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The Adventures of Jake the Explorer!: Part Seven

by aisha_enchantress110



Ah, glad to see you back to share with another of my exciting adventures.

      I'm here in the kingdom of Altador now, researching on the Golden Alabriss that the Ruby Feather of Mirth showed me. An Alabriss, if you didn't know, is a petpet you can only find in Altador. It looks like a small, hornless Uni, mainly white with a green mane and tail.

      The Altadorian Archives have been a big help, as well as their caretaker - an old Lenny named Finneus. Finneus has been lugging in piles of books for me to scan through, but I've yet to find anything solid on an Alabriss made of gold. Maybe what I saw WASN'T gold... perhaps it was a different kind of metal that only LOOKED like gold. Altador is the oldest kingdom in Neopia; it dates back more than a thousand years. Before the Darkest Faerie betrayed King Altador and put his kingdom to sleep for a millennium, the Neopets could have created lots of different elements in regards to metal.

      But... I still think that was a golden Alabriss.

      "Here you go, Mr. Jake." Finneus hefted MORE piles of books on the table I was seated at. "Any luck in your endeavor?"

      "Not at the moment, sir." I grabbed one of the new books the old Lenny brought me. "Altadorian Faerie Tales?" I asked, reading the title.

      "Oh, yes, I know you wanted just books of facts," Finneus said, adjusting his glasses on his beak, "but as I saw you were still having a hard time finding what you needed, I decided to bring a few faerie tale books out. The Alabriss is the subject of many myths and legends. Some say it was a pygmy Uni who lost its horn in a valiant fight; others tell of its supposed magical powers.

      "You might strike gold where in other tomes you only found coal, Mr. Jake.

      "I'll be taking a break, call me when you need me."

      I nodded and flipped through Altadorian Faerie Tales. I stopped in my tracks when I saw a drawing of a shining Alabriss. "By the wand of Fyora!" I cried out. Finneus almost tripped over himself as he swung around, wondering what in Neopia was wrong with me. "The Golden Alabriss is considered just a fireside story! It's a myth!"

      "Is THAT what you were looking for so fervently? I could have told you that myself. The Golden Alabriss is an old legend of Altador, it is true. Did you honestly think it was more than that?" Finneus asked, who had only known that I was researching about Alabriss statues. "And keep your voice down; this IS a library."

      "But, I SAW it, it's REAL. Truly. It's NOT just a tale."

      "If you've seen it, then why are you researching about it?" the old Lenny asked.

      "Well, I didn't actually SEE it, but I know it's real."

      Finneus folded his arms - er, wings - and stared at me. "You have seen it, but you haven't. That makes no sense. Maybe you need some fresh air; it CAN get stuffy in here with all the dusty tomes."

      "Ah, never mind. Can I take this book on faerie tales?" I asked, getting up. "I promise I'll bring it back. Thanks!"

      "Hey! What about all... these... books...?"

      Yes, I apologize, I left the poor Lenny with a table full of opened, upside down, and closed books that I never even glanced at.

      I ran outside and blinked my eyes at the blazing sun above. "Now to find that abandoned temple." With the book under one arm, I opened a map of Altador. "Sigh... too bad this place is FULL of temples."

      I stepped through an arched entrance and entered the Garden of Altador. No big shops were in this district, just a small Negg store and Potion Brewery, and lots and lots of trees. Petpets like Mortogs, Nalalas, and Altachucks were free to roam, with the righteous and kind Fauna the Gatherer to guard over them.

      "Psst! Hey, Kougra," a seedy-looking Quiggle said. He beckoned me over. "That map won't get you anywhere. What you need is THIS." He flapped some kind of blueprint in my face. "This will guarantee treasure. And it will only cost ya three hundred NP. What do you say?"

      Well, I'd lose 300 NP if it's a fake, but it's worth a shot. Especially since it led to a picture of a gold Alabriss!

      "Ah! Many thanks to ya, bud. That one there leads to the fabled Golden Alabriss. It's the only one I had left since no one believes in that particular item. More’s the pity for them, and more’s the luck for YOU. Farewell."

      "Yeah... thanks." I poured over the map. It was an outline of a temple I saw outside the city walls. Golden Alabriss, here I come!

      A blue Techo dashed around a bush and was heading my way.

      "Come back here!" a Poogle yelled after him. "That's mine! You stole it!"

      The Techo grinned. "After YOU stole it from Gaelan's Magical Marvels. I'll be giving this back to its rightful owner."

      "Arg~!" the Poogle cried, being left in the dust.

