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Shoyru Feast Foods

by chestnuttiger787


I know there have been lots of favorite pet foods in the NT lately, so I'm going to try to make this as interesting as possible. Also, I'll be including phrases like "best for a sweet tooth" or "the ultimate vegetarian food!" I'll give you every food with the name "Shoyru" in it, although some are quite pricey, and are only available from special codes! Also, some foods (i.e. Shoyru Meatballs) come in different varieties, so I'll list all the varieties with the description of the food. Are you ready for a Shoyru food adventure? Then hop on board, and now!!

1. Baby Shoyru Baby Bottle

Baby Shoyrus are just adorable! This bottle of milk isn't just any milk. Not only does it come with a specially Shoyru-designed bottle, it is also warmed and flavored just to suit the majority of baby Shoyrus' tastes! It's actually strawberry flavored, a great favorite with young pets! This is a great treat for your baby Shoyru on their special day, and it's pretty cheap, too, about 1,500 neopoints. So drink away, baby Shoyrus, drink away!

2. Blue Shoyru Ice Cream Pop

This is a scrumptious and rare treat for your Shoyru! I looked it up on the Trading Post, the Auction House, and the Shop Wizard and did not find it, although I know it exists. I believe that it is/was only available from a special code :(. However, my luck did hold out! It appears that a neighbor of ours, Daniella the blue Shoyru, had eaten one once! She said it was a perfect combination of creamy and sweet, very, very good and lovely. She also said that she offered a lick to her brother, a yellow Meerca. Her brother licked it and said it tasted awful. However, her friend Yera a yellow Shoyru had a lick (the pops last a while) and said it tasted delicious! I guess this one is a Shoyru only treat. Daniella said this is the perfect sweet for someone with a sweet tooth, but that the sweet is perfectly balanced out by the creaminess. So if you want to go to all the trouble of neomails, user lookup requests, and all that to get the perfect treat for your special Shoyru, then by all means go for this one!

3. Burnt Shadow Shoyru Grilled Sandwich

As the name suggests, this food is burned and as I interviewed Shoyrus who had tried this pricey, 85,000 neopoint food, several of them said it wasn't so good. But some magma ones said it had been the best sandwich they had ever tasted! So a great choice for a magma Shoyru. These sandwiches are, as I mentioned, quite pricey, ranging from 85,000 to 100,000 neopoints. I found a few on Trading Post but nowhere else, so just keep poking around if you'd like one. As I mentioned, excellent for a magma pet.

4. Shoyru Meatballs

Shoyru meatballs are very delicious! They are shaped like Shoyru heads and they are meaty and well-seasoned. Perfect for a Shoyru who loves meat! They come in a variety of kinds, from the inexpensive tomato Shoyru meatballs to the 20,000 neopoint chocolate shoyru meatballs. Aside from those, there are also plain, iced, onion, and cheesy Shoyru meatballs. They are all very good, and fairly inexpensive, so if you want to let your Shoyru know you think they're special, then try a meal of meatballs!

5. The Cloud Set

There are three cloud Shoyru foods. They would be particularly good for cloud Shoyrus and alright for other Shoyrus, just like other color-specific foods. The three cloud Shoyru food are Cloud Shoyru Cereal, Cloud Shoyru Apple, and Cloud Shoyru Mushroom. I do not know what they are worth, but I do know that you needed a special code from Limited Too to receive any of them, so they must be worth rather a lot. The few Shoyrus I interviewed (all cloud Shoyrus) who had eaten them described them as very light, fluffy, slightly creamy foods. They said the cereal had a more solid texture than cotton candy, but had a similar one nonetheless, and that the milk was the creamiest milk you will ever eat. They said the apples were not as hard as regular apples and therefore easier to eat, and also that they were creamy and delicious and at the peak of ripeness. The Cloud Shoyru Mushrooms were described as very light, springy, and flavorful. So there you have the cloud set, apparently very good foods and great for any cloud Shoyru.

6. Electric Shoyru Ice Cream

Apparently Electric Shoyru Ice Cream is worth about 30,000 neopoints and is, again, an item only received by redeeming special codes. I have heard that if you are not an electric pet this ice cream will shock you on the way down, and if you are not a Shoyru it will taste horrible, but the electric Shoyrus who had tasted it said it tasted very pleasant, cool, sweet, creamy, and a bit shocking at the same time. Perfect for any electric Shoyru ice cream lover!

