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Neoplants vs Zombies

by lil_princess_of_evil


You’ve tried fences, misleading direction signs, and even handing out brain ice cream to keep those zombies away, but they just keep coming back. What are you doing wrong? The solution is simple. Everyone knows that the only effective way to keep your neohome zombie free is with a cared-for neogarden. Follow this simple six step guide to keeping your neohome Zombie free.

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to make an anti-Zombie neogarden?” The answer is always yes. If you do not believe me, ask yourself these questions.

Question 1 – Is your neighbor a zombie?

If your neighbor is a zombie, it is only a matter of time before they share with all of their friends about their non-zombie neighbors. Prepare your neogarden immediately.

Question 2 – Does your neighbor have access to a lab map?

If your neighbor isn’t a zombie now, but they have access to the secret laboratory map, they could turn into a zombie at almost any time!

Question 3 – Do you live in the Haunted Woods?

So your neighbor isn’t a zombie, and doesn’t have access to the secret laboratory map. If you live in the Haunted Woods, you are probably at high risk anyways. All of the creepy crawly Neopians of the night hang out in the Haunted Woods, including zombies.

Question 4 – Do you have a brain?

Everyone knows that zombies love brains. If you have a brain, zombies will soon be knocking on the door to your neohome.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, skip down to the steps before you’re too late!

Step 1 – Location, Location, Location

The first step is to consider where your neohome is located. Just because your neohome is located in the Faerieland clouds, doesn’t mean you are safe from zombies. Zombie pets are all over Neopia. Zombie Buzzes could invade your neohome any minute. Use your location to help you determine where to place your neogarden. What does the terrain around your neohome look like? Are there a lot of rocks that will slow down zombies? What about snow? If you are located at the top of Terror Mountain, you will want your neogarden facing towards the trail that heads upwards. Likewise, you can’t have your garden located over any Dirt Patch of the Undead. That would just be counterproductive.

Step 2 – Choose a plant type

Almost any plant will keep those zombies off your lawn, but what is the point of a zombie free neohome if your garden clashes with your neohome? If your neohome is in located in the Haunted Woods, you wouldn’t want those bright pink Faerieland plants. That would just be tacky! There are a few other things you should also consider. First, evaluate the amount of sunlight your neogarden gets. The Haunted Woods rarely get any sunlight, so you will want to choose fungi or plants that need minimal sun to live. How much water will your garden get on its own? If your neohome is located in the Lost Desert, you have to expect minimal rainfall. Cacti are the way to go in that case. However, if your neohome is in the deepest parts of Maraqua, you will want plants that can survive with a lot of water. Seaweeds are great options that won’t clash with the décor. Whatever you plant, just remember to stay away from the Faux Brain Tree. Brains are known to attract zombies, not keep them away.

Step 3 – Plant your seeds

Now it’s time to dig in, literally! The first thing you need to do is purchase some materials to start digging. A cheap but effective tool to start your hole is the Dirt Shovel. Now the trick to preventing zombies from reaching your neohome is to plant your seeds in a row. Zombies tend to follow a specific track. If you have a lot of neopoints lying around, you can even skip all of the shoveling, and just invest in a few Dirt Holes. They only cost about 1,000 neopoints on that shop wiz! Just remember to save some of those neopoints for maintaining your neogarden.

Don’t forget to dress the part before you dig. If your neopet is wearing her favorite dress, she’s not going to get much gardening done. Dress in a manner that will make you most productive. Have some Garden Gloves and Denim Overalls designated for gardening.

Step 4 – Protecting your plants

While plants are effective against zombies, they are bound to attract a different type of pest. A garden’s number one enemy is the Symol. A Scareblu is a great way to scare away those weak pests. Another effective product that you can spread on your neoplants to prevent petpetpets is Petpetpet-B-Gone. If you are afraid of rubbing chemicals on your neoplants, you can always have your neopets chase down those petpetpets on their own.

Step 5 - Maintaining Your Plants

Plants need lots of water and sunlight to live. If you didn’t do your research and find yourself with plants that need more sunlight than you have to offer, you will have to get creative. Perhaps you can ask a light faerie to offer some solutions to your problem. Another option is to purchase a Flask of Liquid Sunlight to sprinkle on your plants. If you find that your neogarden just isn’t getting enough water, you’ll have to spend some time watering your plants manually. Purchase a nice watering can, like the Ornate Watering Can. Another option for the neopet on-the-go is the Squid Sprinklers. Plants also get a bit weedy on occasion, so make sure you maintain them with your Lawnmower. You don’t want that garden to get unruly.

Step 6 – Expansion

Now that you have your garden planted, you think you are safe, right? Think again! Zombies are persistent. When they can’t reach your neohome, they will call up their zombie friends and ask them for help. That means you will have to keep making your garden larger. Use every space available. If you have a lake in your lot, throw some lily pads in there. A swimming pool will work too. Hanging planters, like the Leafy Macrame Planter, are great to hang on your neohome if you have no more ground space. Of course, houseplants are great for the eventual possibility of zombies entering your neohome. You can even carry a Caroling Neoplant in your pocket for good measure in case you ever decide to leave your neohome.

If you follow these simple six steps, you too can have a zombie free neohome. My neohome has been zombie free for seven years now!

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