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Dear TNT,
*sits you down with cookies and milk* I have a very serious problem. Amphoriah, my Neopet, has a Petpet called Petress (she is a Naalala). Petress is very depressed because she thinks that you don't like her. She said the proof is that, when we go to the Petpet Puddle, she has no paint brushes and her species isn't even listed. Is there something that you can do for her? She is going to be 4 years and 4 months soon and would like to wear a different color. Thanks. ~amphoria

D: We wouldn't want poor Petress to think she is unloved. We checked the situation out and noticed that Naalalas can actually be painted one other colour (orange). Unfortunately there was an oversight and it was not added to the Petpet Puddle. We've corrected it now, and will be sure to schedule more colours for Naalalas to make up for our grievous errors. All hail Petress, saviour of Naalalas!

Hey, TNT! I was wondering: are we allowed to submit entries that aren't actually drawings, but rather sculptures, into the Art Gallery? ~angelfishey
Yes, the Art Gallery welcomes all Neopets-related works of art, as long as they are not reused images from the Beauty Contest or Random Contest... :) and done by you, of course.

Hello, TNT! *makes it rain Meowclops* Well, I have a question that's been bugging me very much and I would love if you'd answer it. What is the Esophagor even made of, or what is it? ~supernova186
100% pure hungry evil.

Is blood considered "inappropriate" for images? o: Thanks. x3 (please leave my username out, by the way) ~username removed
Yes, violence and the resulting blood aren't something we want on the site, which has to remain friendly for all ages. :)

Hey, TNT. *chucks Faerie Acorns* My guild has been discussing this topic for a long time, so I'd like it if you could answer a question about it for us. Our guild leader has been inactive (hasn't logged on in a year) and we want to be an active guild again. Without the guild leader privileges, however, we aren't able to do that. Is there any way we could change the guild leader but still leave the current one in the guild? Thanks. :) ~1337revenge
You can write in to our support department and ask to have the 2nd in command made the guild leader; this will remove your current guild leader from the guild. They can join back if they want to later. The other option is to create a new guild. : /

Woo, these are going on the Auction House!

Greetings, great TNT! *gives mr.coconut a jug of water* I just spotted Blairnut Tea on sale at the Coffee Shop. After a little research, though, I discovered that the Blairnuts themselves are retired and nearly unobtainable from other players. So how does Blairnut Tea get made, when there are no Blairnuts? Thanks!
Due to the Blairnut Protection Act of Y9, the transport of Blairnuts from Mystery Island has been outlawed. Due to overwhelming demand by a Neopian Central organisation known as the "Gourmet Club," Blairnuts were over-harvested to near extinction. The MIFTPORF (Mystery Islanders For The Protection Of Rare Fruits) group and their supporters successfully gathered enough signatures to stop the export of the Blairnut, and began carefully planting the leftover seeds from Blairnut plants in secure locations. You may be happy to know that Blairnuts are making a comeback, though if the ban from exportation will ever be lifted is unknown. With regard to Blairnut Tea, it is actually the leaves of the plant that are used in making the tea. MIFTPORF members gather the fallen leaves of the plant and create tea with them that can be freely exported. This allows them to further fund their activities. With the immense profits the tea leaves produce, however, some have called into question the validity of the operation and whether the MIFTPORF are truly acting in the best interest of the Blairnut, or simply creating a monopoly.

Hello! :) The Celestial Sleeping Cap was announced in the news almost two years ago, and it hasn't restocked in a shop yet. Do you know if it will ever restock? (please remove my username) ~username removed
D'oh! Thanks for mentioning that. It was activated, but not given a rarity, so our system didn't pick it up. It's now restocking as an r88. :)

Can we celebrate July 9th as Coltzan Day? I just don't think we're doing enough for the memory of the late great king. ~elyk442
Hear, hear! Well said! From this day forth, July 9th will be Coltzan Day! :D

Hello, TNT. So, I went to customize my Krawk earlier and was seeking something for him to hold. Now, there are a lot of held items, but I was thinking: where are all the tools? I mean, how is a Neopet supposed to put up some cabinets or something? I was wondering if you would consider some tools... maybe a hammer? A screwdriver, perhaps? That would be fantastic! ~_queenquinn_
Hmm... good point. Consider a handheld tool scheduled for the upcoming months. :)

TNT, why don't you have a search function for the Editorial? ~010rebecca
Editorials do not work that way!

No, really... this one doesn't, unfortunately. :(

Dear TNT, *hands you some spare metal parts* I just recently came across the worms of Moltara. I got them all, and managed to get some red Moltite. I used it to make an Albot. I didn't know the value of this Petpet, so I typed Albot in the search bar and got nothing. I typed it in the Shop Wizard and got a result. Why do Albots not appear in the search bar? *chucks angry army of Albots at you* Is this a glitch? ~missyjasmine5
Nope. Only items r98 or lower appear on the search bar. Items r99 and up (including the r101 Albot) will not appear on a search.

TNT, is it a reportable offense for someone to make an account and pose as another player? If so, how would it be reported? As harassment? If this makes it in the Editorial, thanks so much. ~mimesfearme
Yes, trying to impersonate or trick someone by pretending to be someone else would fall under harassment or scamming, depending on how the account is being used.

If Pickled Olives can be eaten, then why not Rotten Berries? ~_only_12_not_yet_13


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