7. Gummy Blue Shoyru Fruit Snacks

These are very exclusive fruit snacks, I hear. They appear to be expensive and exclusive, and I found only one pet, a pampered shadow Shoyru, who had ever eaten them. He said that they were the best fruit snacks he had ever tasted, combining every good fruit flavor in Neopia into a perfect snack. He said that the texture was divine and the flavors scrumptious. If you are willing to go to a whole lot of trouble and spend a whole lot of neopoints, then this one's for you. It may also be a good option for a rich vegetarian!

8. Pink Shoyru Cupcake

A very expensive treat, averaging from about 300k to 500k. It is yet another treat from a rare item code. The Shoyrus that had tasted it, especially the pink ones, exclaimed that it tasted like Faerieland in a pastry. I took that as a compliment. With well-molded pink wings and the perfect ratio of pink icing and chocolate cupcake, this cupcake has been described as "divine."

9. Purple Shoyru Soup

This is a fairly expensive soup. It is made of a variety of scrumptious vegetables and savory fruits, all combined to make one lovely soup. It also has a few secret ingredients that really pull it together and make it, for some peculiar reason, particularly delightful to purple Shoyrus. It comes in a large purple bowl with fake Shoyru wings hugging half of it, and with a special purple Shoyru spoon. Great for vegetarians and meat lovers alike, as the soup has no meat in it, yet captures a hearty flavor. Eat up, and don't slurp!

10. Shoyru Breakfast

This is a cheap and delicious breakfast that makes your Shoyrus feel like champs. A beautiful cut of some sort of meat topped with a scrumptious fried egg is a hearty meal for any young Shoyru on their special day! It comes on a fancy green-and-white platter, too. Great for meat lovers!

11. Shoyru Cereal

MMMMMMM! Not only does this delicious Shoyru breakfast treat have special, fruity cereal shaped like Shoyru heads, it also has the creamiest, loveliest milk ever to reach cereal land! Yay! It's not expensive, either! So eat up your cereal, young Shoyrus!

12. Shoyru Parfait

Now who doesn't like a parfait? Especially when this one is in a nifty blue cup with fake blue Shoyru wings sticking out and has TWO, count 'em, TWO cherries on the top as well as a dollop of whipped cream that oddly reminds me of a Shoyru horn. This treat is a scrumptious one for any pet anywhere, especially Shoyrus!

13. Shoyru Spaghetti

Mmm! Spaghetti with a Shoyru-shaped meatball in the center! And it's cheap, too! How exquisite! And everybody likes spaghetti, right? So read no more! Go eat your savory spaghetti dinner!

14. Shoyru Winged Sandwich

What's better than a delicious, cheap sandwich? Nothing, I say! Take your Shoyrus to lunch! You can even take it with you on an outing! The perfect meal between two pieces of bread! And with a special Shoyru flair, too--the bread is shaped like a Shoyru wing! Hence the name.

15. The Silver Shoyru Delights

There are three silver Shoyru foods, all of which I will describe here. The silver Shoyru fizzy drink is expensive and tall, and it comes in a state-of-the-art silver Shoyru stein as well. The fizz on top, I am told, tastes creamy and is fluffy as a cloud. The Silver Shoyru Fondue Set is very special and has state-of-the-art silver as well. The Shoyru theme really comes out when you see the silver Shoyru in the middle, and it is a very serviceable and delicious fondue set. As for the ridiculously expensive 4 million neopoint silver Shoyru truffle, you cannot even THINK that would not be good. It is the best way you can ever eat any kind of chocolate, said the Shoyru I interviewed. It is said to be pure joy with every bite, although you know how commercials stretch things. So if you're interested in giving your silver Shoyru the fancy life for a day, try this set!

16. Strawberry Shoyru Cake

What's moist, gooey, scrumptious, and expensive? It's the Strawberry Shoyru Cake, of course! It's scrumptiously gooey and covered with sweet and delicious strawberry sauce, topped with a real strawberry and a pair of sugar-and-strawberry Shoyru wings! Try it today! Now! NOW! I'm kidding. Try it when you like, but it's very good, I'm warning you!

17. The Shoyru Ice Creams

These ice creams are all very special, creamy, and lovely. Well, the thistle one isn't so great. Besides thistle, there are all these creamy and fruity flavors: Tchea, Tiger, and Twirly Fruit Shoyru Ice Cream! It's creamy and good and fruity, all packed into a cone and shaped like a Shoyru! One of these cones will surely make your Shoyru's day! That completes our special Shoyru food list, so go out there and spoil your Shoyru rotten! It's just for one day!

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