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Are You A Good Owner?

by chameleon2424


Do you think that you're a good owner for your neopets? Do you feel you couldn't get any better at taking care of them, no matter how hard you try? Well, I have made a sure-fire way to tell exactly how good of an owner you are. Below are ten questions about you and your pets that will decide how good of an owner you really are. Make sure to write the letter down of each of your answers, because you'll need to add them up at the end. Now go grab a pencil and a piece of paper and let's get started.

1.) How many pets do you own?

A. 4; I have so much love to spread I need four pets

B. 3; The perfect amount to care for

C. 2; I can't care for too much more

D. 0-1; Too many is too much

2.) How did you decide on owning the pets you currently have?

A. The poor things... I just had to save them from the pound!

B. I like the way they look, kind of like my favorite animal

C. I was bored and just decided to pick them

D. I got them from the pound because they were already really strong or painted

3.) How often do you feed your pets?

A. Whenever they get below bloated!

B. About every other day, as long as they are starving

C. About once a week just so they aren't dying.

D. Almost never, they don't need to eat

4.) How often do you groom your pets?

A. About three times a day!

B. About once every three days just to keep them clean

C. Very rarely when I'm bored

D. Never, it's pointless and a waste of my hard earned neopoints...

5.) On average, what are your pets' moods?

A. Delighted; they need to be as happy as possible!

B. Cheerful; no need to be too happy

C. Content; it's close to being happy

D. Miserable; hope they don't turn blue

6.) Do your neopets have a neohome?

A. Of course they do, it's huge!

B. Yes, with a few rooms

C. Yes, but with only one room

D. No, they don't need one

7.) If you have pets on a side account, are they treated the same way as the pets on your main account?

A. Yes Yes Yes, I love them all so much!

B. Almost, just a little less attention

C. I go and feed them sometimes

D. Oops, I forgot I had them

8.) Out of the pets you own, do you have a favorite?

A. No, I love them all the same!

B. I tend to pay more attention to one

C. Yes, I have a favorite

D. I don't like any of mine; I want better pets....

9.) Do you spend the same amount of neopoints on all of your pets?

A. Yes, I must be fair!

B. Not really, but close

C. No, some get a lot more than others

D. I don't spend neopoints on any of my pets

10.) If you and your pets were stranded on a desert island with only one sandwich, who would get to eat it?

A. My pets; they need it more than I do!

B. My pets and I would split it evenly

C. My pets would each get some, but I'd get more than them since I'm the owner

D. I'd eat the whole thing

Now that the test is over, we can figure out what type of an owner you are. Here is the breakdown of the points:

A - 3 Points

B - 2 Points

C - 1 Point

D - 0 Points, but these shouldn't matter since you shouldn't have gotten any of these throughout the test, right?

So say you picked A for every question, you'd have 30 points; and if you picked D for every question you'd have 0 points (which none of you should get).

Now the judging is as follows.

21 - 30 Points: You are the obsessive owner. You care more for your pets than you even care for yourself. You're smothering them with love because you feel it makes you a good owner. Pets don't need that much love and attention to love you back; don't worry so much and you'll be a perfect owner.

16 - 20 Points: You're a very perfect owner. You know how to evenly balance out the love and attention your pets need. Congratulate yourself on being the best owner you can be.

6 - 15 Points: You're an okay owner. You know what you need to do to be a perfect owner, it's just sometimes you forget to do it. You should be happy with these results as you only need a little bit of work to be a perfect owner.

0 - 5 Points: You're a horrible owner! You don't even care about your pets! You should be ashamed of yourself for being so selfish and rude. You need to work on being a better owner no matter what it takes. Just because your pets are looking up to you doesn't mean you should look down on them. Treat them the way you'd want them to treat you.

So there you have it; now you know truly what kind of an owner you are. Hopefully none of you were in the horrible owner category, but if you were, I expect you to get a better score in the future. And if you were wondering what I scored, I got thirteen points putting me in the okay owner category. So no, I didn't set the points to make myself a perfect owner. I hope you had fun with this, and I also hope you work on being a better owner if you got a bad score. Remember, too much love and attention is as bad as no love or attention. Now get out there and take care of your pets like the perfect owners that you know you can be.

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