoming birthday. "My mother refuses to give me any hints about my party this year. I hope that she doesn't do what she did last year and hire some random group of Kacheek clowns to come and throw cream pies at everybody!"

     "But on the bright side, that cream pie that hit your cake blew out all the candles for you!" Sparkles said happily. Patricia face-palmed herself with the dreaded memory of last year's party.

     "Speaking of birthday parties," Lola began, "did you guys hear about what's going on for Neopia's Twelfth Birthday Bash? I heard that the party is going to be even bigger than last year's!"

     "Well, it is a big birthday for Neopia," Scary explained. "And besides, any party that just happens to be swarmed with free stuff sounds like a pretty fun one to me! Say Pat, aren't you also born on the fifteenth?"

     Patricia nodded. The young Shoyru felt a little bit honored that her birthday fell on the same day as the birthday of Neopia.

     "At least we still get invited to the party, even if I have my own," said Patricia. She and everybody else in Neopia Central were exclusively invited to the big bash last year. Like every year, Neopia's Birthday Bash is held at the Money Tree and anybody who's anybody attends and receives party favors and special goodies to mark the special occasion. There would also be exclusive performances by Neopia's top musical groups, including Yes Boy Ice Cream and even the Usuki Singing Stars! But in order to stay true and loyal to their friend, Lola, Sparkles, and Scary would always attend Patricia's party instead of going to the biggest birthday party in Neopia.

     "Oh well," sighed Patricia, "maybe if we're really lucky, my mother can take us to that party instead of holding a little 'baby bash' in our backyard."

     "Yeah," Sparkles giggled nervously. "So Pat, have you decided what you want for your birthday yet?"

     Patricia shook her head. "A new dress or a Usuki doll would be nice, or maybe some lip gloss containers. I'm honestly not quite sure yet."

     "Scary! Sparkles! Dinner is ready!" a voice cried from the house. Scary sighed and Sparkles whispered to Lola about tomorrow's plans. "Don't forget to meet us at the meeting spot tomorrow." Lola nodded. Not hearing what was said, Patricia waved goodbye to her friends and walked back home. Lola went home as well.


     "Well, that was a delicious dinner, but I think it's best for us to go upstairs for... umm, successful digestion." Scary got up and quickly put her plate in the sink. She turned to Sparkles and said, "Don't forget about tomorrow. We still need to order that right cake for the party."

     "What party?" Cuddles wondered. "I like parties!"

     "I'm sure you do, Cuddles," said Sparkles. "And don't worry about the cake, Scare. I saw a pre-made one that would be perfect for Pat's party."

     "Pat's having a party?" Cuddles wondered. The snow Bruce was beginning to become impatient with his sisters' secret keeping skills.

     "Yes Cuddles," Scary sighed. "Now back to more important matters: who will we invite to the party? We can't just invite anybody."

     Sparkles rubbed her chin. "How about Shannery?" she suggested. "And maybe Kira can come as well. I'm positive that Aubri and Sophie would go to that Birthday Bash instead of Pat's birthday party."

     Now Cuddles had leapt out of his chair with excitement. "Is it really Patricia's birthday tomorrow? I can't wait to eat some of the cake!"

     "It's not tomorrow, dodo," said Scary, who was surprised that Cuddles had actually forgotten Patricia's birth date for the third year in the row. "Pat was born on the fifteenth, so that is when we're having her party! So unless you wear that Shenkuu Performer outfit from Halloween, then you can't join us."

     "Awww," Cuddles moaned. "I hate wearing that thing-Wait? Did you say the party's on the fifteenth?"

     Sparkles nodded her head. "Yep. Her party's always been on the fifteenth, Cuddles."

     "But what about our birthday party for Dad? Did you guys really forget about that?" Cuddles wondered.

     "Dad's birthday isn't until the eighteenth," Scary explained. "So we'll still have two days to think of something to do for him."

     "Like a glitter party," Sparkles suggested. Scary nodded, but Cuddles was now biting his lower lip with worry.

     "Weren't you guys listening to what Dad was telling us last night at dinner?" asked Cuddles. After Scary and Sparkles shook their heads, Cuddles said, "Dad told us that he was going on a business trip on the sixteenth and that he won't be back for two whole weeks. So when I asked him about his birthday, he said that we could celebrate it on the fifteenth. I can't believe you guys forgot that!"

     "Forgot? I wasn't even listening to what he was saying!" Scary insisted in fury. "And besides, his birthday isn't that important anyways. Now Pat is the one with an important age!"

     "Oh yeah, how old will she be?" Cuddles wondered.

     "Umm... well... uhh, stop confusing me!" Scary snarled. "Why don't you ask our babysitter 'Luann' to help you? I'm sure SHE will be of some service!"

     Cuddles sighed. "Oh good old Auntie Luann. But you guys should still help. WE can plan a party together and-"

     "No thank you," said Scary. "I already have my party priorities straight right now, Cuddles. But I'm positive that you can somehow make things work for him."

     "Well, maybe this won't be so bad after all," Sparkles mumbled. "it's just one party, right?"

     "What are you talking about?" Scary wondered.

     "Well, how about we just combine both parties?" Sparkles suggested.

To be continued...

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