      The Techo stopped when he reached me. "Well, hello there." He looked at the map I held. He frowned. "What are you doing with the blueprint to the Celestial Moon Temple?"

      "Uh, I-I bought it, fair and square," I said.

      "Fair and square, huh? That blueprint was recently stolen from King Altador's personal library, along with a handful of others."

      I gulped.

      "Not only that, the Celestial Moon Temple is a forbidden place," the Techo added.

      "A forbidden place because it's unsound to enter, since it's crumbling?" I asked. That wouldn't be a problem for ME.

      "A FORBIDDEN PLACE because it's chock full of killer plushie Spyders and angry Gelatinous Non-Cubes ready to devour you," the Techo said.

      "Oh." THAT wouldn't be so good.

      "You're coming with me." The Techo grabbed and dragged me to the entrance to the Hall of Heroes.

      "Hey, oh, come on, I didn't know the map was stolen. Seriously, I didn't suspect a seedy-looking Quiggle to sell me something he stole from King Altador. He didn't look like he was smart enough."

      "You're sounding guiltier by the minute," remarked the Techo.

      I was, wasn't I?

      As we entered the grand hall, we came face-to-face with a very angry orange Yurble.

      "Rraahg!" the Yurble yelled. "This is taking me FOREVER! Do the stones multiply by ten with every one I sweep away!?"

      "Hang in there, Mr. Foreman," the Techo said.

      The poor janitor was cleaning up the mess of the infamous statue: The Sleeper. In other words, the Darkest Faerie. It WAS pretty weird that the Yurble was still sweeping the statue up, since the notable Neopian - I can't seem to remember his or her name - broke the spell on Altador's history a while back.

      Hmm, oh well.

      The blue Techo led me through a door to the right, and suddenly I stood before the mighty legend, the mighty king: Altador.

      Oh boy, I was in real trouble. I never thought there would be a day I wished I was being roasted in a stew by island natives rather than meet a grand king.

      "Kelland? Who is this?" the silver Lupe asked.

      "Altador," the Techo bowed, "this Kougra here has one of the blueprints that was stolen from your library last week. He SAYS he bought it from someone else, but I'm not so sure about that."

      "Oh sure, you give a yellow Lupe you've never met a chance to save the entire world, but a blue Kougra, who happens to be Jake the Explorer, you immediately label as a common THIEF."

      A lovely blue Cybunny danced into the scene. "Hee, hee, not all thieves are bad - KELLAND. There are some who steal your heart, others who take from the rich to give to the poor, and a few who steal back what was stolen. I bet that is what Mr. Jake, here, did. Isn't that right?" She winked right at me.

      Hm? "Oh! Yes, that IS correct." I bowed to King Altador. "I felt that such an important map should not be in the hands of a street Miamouse. I planned to bring it back to you, Your Majesty."

      "Yeah, right after you took the treasure it led to," the Techo, Kelland, said.

      I gasped. "So you believe in the Golden Alabriss!? That it truly EXISTS?" I asked excitedly.

      "It goes to THAT?" The Techo glanced at the map. "Huh, well, what do you know... All of King Altador's blueprints lead to wondrous treasure, but this can't be real. Can it?"

      The blue Aisha sitting beside King Altador stood up. She was brightly clothed and around her neck was -

      "Jerdana's Orb!" I exclaimed.

      A brown Skeith sitting in a chair to the left looked harassed. "Well, of course it IS Jerdana's Orb, but you needn't say it like so."

      "Uh, no, I mean, it's Lady Jerdana," I said. "I was simply surprised." Should have spoke a different outcry...

      Jerdana laughed musically. "It is nice to meet you, too, Jake the Explorer; I have heard much about your great adventures."

      "Really?" I asked.

      "I've been reading them in the Neopian Times as of lately." The Aisha walked over to the Techo and me. "May I see the map?"

      "Ah, yes, Lady Jerdana. Here," Kelland said.

      "Hmm. The Golden Alabriss is an old children’s faerie tale," Jerdana said, studying the map. "The story goes like this: Krystal, a young Wocky, was best friends with her petpet Twyla, an Alabriss. The two were inseparable as they did everything together.

