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Living Randomly in Neopia

by darkstormer666


Greetings, fellow Neopians. I am Kilgorian, the Darigan Zafara. We Zafaras tend to be very lucky Neopets. I am always finding things on the ground or getting things handed to me out of nowhere, randomly. Now my master is more into the randomness of living in Neopia. My luck must be rubbing off on him. He even tries to collect Random Events. I have been watching him and recording some information I have observed. I thought it would make an interesting research paper at the very least. Now keep in mind that I am not an expert on this, but only reporting my own personal observations.

Master does not like to break rules, so he never uses any refreshing programs or hangs out on one page and keep refreshing it, hoping for a Random Event or RE for short. He just moves along from page to page trying to snag one. Oh! Did you know there are different kinds of REs? You all may have seen the regular “Something has happened” REs, but there are more types:

The Winter RE: These only seem to happen on Terror Mountain for some reason. Master has found Icy Neggs, a treasure chest full of NP, and even a couple of Christmas Paint Brushes. Glad he didn’t use one on me. Someone also throws different kinds of snowballs at him, sometimes. Sometimes I even get ambushed by a sneak snowball attack. That hurts! I knew that there was a Pant Devil, who steals items from people, but I have even seen an Ice Devil and he also steals from Master. How mean. Talia even stops by to talk sometimes.

Tyrannian RE: There is not much to these events. You may run across a piece of tasty omelette on the ground or have a fungus ball explode and cause you to drop some NP. They just seem to know when someone is next to them. Commander Grarrg has come by muttering to himself. I wonder what he was saying. I nearly got trampled by a group of girls screaming about the band playing that day. Master pulled me out of the way in time. Even some of the other Tyrannians asked us to play their games.

Faerie quest: These are considered to be an RE also. You may get a visit from one of those beautiful faeries and be asked to fetch them an item for a reward. The ones we helped gave me stat points. Queen Fyora and the Space Faerie may even ask for help, but if you are really lucky, the Fountain Faerie appears and you help her out... your pet can get a brand new paint job. She seems to have the rarest of all faerie quests. My master is still looking out for her.

When I finish training at the Mystery Island School, Master sometimes gets the message saying I got a “Super Bonus” and went up 2 to 4 points, instead of only 1. I thought I was just a good student, but it is just random. I am still better for it, though.

Now some games have a few different events that you get from them. When completing games like Cliffhanger, Guess the Card, or the Faerie Crossword Puzzle, you may get a strange message saying that your pet has gotten smarter, with a picture of your active pet with it. Master lets me play those all the time. And from what I can tell, non-flash games seem to refresh the page for you, so while playing those types of games you are bettering your chances at an RE appearing. When you win a game of Sakhmet Solitaire, you have a chance at earning some Lost Desert food or even a Battledome weapon, as an extra prize. Some items my master earned from there have been sold for well over 15 thousand NP. So if you have never played any of these, don’t you think it might be worth it for you or your loving pets?

Now I am still trying to figure out why Master does not shop in the main shops. You never know what items restock in them each time. That’s random, right? He says that he hates the crowds and he can never get any items he wants. So he likes to shop in only 3 places:

1. The Igloo Garage Sale: Located on Terror Mountain. This place restocks items from all over Neopia. Master has bought cheap codestones, petpets, album items and other rare items. But I advise some caution. Some of the items for sale here are NOT always a bargain. Some items resell for only 1NP, so why pay 600NP or more for that item? Master makes lots of NP from this shop.

2. The Shop of Mystery: Tarla runs this shop and has hidden all the items in bags that look ALIKE, but are each priced different. Now that’s not fair, but it is fun to imagine what’s inside. Master has pulled out piles of dung, rare furniture, packets of gravel, and even petpets. Who knows what else is lurking in those bags?

3. Other Players' Shops: How is this random? Well, all Master does is pick a cheap item that normally sells for about 50 to 100NP and looks for it on the Shop Wizard. While doing this, he finds some players shops that have all items priced for only 1NP! He lives for those rare finds. He also makes most of his NP, next to the Flash games, using this method.

The thing I noticed about all of those shops is there is absolutely NO haggling, like the main shops. Items are marked as is and there are no return policies. Now remember, you still need to be somewhat fast to find and snag some of these bargains.

Well, that’s all the notes and comments I have written down on Master’s random living habits. I will continue to take note of all my observations. But if you decide that you too want to live randomly like my Master does, you now can. Good luck and happy RE hunting.

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