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8 Reasons Why Terror Mountain's the Best

by setokaiba_4ever


My somewhat sequel to '8 Reasons Why Meridell's the Best'

Here’s a riddle for you all: what land has two faeries, two beasts, and a boat-load of fun things to do? If you guessed Mystery Island, I’m sorry contestant but you’ll have to try again, it’s Terror Mountain! Yes, that’s right, the land that’s literally on top of the world and is bursting with life and energy! Here are the eight reasons why Terror Mountain is the best.

1. We have the same weather every day!

Now, let’s think logically: we have the Ice Caves, the Snowager, Snowmuncher, the Snow Faerie, Hannah and the Ice Caves, Snow Roller, the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop (goodness, that’s a mouthful), Snow Wars, and not to mention the Igloo Garage Sale, it’s no wonder what the weather’s going to be like every day: snowing! Yes that’s right, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year, you can expect a blizzard and very strong winds here in this winter wonderland. The temperature’s always in the minus degrees and your lips are sure to turn blue, but fear not, I’m sure that you can get yourself warmed up when you randomly find a Christmas Paint Brush and get yourself into a nice winter coat.

2. We don’t have one faerie here, but two!

With the obvious exception of Faerieland, we are tied for second place with the most living faeries per land in all of Neopia! Mystery Island being tied with us (Eithne and Jhuidah are the faeries that live there), we have two faeries that any Neopian would recognize in a heartbeat. Taelia, or better known as the Snow Faerie, resides on the top of the mountain and is always in need of ingredients for her spells, while Kari, the Negg Faerie lives in the Ice Caves and can trade your boring old neggs for prettier and powerful ones.

3. Every Neopian’s favorite calendar is here!

Yes, that’s right, for only thirty-one days of the year, you too can go to Happy Valley and retrieve neopoints and items absolutely free! Along with the items, there is always a pretty picture or animation to go along with the prizes and they never disappoint. Although, once you go there, I advise you to hold on tightly to your items. The Pant Devil is known for stealing your treasures as soon as you get them.

4. We have our own random events.

“Something has happened! A red poogle hops past and says 'Hi!'” Boring, right? Well, here, you don’t get the same old “Something has happened!” like you do elsewhere in Neopia. Here, you get a little something similar to: “Winter Random Event!!! A passing Bruce says 'Tally ho!'” So much better, right? First of all, notice how there are not one, not two, but THREE exclamation points at the end of the random event notice, which means that Neopets loves us more. Second, ‘Tally ho!’ is so much better than ‘Hi!’...’nuff said.

5. The Snowbeast has a twin.

Let’s say that you want to go and play a little game of Snowbeast Snackrifice so you begin your journey up the mountain. You easily make your way through Happy Valley, you barely get past the Snowager without getting blasted by ice shards, and you finally make it to the top of the mountain only to see that the Snowbeast is currently occupied with playing Snow Roller. Confused, you go to Snowbeast Snackrifice to wait for the Snowbeast to finish this game of Snow Roller and, lo and behold, there’s the Snowbeast, waiting for you to be his snackrifice. But how is this possible, you ask? You look at the map you have and you see that the Snowbeast is both pictured in front of his cave in Snow Roller and on top of the mountain next to DAR-BLAT!!! The answer is simple, my friends, it’s because the Snowbeast has a twin with the same name, the same looks, even the same appetite, and if you were wise, you’d stay away from both.


Have you ever looked at a map and noticed how plain, dull, and boring it was and then you looked at the map of the Ice Caves and thought, “Whoa! This map is absolutely stunning! I applaud whoever made this map and will give them all of my asparagus!”? The reason you probably thought that, as many of us do, is because the map of the Ice Caves sparkles. That’s right, it sparkles. But not just one itty-bitty sparkle in the corner, no, in fact, there are about thirty-four sparkles on the map. I counted. Yes, I’m that much of a nerd. Take that, Tyrannia! You don’t sparkle!

7. The largest living monster in all of Neopia!

Besides Dr. Sloth, everyone knows that the Snowager is the biggest and baddest monster in all of Neopia. He smells of rotten neggs, is a billion feet long and has a strength of six hundred and fifty, and he’s the strongest thing in the Battledome that can smite your Neopet with one icy blast. But if you’re brave enough, you can try to steal something from him while he’s sleeping and, who knows, you may get a little something shiny to use on the Neoboards.

8. You can get seven avatars here!

Speaking of something shiny on the Neoboards, you can get six other avatars here in Terror Mountain: one is only seasonal (two if you’re lucky), one by scratching a card, one from helping out the Snow Faerie, another from buying something mysterious, one more if the weather’s right and the last one by playing with your ice cream.

So there you have it, all eight reasons, just like I promised! Now, Terror Mountain may be a cold place, but the hearts of the inhabitants are warm (besides the Snowbeast and Snowager) and they will be sure to welcome you here with open arms. There’s just one thing that you have to remember when coming to Terror Mountain: watch out for flying snowballs.

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