      "Suddenly Krystal's village was attacked by Ixi bandits; with stolen Faerie Magic they blasted all things in their way. When they came to Krystal's house, the little Wocky ran in front of it, saying she wouldn't let the bandits destroy her home. The bandits just laughed; a little girl couldn't stop THEM. One of them made to blast the house along with Krystal. However, Twyla jumped between her friend and the Ixi. Krystal cried out! She'd never see her sweet Twyla again. The bandits vaporized her! But as the dust cleared, there stood Twyla; the Faerie Magic sensed her honorable intention and changed her into a golden statue. As the bandits bent down to take the solid gold Alabriss, the Ixi - every single one of them - turned into a new petpet species: the Altachuck, a harmless, frightened creature.

      "Since Twyla became a statue, the story is a bittersweet tale, but it was meant to teach those who listened that true friendship and love are the strongest notions in all the world." Jerdana turned to King Altador. "The story COULD be true; oftentimes legends are like that. Do you know who made this blueprint of the Celestial Moon Temple, Altador?"

      The silver Lupe sighed. "It was such a long time ago. More than a thousand years. He was a very old Shoyru; he drew the blueprint and his son built the temple. Both left Altador before... the Darkest Faerie betrayed us, so they did not get captured in the kingdom and fall asleep like we did. They died a LONG time ago, so they could not possibly help in this matter.

      "But if it's true, then I think the temple should be investigated. What do you say, Kelland?"

      "I would love to!" the Techo answered.

      "And Jake?" Altador turned to me.

      "Me?" I asked.

      "You ARE the best at exploring, am I correct?" the king said.

      "Yes! Yes! Of course!" This was great!

      Although, Kelland didn't look too happy now.

      "We will go now, then," the Techo said.

      The two of us bowed and it was back into the Hall of Heroes. Looking at the grand statues, situated in a circle, made me realize who it was I had just spoken to. AND who I was going to an abandoned temple with. There was Altador the Hunter, holding a bow AND sword, Jerdana the Protector, raising her arms up to summon her magic, and Siyana the First to Rise, the Light Faerie who had spoken not a word the entire time I was there, but who had listened intently. Kelland the Thief stood right beside me. Florin the Farmer was absent, yet I'm sure he was tending to the kingdom's crops. Torakor the Gladiator was most likely at the Colosseum. Skipping the Darkest Faerie, next was Marak the Wave, holding his trident. Fauna the Gatherer I caught sight of in the Garden, surrounded by the petpets she loves. Psellia the Dreamer, I wonder where THAT Air Faerie is. Gordos the Collector was the 'harassed' Skeith, and that blue Cybunny was none other than Sasha the Dancer.

      "Come on, stop gawking," Kelland told me. "Keep up the good work," he said to the orange Yurble - STILL cleaning The Sleeper statue up.

      Coming outside a yellow Xweetok bumped into us.

      "Oh, I'm sorry... JAKE!? You're Jake the Explorer!"

      "Uh, do I KNOW you?" I asked the Xweetok.

      "Oh no, but you know my friend, and adopted brother, Orpheus Draco. He's always telling me about your exploits. So what are you doing here in Altador? I didn't know you were into higher learning."

      Kelland gave me a sidelong look and snickered.

      "No, wait, wait, wait, that didn't come out right," the Xweetok said. "I mean, you don't remind me of someone who'd be interested in books. Er... no, wait -"

      I slapped my forehead. "Look, whoever you are, we'll be going; say hi to Orpheus for me."

      "No, wait, I'm really sorry!" the Xweetok yelled after me. "I didn't mean to make you sound stupid, I'm sure you're smart in your own right. D-did that sound bad? Aw man... I'm SORRY!"

      Kelland was bent over laughing now.

      "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" I remarked. "Let's get to that temple." I led the way, to show the Techo I wasn't some joke.

      We passed out of the octagonal-walled city and headed for the harbor, the Celestial Moon Temple was near there. By the sea, the structure showed much wear; most of its stone carvings were worn down by the salt air and moisture, and the wood boards covering the entrance were mossy and half-eaten - I had no trouble tearing them off.

      "We enter together," Kelland said. "Very cautiously."

      The stone door moaned open. Inside it was dark. Kelland struck a match and only lighted the first two torches. "So far so good, but remain alert. I wasn't kidding when I said there were plushie Spyders in here."

      "It's not like they are Meepits; are they really that dangerous?"

      "Does the sun rise every day?" replied the Techo.

      That was my answer: "Yes."

      "So what was this temple used for?" I asked. I stared at the walls, which were brightly painted with scenes from a time long ago: pictures of flying ships sailing to the moon, ladies in gowns dancing among the stars, warriors piercing the heavens, and faeries shaping the clouds into castles and bridges to eternity.

