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Prevent Blumaroo Cruelty

by oo_luckey_duckey_oo


For years Blumaroos have been the “joke” of Neopia, laughed at by many but never laughing themselves. They are seen as jesters, slaves and minions, but what we don’t realize as Neopians is that these pets are not being shown the respect they so desperately require. Lately I have been passing time by playing an enjoyable game of Dice-A-Roo, and as I would roll the dice time and time again, Blumaroos would pass by and talk to me... Well, based on what they have been saying, I think that a few “do not’s” need to be explained in regards to Blumaroo Cruelty.

1. Do Not Abandon Blumaroos

All a Blumaroo wants to do is to be adopted and brought into a caring family. The average neopet has a fear of becoming “that pet”. Oh, you know the pet I am talking about; the pet you see in the Neopian pound, right in the center... the one you look at but continue on from. A Blumaroo is no different. They want a family and siblings as any pet would, and an owner who truly cares about them. Be the one who cares; adopt a Blumaroo.

2. Do Not Starve a Blumaroo

Many of the Blumaroos seen passing by you while playing Dice-A-Roo tell you they are hungry, and as you click, click, click your way through red dice, blue dice, green dice, suddenly you win something; food. Yet what do you do? You place the food in your inventory and continue clicking. The Blumaroo may come back and say 'I'm hungry!' but you just keep playing. Instead of pretending not to see this forgotten creature, why not do something to help it? Little things can help a starving Blumaroo and here is what you can do:

i) Take It To the Soup Kitchen

The Soup Faerie WILL understand if you bring in a Blumaroo that isn’t even your own pet and ask for food, really! They are faeries of kindness.

ii) Share Your Wealth

Instead of winning food, tell King Roo ‘No Thanks!’ and pass it on to a Blumaroo who would gladly take it off of your hands.

iii) Adopt and Feed the Blumaroo Yourself

Bringing us back to “Do Not #1”, you could simply adopt one of these starving Blumaroos and give it your own food. This cuts down on un-owned Blumaroos and keeps them happy and hopping.

A bloated Blumaroo is a beautiful Blumaroo... and a tongue twister! But on another note... Blumaroos love Nachos. I bet you didn't know that!

3. Do Not Hurt a Blumaroo’s Tail

Blumaroos 99.9% of the time are seen bouncing along on their tails. Now, what would happen to a Blumaroo if their tail was hurt? They wouldn’t be able to get around! Well... they might be able to after a little while, but it would take days, maybe weeks before they got themselves together enough to attempt the change. By then they may be starving... which brings us back to “Do Not #2”! When a passing Blumaroo says, 'My tail hurts!' take him or her seriously! Perhaps go to the pharmacy and see if you can get him or her some ointment to ease the pain. After a Blumaroo has told you that their tail hurts... it is usually followed by them saying ‘Boing’. This is not because text is all they can say. NO! It is because their tail is sore and preventing them from ACTUALLY bouncing! This leads to other problems such as making neopoints. “Why?” you may be asking. “How could a Blumaroo whose tail is hurting on Dice-A-Roo possibly affect me making neopoints?” The answer is simple. Blumaroos are everywhere! If a Blumaroo’s tail is hurting... they cannot possibly play games like Bouncy Supreme, can they? NO! Which now affects you, the Neopian expecting to play games. Do not forget about ALL Blumaroos.

4. Do Not Leave a Blumaroo To Deal With the Monocerous

The Monocerous is usually seen snacking on JubJubs in the Haunted Woods; however, leaving a Blumaroo alone may attract this beast. During a game of Dice-A-Roo, you may notice a Blumaroo asking you to 'Please stop the Monocerous from eating all my friends. :(' Now, how could you even resist such a plea from an innocent Blumaroo like that? I do NOT recommend actually going into the Monocerous’s den because, well... that is just a terrible idea. You can simply help save the Blumaroo itself from the dangers in ways previously discussed in this article, because as I have said: It does not take a lot to give a Blumaroo the respect and attention lacked on a day to day basis.

5. Do Not (Under Any Circumstance) Use a Blumaroo As a Bingo Ball

Ok, I have NO idea who would even consider using a Blumaroo as a bingo ball, but it is not right, yet Blumaroos are actually being used for this job! I was in shock the first time I was told this by a Blumaroo during Dice-A-Roo, and I quote: “A passing Blumaroo says, 'this job is so much better than being a bingo ball.'” Congratulations to King Roo on saving these Blumaroos from such a horrendous job as being bingo balls and giving them a slightly better job as rolling dice for users. I do think, however, that Blumaroo cruelty should be dealt away with altogether! Users can roll their own dice; they do not need Blumaroo supervision. This will give Blumaroos a chance to be normal neopets living carefree lives outside the castle walls.

Of course, I am aware that the problems listed above with Blumaroo cruelty are only coming from Dice-A-Roo. This is not the only area in Neopia where Blumaroos are treated unfairly and I know this. The points above are simply observations I have made when I went on a trip to Roo Island for what I thought would be a relaxing game. My eyes have been opened wide as of now towards how these pets are being treated and I advise you too to open your eyes to the world you thought you knew.

And remember: A passing Blumaroo says, 'A Blumaroo is a fun, clean pet, so adopt one today!'

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