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Hi, TNT. I was looking through the Rainbow Pool and wondered why some colours have very few Neopets that can be painted that colour. I understand why new colours like wraith and specialty colours like alien and carrot only have one Neopet paintable, but why do clay and garlic only have two Neopets each?~the_stripy_socks
Some colours just aren't as popular or well-received as others (invisible, anyone?), so we tend to shy away from making too many Neopets in those particular colours, unless our choices are very limited.

My lab rat, ICanBeAnything, came into being with an amazing Skeleton Pirate already aged and attached. Besides removing him (perish the thought!) or zapping him with the Petpet Lab Ray -- or, of course, Turmy -- could anything else harm Risky? Is it safe to take him to the Symol Hole and other places in Neopia? Risky is the coolest thing I have on Neopets and I want to keep him safe. ~tupey
Hmm... we think you've covered just about everything. There's nothing at the Symol Hole that will harm your beloved Petpet, aside from getting a little dirt on its feet. :)

I got the joke behind the Book of Awesome. Well played, Neostaff. ~kaljinyu

I was checking to see if you had added the two new Meepit colours to the Petpet Puddle when, lo and behold, I noticed that you have missed the gold Meepit. I was shocked and scandalised... I just hope the Meepits don't find out. ~faerieaunt
Only Petpets that are available for painting at the Petpet Puddle are listed there. Petpets that are acquired through other means (such as the Petpet Lab Ray, special giveaways, prizes, etc.) do not appear there.

Erm... let's say Tom has a side account, which is named 12345abc. On 12345abc, Tom joined a guild that has nice members who give out things. Tom knows that this is alright, but then Tom gets a really expensive thing on 12345abc. Can Tom open a shop on 12345abc to sell this item, or should Tom send it to main_account123 to sell it in that account's shop? ~username removed
Tom should sell the item from his main account.

Hi, TNT! I loved the Mask of Dread quest; it was really fun! Now, on to my question: a friend of mine told me that there are backgrounds you can get from the gift bags that were given out to those who did Saskia's last quest. I can report, however, that despite having already finished the last quest and opened up my goodie bags, I did not get a background. Instead, all I received were Spooky Foods and weapons. Do the goodie bags really give out backgrounds, then? Thanks! ~cliffjack
The goodie bags can contain some cool new backgrounds, but that's only a chance, not a guarantee. If you're interested, you can either pick up the backgrounds from a lucky player or purchase the bags themselves and try your own luck. :)

Here are the lovely silhouette backgrounds you can get this year.

I have just a quick question for the great TNT! *bows at feet and presents gold coins* I always get so confused about the dates on the news page... X_x I read in the November 1st post that it would be the last day to participate in the Masks of Dread activity. However, when I went back later that day to make sure I had finished it, the activity was already over. :( How come that happened?!? Is there a specific time when things will end after that's posted? Also, for example, when a post dated October 15th says that there will be maintenance that day, but the post appears in the news feed on October 14th, on which day does it happen? Be sure to buy yourselves something nice with those gold coins!!! :) ~pretty_lil_snowflake
D: We understand that it can be confusing. Basically, to get news out all around the world, we do it a day early. That's why if, say, Korbat Day falls on the 26th, we actually put it up on the 25th, marked as the 26th's news. Sometimes we need to inform Neopia about things, though, so we put information in the news that relates to that day. In that case, it's related to that day, not the date shown at the top of the news. We can understand how this is confusing if you don't check the New Features page daily. :(

Hey, TNT staff! I have an admission to make. I've been playing Neopets, off and on, for over nine years and love it! I have four accounts -- three side and one main -- but I have siblings that play / played Neopets, so we sometimes share e-mails. Since I started playing years ago when I was much younger, I didn't understand everything about side account rules at the time, and as a result occasionally made some Neopoints on my sides. I'm not talking about visiting all of the dailies or rolling in hundreds of thousands of Neopoints (nothing over 5,000 NP, really), but it was still against the rules. I'm now a seasoned player that knows the rules, so I don't cheat anymore. My question, though, is this: should I be worried about getting my account frozen for past violations, or do you guys have it in your hearts to forgive old dogs like us who have literally grown with the site? I'd really like to know whether I should be paranoid about being frozen or if I can let go of my concern and now play the game as a honest Neopian citizen. Please leave out my username. Thank you! ~username removed
Sleep soundly tonight, your accounts are safe. :) It was a long time ago, and you weren't maliciously trying to abuse the system. All is forgiven. We're always happy to hear about players that have enjoyed the site nearly as long as we have!

Hey TNT, is it possible to request certain images for Neopian Times articles / stories / series? Like, if I saw an image on an article that I wanted on my short story, could I paste the image URL onto my Neopian Times submission somewhere and tell you guys that that was what I wanted? Thanks for being awesome and all that. ~chestnuttiger787
Yep, that's exactly how you'd do it. :) You'd even be saving our lovely NT queen time and effort, which is always appreciated!

Dear TNT,
As of late, you've been making a lot of AMAZING new wearables (foregrounds, frames, trinkets, etc.). That's good. You've then taken all of these awetastic wearables and... put them in the gift shop. Here's the problem: the gift shop is overcrowded with overpriced items that no one wants to clear. Combine this with the fact that almost all of the new wearables go there, and it evens out to practically no one getting these new wearables, ESPECIALLY for a fair price. My solution? Make a new shop, specifically for foregrounds, frames, and trinkets. What do you think? ~hereforgames14

We think it makes sense to us, too. There are enough such items now to justify them having their own shop in which to stretch their little trinket legs. We did this before when we split the plushies out of the Toy Shop. It will take a bit of time, though, so perhaps expect it early next year.

Hello, mah dahlings. In Editorial 517, you answered a question with: "Yes, that's just fine, as long as it isn't a copywritten costume or character." However... unless you're talking about wallpapering a Neopet with the text of a newspaper or a heavy-text banner ad, I think you should have warned against using a "copyrighted costume or character." The adjectival form of copyright, having the right to prevent copies, is copyrighted. Toodles! ~ethuilathelas
You're quite right! We will now go and join the other grammar-forsaking Neopians in the cells. *hangs head in shame*

d00d y cant u jst give uss teh key?!!!11

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