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Welcome to Illusen's Glade

by jockylocky


Deep within the Meridellian forest, high in the trees, rests a peaceful glade. In the center of the glade is the trunk of the large tree, and there's a balcony looking out to the forest. You notice that the roof is made of abnormally large ferns. There is a flight of stairs starting from the bottom of the tree, wrapping around the tree, and you enter the floor of the glade. At the forest floor and at the bottom of the stairs, you take a deep breath and start trudging up the tree. You smile as you see the sun's rays shine to the floor of the forest, and the leaves are falling within the grace of the wind.

After an exhausting trip up those awful stairs (having decided that Virtupets Space Station should invent an elevator!), you look around the bigger-than-it-should-be glade of Illusen's. You start walking around, noticing a broom that you think that is used to sweep off the leaves, as well as Illusen's Staff in a locked cabinet. The air is remarkably clearer up here. After walking around a bit, you wonder where Illusen is, as she doesn't usually leave the glade in the middle of the day. (Judging by the sun, you'd wager it is about 1 PM NST.)

Then, in a puff of green smoke that startles you, Illusen appears. Her smile is most welcoming, and to quote King Skarl on her wardrobe, she is a 'fern covered forest Faerie'. Her long brown hair sways in sync with the soft breeze, and her skin looks remarkably smooth.

Welcome to Illusen's Glade, where Illusen offers you a chance to get rich and gain powerful items, in return for some items that she needs. Because Jhudora's cloud is circling around Faerieland, and her power seems to be getting stronger with each passing day, Illusen simply doesn't have the time to get these items for her spells by herself. Fortunately the Meridellian folk, and others around Neopia, come together and lend her a helping hand! You will help her, correct?

Splendid! You have decided to help her out, how nice of you! Since you just started out, you currently have 0 points, and are on Level 1. Once you accept her quest, she will request an item she needs. It should be a pretty reasonable cheap item. For instance, she just asked me for a Small Churro Smoothie. To get the most points, you have to RUN to the Shop Wizard, pay for it, and run back to Illusen and give it to her!

Or, y'know, keep one window open at the Shop Wizard, and one window at Illusen's Glade so when you retrieve the item, you can give it back to her without all the hectic running. Much more efficient.

Please also note that the Shop Wizard is only usable for Illusen's and Jhudora's Quests. (Although you wouldn't help that fiend Jhudora, would you?) If a normal Fire Faerie asked you to get, let's say, a Woolen Cap, you'd either have to get a friend to Shop Wiz it for ya, or ask politely at the Quest Board.

So once you get back with your item (in my case, the Small Churro Smoothie), she'll be a very happy faerie indeed! And she might even reward you! If this was your first quest, you should have gotten Illusens Cream Cookies, mmm! They do look ever delicious!

Unfortunately, Illusen has so many people doing many different stages of quests, that she cannot reward you each time you complete a quest. So, certain levels will reward you, and others will not. If you would want to know which levels give out prizes and which prizes they are, read on!

For level 1, as I just said, you get Illusens Cream Cookies. Level 3 gives you Illusens Potion, which is a cheap-o Battledome item. She gives you a grooming item on level 5, which is an Illusens Comb! On level 8, she decides that your eyes aren't in good shape, so she gives out Cucumber Eye Cream. Level 11 gives you reading material - Illusens Novel, and level 14 gives out a handy Mud Mixture. Quest 17 gives out a Flower Cake, and level 20 she gives you Rain Water Shampoo. If you wanted something refreshing to eat, level 23 gives out a pretty Rose Shake, and level 26 gives out yet another book - Earth Spell Book. Level 29 gives out a very handy dandy Leaf Shield, which is fairly expensive and great use in the Battledome, and 32 gives out Illusens Earth Potion.

Now, we get into the really rare items. These are rare because by this time, Illusen is requesting items with a rarity of 99! There are plenty of hard-to-obtain items, so trying to get them within 15 minutes is very difficult. Level 35 gives out a handy Battledome bomb, the dreaded Honey Potion. Quest 38 gives out Illusens Scroll, and 41 gets you Illusens Sword! (Although for the damage it does, it should cost quite a bit less than it does!) Level 44 gives you a really delicious item, a Leaf Taco! And Level 47 gives you Illusens Orb Plant, created by Illusen herself!

Now, if you can make it all the way to level 50, kudos to you! It's extremely rare for anyone to get to this stage, and if you do, your reward will be sufficient! The reward for completing all of Illusen's Quests is her own personal staff - Illusens Staff! This is an amazing weapon, and it's worth a good few hundred million, at the very least!

It should also be said that if you complete a quest on the 17th of the Month of Running, something special may happen! Also something might happen once you complete your 20th quest too, so get on it!

Once you finished your one quest per 12 hours, there's nothing you can do. Maybe if Illusen has some free time, you might be able to sit for tea and crumpets, or even better, one of Illusens Cream Cookies! Yum! I might even join you, so watch out!

As you say your goodbyes to Illusen, you look at the balcony, and see Meridell Castle in all her glory. You decide to visit some local tourist spots before you head back home. But before you can go do that, you have to face those horrid stairs again. Illusen seems to have read your thoughts, and has cast a magical spell that has transported you back again to the ground.

As you leave the forest, you raise your hand in thanks to Illusen, who waves back. You decide to something relaxing. Why not visit the Turdle Races?

Author's Note: Happy Illusen's Day! Thanks for reading, and feedback is much appreciated.

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