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Feed Florg Frenzy

by pretty_feet


Also by knucklestheechidna52

So, the Feed Florg game is pretty much wicked hard at first. However, if you read a guide (hopefully this one!), and practice, you should be able to get the avatar in no time. Now, since this is the Neopian Times, I cannot disclose how to get the avatar, but I am sure people on the Avatar Chat boards will be more than happy to help you out there. ;D

Okay, so let us get acquainted a bit with the background of the game. Just who is Florg? Well, if you open the game, you’ll notice a big mutant Chia. Yep, that is definitely Florg. His diet consists of one thing- petpets! There are a few main petpets in this game: spyders, hasees, tennas, slorgs, kookiths, warfs, and maybe a few others if I forgot them. =P Florg is a big baby, too. He expects you to keep his food on the table, and he will just eat it as he wants to. He loves crying in between petpets.

So now your know about Florg and his lovely petpet eating addiction. Now we will look at the rules of the game. When you first start playing, a crane thing will drop a petpet onto the circular table. Then, you either use your mouse or keyboard to move a hand around the table and prevent the petpets from falling off. Florg will send his ginormous tongue out at his own leisurely pace and eat a petpet every so often. Yep, that is all there is to the game. Simple? Wrong. xD

Scoring in Feed Florg is relatively simple. You will get ten points for every petpet Florg gets to eat. Each petpet is worth 10 points, regardless of which petpet. So tennas are worth the same as warfs, etc. You will also get one point every time you touch a petpet with your hand. FLORG, EAT THOSE PETPETS!111!!! Sorry, spaz moment.

Now, to the tips! First off, we need to pick a screen size and game quality. Personally, I used the smallest screen choice on the lowest quality. Small screen equals smaller table; your hand will be able to get around it faster =D Also, a lower game quality kind of makes the petpets go slower in my opinion. It could just be me, though. So experiment a bit and see what you like best! Also, I personally use the keyboard. The left arrow will move you counter clockwise, and the right will move clockwise. I have never succeeding at getting the avatar score with the mouse, so props to you if you can. ^^

Contrary to popular belief, there is sort of a strategy to this game. Notice the speed of the petpets. When the crane first drops a petpet, it seems rather slow. Once you tap it, it speeds up a bit, but only the first time! The petpet will not continually speed up; just the first time you tap it. So, the strategy obviously involves looking at the speed of your petpets on the table. Keep an eye out for which petpet has been around longer. Also, notice that certain petpets move super fast. Spyders are the fastest I think D= (Spiders... never did like them. =() So basically, just keep an eye out for the speeds and the species of the petpets. It will get tough because sometimes they seriously do fall off at the exact same time. .-. As you get on with the game and have a higher score, there will obviously be more petpets on the table. Sometimes two petpets will be heading one way, and another petpet is going another way. Obviously, go for the two petpets. I would rather lose one life than two. Makes sense, right?

However, this technique alone will not get you a new high score or a brand new avatar. These are some general suggestions you should keep in mind whenever you play a game for an avatar. First, no sound! It is so incredibly annoying to hear those doomed petpets crying out to you! Second, close all programs, like messengers, music, graphics programs, and anything else you might get distracted by during the game. Third, be sure to make a bathroom break before playing. Feed Florg does not have a pause button, so be sure to use the restroom before you attempt this.

More suggestions: You have five lives; use them wisely! If we use common sense and a general knowledge of how many points you need *cough* then we will realize you can lose a life for every 50 points. However, do not just lose a life because you can. o_o After you practice for a bit, you can probably hit 75-100 points before you lose your first life.

Another main thing to keep in mind is that you need to stay calm. I know that sounds rather dumb, but it is SO true. When there are five petpets just going crazy over the table, you will most likely start stressing out. “Which one do I go for? –sweatsweat-” So just take a deep breath, and show those petpets how we roll. Remember, go for the petpets that are in clumps instead of singles if you have to choose.

I like how I keep on saying, “Oh yeah, one more thing!” Well, we actually have like four more things, so grab a chair. This next tip is really random and funny. I have a friend who cannot play this game to save her life because the kookiths distract her! Kookiths bounce up and down, and I guess she is just fascinated by that. I told her I would put that in here, because who knows? Maybe you will develop that fascination as well. D=

In addition, you might get distracted by looking at your score constantly. Don’t give in! Don’t look! Your score goes up by one or ten points, so it will go up kind of slowly. Just keep playing your best, and maybe look once or twice. When the game ends, you’ll find out your official score, right? Be patient. =P

Which brings me to our conclusion with two last tips: patience and practice! Be patient, you might not get it right away. Maybe play for a bit, take a break, and come back later if the game starts to get on your nerves. The best thing is practice, though. You cannot just sit on your bum and expect to just get the avatar randomly. Practice, practice, practice!

Yep, that’s all there is to Florg and his petpet addiction. I wish you the best of luck. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to drop me a neomail. ^^

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