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Advanced Faerie Care (Faerie Care Continued)

by robin_y2k1


After many excited fanmails (thank you very much and keep it coming!) I can clearly see there are many newcomers to the hobby!

If you're just joining me, I suggest having a look at the original article before embarking on your collection - this particular chapter encompasses the rarer, more volatile species. If you already read the first one, then welcome back and progress with care.

I had a few questions, some regarding the Space Faerie in particular. Everyone wanted to know why I've hinted there may be more than one. My answer? Just because we occasionally see a Space Faerie doesn't mean there's just one! "If you look up at night, and think that you see a shooting star whiz through the sky, it just may be a Space Faerie flying through the cosmos." - from The Gallery of Heroes.

She has been hard to find, and few ever get to actually see the Space Faerie; however, the stories around her are abound. If you're in the know, you'll be aware that she was heavily involved in the fortunate demise of "The Happiness Faerie" - do note; he is NOT a faerie and was attempting to take over the world!

If you're looking to possess one of these supremely rare, powerful and dangerous faeries, be warned, they're powerful fighters in the Battledome - and even harder to catch in the silent vacuum of space. "Her beauty sparkles like the stars themselves, but when she gets angry, she's as fiery as the sun." Needless to say, hefty armour and Prickly Potions are well advised.

I've also had a few questions about keeping the Faerie Queen - and my answer is: you'd be just plain stupid to go after her! I'm guessing the reason you're asking is because you haven't SEEN the range of serious, dangerous weaponry she stocks in the hidden tower of her massive castle? That and she has an army. Still want to try? Remember then that she turned the Dark One to stone and imprisoned her in the ocean, and can turn other faeries into Grey faeries by stripping their powers if they break her laws. Always remember her kindness and benevolence - she has given a great many gifts to the Neopians and allows the wealthy and luck to purchase some of her more select items.

Before shouting "Awwww, BISCUITS!", bear in mind, having talked of the Queen's Army, you CAN keep Battle Faeries. A rare warrior species, they're prone to violence and quickly become miserable when kept in submission. However, when treated well, they have been known to defend pets unable to defend themselves - and teach a harsh lesson to those that deserve it! They understandably love the Battledome, so be prepared to keep them supplied with weaponry - but be careful what you choose. You don't want a disturbed faerie laying into you with a Sword of Skardsen!

They're actually classified as one of the UberFaeries, a much older species of each faerie type, from the dawn of Neopia. I remember seeing one of the originals many years ago... An awe-inspiring image, but strange how I can't remember her face... Anyway, because they're so rare, there's very little information on these super-strong creatures. If you DO come across an UberFaerie - handle with extreme care!

Mind you, if these wee ones are a bit too tough, but you want something feisty and a touch gutsy, still you may seriously want to consider the Snow Faeries. Made famous by Taelia, these chilly but not cold-hearted creatures like to warm up occasionally in the Battledome, so grab a Taelia Style Coat, a handful of Peach Snowballs and a Bucket of Fake Snow and get stuck in there!

Fountain faeries are another unusual "breed", more easily found at fresh springs and most famously at the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland. Actually having one approach you is insanely rare - nine years and I haven't once met one that I haven't gone looking for. Don't get them confused with basic water faeries - whilst similar in appearance, they look posher and more grown up than the over-fancied normal Water Faerie, and usually have blue highlights in their hair - rumoured to be caused by drops splashing from the legendary fountain.

Here's a useful thought for you - Fountain Faeries tend to be terribly scatterbrained and lose a lot of items. Just occasionally you may stumble across a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water whilst fishing in the Underwater Caves - having mistakenly "put it somewhere safe" she won't remember where she put it, so no worries!

If you're incredibly wealthy, you'll be able to home one of these magnificent little creatures with a classy Rainbow Fountain ornament - but don't forget to top it up regularly from your Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water or it will go grey and stagnant.

Library Faeries are much easier to come by, and even easier to gather, though you will need to invest in a substantial collection of books to lure one in. Thankfully there are a lot of cheap ones in the market at the moment, so stock up on a few copies of The Luckiest Babaa, Faellie Tales and a few others, and you might just get one interested enough to peruse your shelves.

Negg Faeries are another overlooked, but surprisingly common species. Found mostly in the chilly glaciers of Northern Neopia, the Negg Faeries are often spotted in the Ice Caves and taking shifts up at the Neggery. Quite how they manage to cultivate the bonsai'd Negg trees in such cold conditions is beyond me, but they've always got their eyes open for a good Neggy bargain. Use this knowledge to your advantage, and splash out on something extra rare like a Happy Anniversary Negg - she'll probably love you forever!

Speaking of uninhabitable areas, word is spreading (pun intentional!) that there's a Dung Faerie wandering round at the Meridell Rubbish Dump. She's said to be very elusive though I imagine the smell puts you off somewhat from hunting for her, the poor unlucky thing, but do bear in mind she's very generous and has been known to donate many random items for the public to sift out.

There are many other faeries in Neopia; however, many of these are completely unobtainable like the Faerie Queen. For example, the beautiful Island Faerie Jhuidah is a completely unique creature, because, as rumour has it, she was originally a human with a blue flower in her hair, however when the "Great Change" swept over Neopia many, many years ago, she was granted a protected status and given pink wings. Her flower tinted purest pink to depict her kindness of nature. She's good for a quick game of Mynci Beach Volleyball, though, having originally been captain of the first ever team.

I shan't go into depth on Illusen and Jhudora; we already know plenty about these two mirrored beings, but you may want to note that Bree the Key Faerie and the Tooth Faerie are both far too busy looking after keys and teeth to have you bothering them! Not to mention with all the rushing around, it's very difficult to catch up with them, let alone catch them. It would be most unwise to try to keep either of these, as they're highly beneficial to society, removing old dentures to be replaced with additional finances, and redeeming hours of hard Key Questing with fabbie gifts!

Likewise the Soup Faerie is a unique creature, in that she is hard-working and charitable. If you're short on points, she is always there to find you a meal and a bed for the night. Our trusty Neopedia states: "it's nothing fancy but it's free" and this makes the Soup Kitchen very popular, so please don't go trying to nab her; the queues to get into The Soup Kitchen are bad enough already!

And finally, to answer a friend of mine, faeries can fit bottles because they're small. They use magic to look bigger.

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