      "It was dedicated to the moon and stars," Kelland said. "But once the brilliant sun was chosen as Altador's crest, not too many were interested in the night sky. Fewer and fewer Neopets came, until no one did. Finally it was closed."

      "You should open it up again," I said. "It’s a new era now and I’ve heard Altadorians are becoming interested in the night sky now, I even saw a flier in the Altadorian Archives advertising a club for astronomy. I think tourists would like this place, too.”

      "Yeah, but first we'll have to get rid of the monsters," Kelland said. "Speaking of which... get down."

      We snuck into a grand hall occupied by one giant statue of a Light Faerie - she looked a bit like Siyana. But crawling and scurrying about were Spyders of the plushie variety. We hid behind a column made to look like an Air Faerie.

      "Watch them while I see where we should go next," Kelland instructed me.

      Roger that.

      The plushie Spyders didn't seem to be doing anything, except it looked like they were weaving a large web to use as a net. Did they already sense our intrusion?

      "It doesn't look good," Kelland said. "We need to get to the door to the left of the Light Faerie statue. And as you can see, we have a road block."

      "Hmm. Couldn't we, you know, rip their patched, black- and white-striped legs off?" I asked.

      "WHAT?" the Techo demanded.

      "Well, they ARE plushies, they could just be cotton inside - "

      "That's inhumane! What's wrong with you? If Fauna heard you say that...? Sheesh! They may LOOK like plushies, but that's just the outside of them. Think, Kougra, THINK. I'm not into dismembering petpets - even if they were evil Meepits.

      "We'll just have to sneak around them. It's good that you're with me, because that's my specialty." He donned a simple brown, hooded cloak and gave one to me. "Wear that; it will help you conceal yourself from unwanted eyes. Come, follow my every step."

      We inched, VERY SLOWLY, around the plushie Spyders, being careful to hide behind every Air Faerie column we came to.

      "We're almost there," Kelland whispered to me.

      That's when my foot slipped and splashed into the ring of water that curved around the walls of the hall. Looking DOWN, I saw the pebbles in the water glow, reminding me of the strange stones in Lutari Island's Mirror of Stars. Looking UP, I saw that every single plushie Spyder was turned our way.

      Kelland glared at me.

      "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!" I apologized sincerely.

      The Techo grabbed me and we ran through the left door, with vicious (and oddly cute) plushie Spyders trailing us. Kelland whipped the map out. "Where to now? Come on, where do we go?" he asked the paper. "Ah! Here...! HUH? It's a WALL! Jake, we're trapped!"

      I grinned at the Techo. "That's the thing about blueprint maps; they show you every possible passage - including the SECRET ones." I pressed the image of a crescent moon into the wall and a new path opened.

      "Show off..." muttered Kelland.

      In the new passage, with the door closed, the plushie Spyders passed right by us. We were safe for the moment.

      Kelland was back in the lead and I followed him like a shadow, examining everything about the corridor. Even the secret ways were painted and decorated beautifully with fantastical pictures. Not only that, there was a hidden study room down here. We only took a peek out of curiosity: there was a desk and chair, bookcases full of tomes, charts depicting star constellations, building ideas, and a revolving planet display - all of it was covered in gray dust and white Spyder webs. I swiped a dull gold key from the desk and pocketed it.

      "It's up ahead," Kelland informed me.

      "This hasn't been so bad," I said.

      "Yeah, well, we still have to get out of here."

      "I've been through tougher situations, Kelland my friend. You should lighten up. I never expected the Thief of the Twelve Altador Founders to be such a serious fellow."

      "In my work you can't play around, or you get caught."

      We turned a corner and came face-to-face with a purple blob covered in mummy bandages. Brr~ Mummies~

      "It's an angry, mummified Gelatinous Non-Cube!" Kelland yelled.

      Try saying THAT five-times fast.

      "And I thought Roxton A. Colchester III had a long name," I remarked.

      "WHO? Ah, never mind, this way, before it decides to eat us."

      "It's not chasing us," I observed.

      "Give it time and it will. I made a wrong turn. THAT is the right path."

      "You mean the one going into a vast underground hall filled with more monsters: Meepits this time around?" I asked.

      "Gah! NOT Meepits! They've infested this temple too? Put your cloak back on. Our goal is just beyond that door in the back. Try not to step in any water, by the way."

      Quietly we crept, till we reached the door with no trouble - well, not until Kelland tried to open the door.

      "It's locked," the Techo said. He took a peek at the pink petpets just beyond a wall that concealed us. "Brr! They keep 'meeping' about something."

      If we stood around here long enough, they'd definitely detect our presence.

