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What Your SDB Says About You!

by tigerkingdom


Whenever we have extra items that we don't need or if we're too attached to discard them, we all chuck them off into our Safety Deposit Boxes. The ever-lasting SDB is the Neopian way of thwarting the Pant Devil and Grundo Leader, for collectors and the standard player alike! Here's a list of what the items in your SDB say about you:

Mostly food- With 407 food items in my SDB, I definitely fall under this category. If your SDB is filled with Sugar Doughnuts and Maggot Stew, you're definitely ready for a party anytime! Are your pets vegetarians? Is your big ol' Skeith going on a health food kick? Has your Grarrl eaten its last Salmon Fishwich and informed you that it wants to gnaw on the Uni on the cover of "Don't Call me Cute" instead? Then take out all your Woo Woo Grubs, Scotch Eggs, and a Bombfish or two and have yourself a bangin' party. Take your pets out of the Cockroach Towers and give them the feasts of their lives! Your pets will love you forever and stop hiring the Bug Brothers to jump up and steal 23 neopoints from you. Maybe they'll chase away a mutant Kadoatie for you too! Be sure to give them some dessert, or a hot cup of Islandberry Tea.

Mostly Battledome Equipment- Your pets are definitely not ninnies! They're trekked along the harsh ice fields of Terror Mountain and stunned many an evil fuzzle with their trusty Levatato Rays. Just make sure you throw that Jar of Meepit Eyes far, far, away from you. It's already eaten half the Poisonous Snowballs sitting next to it.

Mostly Grooming and Clothes Items- Your pets don't have an unfashionable bone in their bodies! Sure, they might be a bit spoiled. Maybe your precious faerie Cybunny threw a little tantrum in Uni's Beauty last week when you told her that Green Eyeshadow and Green Lipstick were overkill, and there was no way you were going to let her go out looking like Jhudora. Sure, maybe your Uni has some issues taking off her Pretty Pink Flower hat when you go to wash her mane. It's not that big of a problem... right?

Mostly Gifts- You can't get enough of helping people out! You can't stand seeing a kind Neopian in need. Those 50 Mysterious Valentines Cards that crying newbie got out of the blue? Yep, that was from you. Your favorite thing to do is plan surprise parties for all your friends. You never pass up a chance to crack out the Hand Picked Spring Flowers and put them on a vase by your Bowls of Shiny Decorations. There's always an Orange Melted Candle at your side, ready to provide your friends with a cheery glow, even if you're all trekking around the Haunted Woods, lost on your way home from Prigpants and Swolthy.

Mostly Garlic Items- We know you like it. Come on, don't deny that. We know you do. Oozing Garlic Bread Halves and Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Juice, Kebabs, Pizza, that Garlic Butter Scone? We know it's there. You're a bit secretive and shy, but when your neofriends get to know you they'll quickly find out you're one of a kind. Your favorite petpet? Probably a Slorg.

Mostly Meridell Potions- You spend a lot of time in your neohome, mixing ingredients together in your neogarden where none of your neighbors can see you. Oftentimes, you'll have a wooden cauldron in front of you, which will fizzle madly as you throw in all the Zeenana Peels and Orb Plants you can find- maybe even the occasional Chia Gnome. You'll throw your potions onto your plants, and when you realize that they're not growing, you'll sneak into Brightvale Potions in shame and stock up on some potions that actually work. You tend to march to the beat of your own drum, and you're not afraid of what others say about you, unless you're afraid of them denouncing you as a potions expert. You're interested in nursing and caring for sick Neopets, although that Healing Faerie seems to think she's better at her job than you are. Don't worry, though! Maybe you can get Balthazar to turn her into stone or something.

Mostly Books- You're a quiet, introverted kind of character. You spend a lot of time up in your treehouse reading about Pirate Aishas and all kinds of Faellies. You dream of visiting faraway lands, and you're the first to get excited whenever there's a new plot. Even if you're a bit shy, you're no shrinking violet when it comes to the Battledome! You have the cleverness you need to outsmart even the Lab Ray Scientist.

100 or more of any item- Dung Chairs, Foal In Boxes, Shadow Usul Ice Lollies- you know how to stick to your passions! All those people who set out to save up 1 million neopoints and don't make it to 700k? That's definitely not you. You're fiercely loyal and brutal to people who cross anyone you love. You have an aversion to insulting people or pets, even the ugliest Buzz. You're likely to get a whole lot of guild invites, but you just stick to the guild you've been in since you started on Neo.

Mostly Jelly or Sand- You love going to Mystery Island and you've visited the beach quite often. You're no stranger to Kiko Lake, and you're one of the few who considers fishing a sport. You love summer and hot weather, and you're a fun, bubbly person to be around.

Mostly Furniture- You like comfort, and if you take one look at your sofa, you can remember some of your best memories. You love Borovan, and never pass up a steaming jug of it. You're a member of the party-throwing clan, but most of your parties are more for showing off your neohome than for cake fights. In fact, if someone started a cake fight near your Fyora-inspired Chandelier, you'd probably throw a fit.

Mostly Smelly Jelly- o_0

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