      I took the gold key out of my pocket and tried it in the lock. The door clicked open.

      "How'd you...?" Kelland stopped when I showed him the key.

      "Found it on the way here. You're with an expert here, too, you know. Now, let's go get that treasure."

      But apparently someone was already trying to get to the Golden Alabriss. He hung upside down, in bright yellow and a black mask, reaching for the sixteen inch long, eight inch tall statue sitting pretty on a pedestal of marble.

      Kelland cleared his throat. "Um, excuse me, what do you think you're doing?"

      The other thief - a Kougra no less! - jerked his head up and stared at the two of us.

      I've seen him somewhere before... But where...? Ah! "It's the Masked Intruder, D. O. N.'s (that would be Defenders of Neopia) version of Altador's Thief!"

      "That's me," the Masked Intruder said. "And I'll be taking this, thank you." He snatched the Golden Alabriss up and its gold light was extinguished as the other Kougra stuffed it in a black bag.

      "Hey! Give that back!" I cried. "That belongs to the kingdom of Altador, and I've got to prove it exists!"

      The Masked Intruder swung down, leaped over our heads, and dashed into the hall infested with Meepits.

      "Come on!" Kelland said, "We can't let him get away!"

      "For certain!"

      It was a mad dash to keep the Masked Intruder in sight. Kelland and I brushed aside the savage Meepits, who nipped at our heels. And the angry, mummified Gelatinous Non-Cube didn't even receive a bat of an eye from us as we passed it by.

      Our opponent was as fast as running water, and flexible too. He leaped, jumped, and swung like a gymnastic.

      "We're in trouble if he gets outside," I said, "We'll lose him for sure."

      "Not necessarily," Kelland said. "I know the streets of Altador like a mother knows what triplet is who."

      "And the roof tops?" I asked.

      "Even better," the Techo answered. I'm sure he was smirking.

      The Masked Intruder burst through the temple doors and disappeared around a corner; we followed in hot pursuit. The other Kougra weaved among the tight streets like a pro.

      Around the next corner we had to stop for a dead-end.

      "Bouncing Blumaroos!" I exclaimed in surprise.

      "What? Where?" Kelland was puzzled.

      "Er, um, no, that's just an expression I use,“ I said. “Where did he go? This wall is HUGE.”

      “You’re a strange Neopet,” Kelland said. “And don’t worry; he can jump high, but so can I.” He twirled a grappling hook and swung it over the wall. “You can climb, right?”

      “Hey, I make climbing volcanoes look easy,” I replied.

      “Then come on!” Kelland beckoned me.

      Instead of going back into the streets, the Techo leaped to the roof of a building and we ran along the flatter rooftops until Kelland caught sight of the Masked Intruder: “Ah, there he is!”

      The Masked Intruder was slowing his pace. He thought he had lost us. Ha! Won’t HE be surprised?

      Kelland and I flew over the rooftops, one by one.

      “Why do you think the Defenders of Neopia want the Golden Alabriss?” I asked.

      “I haven’t a clue, yet I’m going to steal back that treasure and ask questions later. We’ll cut him off if we go this way!”

      We turned suddenly to the left and jumped down - right in front of the Masked Intruder’s path.

      “Gah! I thought I lost you two meddlers!” The other Kougra backed away.

      “US, meddlers?” I asked. “What do you think YOU’RE doing?”

      “YOU’RE the one who stole a treasure from Altador - the kingdom AND the Lupe, himself,” Kelland said. “I don’t care if it is a worthy cause for the Defenders of Neopia; give the Golden Alabriss back.”

      “You don’t understand,” the Masked Intruder said. “This artifact holds great powers. Judge Hog uncovered a plot that involved Jhudora getting the help of a hapless Neopian to bring her this statue so she could take over Faerieland.”

      “Bouncing Blumaroos!” Kelland exclaimed in shock.

      I looked at him.

      “Ah geez, I can’t believe I just said that.” The Techo pushed me away from him. “Get away. Your weirdness is rubbing off on me.”

      “ANYway,” the Masked Intruder said, coughing, “Judge Hog sent ME to retrieve the Golden Alabriss before anyone could find it and bring it to Jhudora. It is MY job to bring it back to Headquarters.

      “I’m sorry, I can’t give it back to you.” He leapt over us and sprinted down another alleyway.

      “Not that way!” Kelland cried in warning.


      The Techo sped after the D. O. N. member.

      Just beyond that passage was a waterfall that emptied into the ocean, its water flowing below us underground. The Masked Intruder now hung, with one paw, from the cement edging of the aqueduct.

      “Hold on, I’ll help you!” Kelland said.

      “I’m fine!” snapped the Masked Intruder. “You just want the treasure for yourself!” He reached for his black sack, glowing from the magic of the golden statue, and lost his grip. “Wha...? Ahh...!”

      “Shoot!” Kelland tried to grab him before he fell, but wasn’t fast enough.

      “Here, give me those!” I snatched Kelland’s grappling hook and rope, secured it, and swung out over the waterfall. The Masked Intruder was falling at a rapid rate, helpless to stop it. But as I passed him I grasped the collar of his outfit and landed safely back on solid ground.

      Kelland crossed his arms. “Show off.” But he smiled. Turning to the Masked Intruder he said, “Now! I’m taking you to see King Altador.”

      “That won’t be necessary,” Jerdana’s voice said. She appeared in a whirl of pink mist - with Altador.

      The king had looked mighty before, sitting in his throne. But now he looked mightier still, standing tall and proud with the wind whipping his red cloak. Altador strode over to the Masked Intruder. “Jerdana has been watching over you all, and if what you say is true, Judge Hog should have come to me first. I, above all, know what hides in the deepest parts of a Dark Faerie’s heart - of its tricks of betrayal.

      “Jhudora sits pretty in her cloud home, fooling everyone around her and getting Neopets to bring her rare items - and for what use, I wonder? I would have never allowed her hands to touch the Golden Alabriss if I knew how truly powerful it is.”

      “I’m sorry, I was only following orders,” the Masked Intruder said, lowering his head in shame.

      “It is all right,” King Altador assured him. “No harm done. Jerdana, if you would please?”

      The Aisha stepped forward. Her magical, red orb talisman began to levitate.

      “What are you going to do?” the Masked Intruder asked.

      “My Orb can seal all kinds of magic,” Jerdana explained, “I shall seal the powers of this Golden Alabriss and render its use to Jhudora’s plan worthless.”

      Kelland placed the gold Alabriss down on the floor and we all stepped away as Jerdana drew the faerie powers out of the little statue. Gradually that mysterious glow it had began to fade, and soon the only reason why the statue sparkled was for the sun’s light.

      But the strange moment didn’t stop there. Out of the gold statue the spirit of a Alabriss emerged; it looked down at us with green eyes full of gratitude: it was now free to be with Krystal again. The legend was true after all!

      Jerdana sighed contently. “It is done.”

      King Altador picked the treasure up. “Tell Judge Hog that the Golden Alabriss has been secured in the capable hands of Jake the Explorer.”

      “What!?” I was shocked.

      The Lupe handed me the statue. Boy, it was heavy! “You earned it,” Altador told me, “by showing honor, bravery, and kindness (I'll let that bit about the plushie Spyders go). I would gladly accept you as an honorary member of the Legendary Heroes of Altador - that Twelfth spot is still vacant."

      "Th-thank you," I said. "I would not turn the offer down - as long as I could still explore, that is."

      Everyone laughed good-naturedly.

      "Where are you going next?" Jerdana asked me.

      "Oh, well, I thought I could end my tour of Neopia by visiting Jelly World," I said.

      Now everyone stared at me, Altador seriously thinking of taking back what he had just said.

      "Ha! Ha! I'm only kidding," I said. "Even I, JAKE the EXPLORER, knows that place doesn't exist.

      "Actually, I'm thinking about stopping by Shenkuu, the City in the Mists. I heard the king's oldest daughter, Princess Lunara, has been kidnapped. Matters like that I normally don't do, but since I'm a hop, skip, and jump away, I might as well give my aid."

      "That is very noble of you," Jerdana said.

      I bowed and took my leave. Despite my heavy cargo, I was as light as a feather: it's been a while since I walked out of one of my adventures with actual treasure!

To be continued...

Come back next week for the exciting conclusion of The Adventures of Jake the Explorer! Will Jake find the Ultimate Treasure in the Mists of Shenkuu, or in the Mists of Faerieland?

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"Captured twice in one day... that has to be some kind of record!" Kora said with a smile.

by dancer_sakura


The Kacheek Club: All Because of a Petpetpet Problem
"Guess what? My mom and dad gave me a Rainblug farm yesterday," Sarina the Cloud Kacheek told her friends as they walked home from Neoschool.

by jenlin_25


Always enshrouded in flames, Irydim always sought to start a new life. For you see, she was more fire than Xweetok...

by dragonstorm_75


Usultastic 2

by zellala

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