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The Official Beginner's Guide to Nightsteed Care

by ghostwolf18


So you are interested in obtaining a Nightsteed, eh? Well, here is a very simple guide to either adopting or painting a Nightsteed. In this simple guide, we will discuss the introduction to the Nightsteed, how to get a Nightsteed, how to care for your Nightsteed, how to train your Nightsteed, proper living space for your Nightsteed, and even how to ride your Nightsteed. Still, first thing is first. Introductions.

My name is Ghost. Don’t go running off. I’m not a real ghost, that’s just my name. I have a beloved Nightsteed and have written this guide to help others share my happiness. Now then, read up and you will have your very own Nightsteed in no time! Or, you will quickly change your mind about having one. Either way, enjoy, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Introduction to the Halloween Uni

Released on October 31st of 2005, the Halloween Uni has been taking over Neopia’s favorite Halloween painted pet title since its arrival. Still fresh from the ending of the Lost Desert Plot, the popular character (The Nightsteed) was sweeping fame. It wasn’t until early after the plot that this new ghastly creature was thought of. What an idea... letting this creature loose into Neopia! Still, now Neopians can have a Nightsteed to love that is all their own. Good thinking TNT!

How to get a Nightsteed

Well, now that you are aware of the history of the Nightsteed’s origin, it is time for you to get a Halloween Uni yourself. Yes, I’m talking to you! Now then, there really is only one sure way of getting a Nightsteed and that is buying a Halloween Paint Brush. Yes, it is very expensive, but I can tell you... it's worth the 450k for it!

Still, there is another way. It's called... the Lab Ray! But be warned, this is a random device that may take months. Not to mention it is nearly 1,000,000 neopoints! It is also a lot of work, collecting all 9 pieces and all. I only suggest it if you already have the Lab Ray applied to your account.

And finally... the hardest and rarest way of all... The Fountain Faerie! This is very rare, so I suggest you do not wait on this. However, if you get a Fountain Faerie quest... take my advice and accept! Personally, it is much cheaper to just go and buy the single Paint Brush. This way, you are guaranteed to get a smashing pet!

Caring for your Nightsteed

Well now, your Nightsteed is ready to be groomed... but what to do? For one, Unis love the attention of a brush and a curry comb. It makes them nicker and feel clean. Yes... even the zombie Unis like being clean. They need their raw flesh brushed and their boned wings trimmed and brushed as well. The best way to do this is to send them to the Neolodge. You can be sure that they are in the best grooming parlor in Neopia! Also, if you really wanted to, you could get some snazzy clothes for your Uni. This, however, I do not suggest. Nightsteeds are mostly not "dressy" types of Unis. They will tolerate the occasional saddle and bridle, but never a baseball cap. Beware, they are prone to anger problems as well!

Training your Nightsteed

This is one of the hardest parts of having a Nightsteed. Nightsteeds are often known to be stubborn and aggressive. They are also known to be very clever. Still, working past these stages can lead to a healthier, happier relationship between you and your Uni.

You see, you always want your pet to be strong and fit enough to ride, which I will cover in my next paragraph. Now, you see... there are really only two ways to train your pet. First, there is the mighty Mystery Island Training School. This requires a payment of Codestones. It also takes your pets up to level 250.

The other way is to go to Krawk Island and to the Academy. Captain Threelegs would be happy to teach your Nightsteed a thing or two about swashbuckling fighters. Just note that this payment requires Dubloons, not codestones, and only takes pets up to level 40.

If you want my advice... take your pet to the Academy until they are level 40, then... and only then, should you go to the more expensive Training School. Still, the choice is in your hands now. Either way, your Nightsteed will be powerful enough to take on the ghouls in the Haunted Woods.

Riding your Nightsteed

This is the true thrill in owning a Uni. Riding it is a very popular sport in Neopia. However, you may want to try and get you know your Uni before climbing on a Nightsteed’s back. Just make sure to watch out for the hooves. It can really turn out to be a world of pain if you don’t. Just stay alert and aware when atop your Uni. Nightsteeds are known to be a savage breed. Still, if you can rule over your Halloween Uni, it will be the thrill of your life!

His bony wings will take to the sky and then... you will both be one with the night’s abyss and the whirling wood below. Only the moonlight awaits your travels. It is also good exercise for you and your Uni. They also say that having a Halloween Uni is like having a brother. In your heart and soul, you are connected by bravery and love. The inseparable that fear none. Ride together as one, and together you can do anything.

Living space for your Nightsteed

It is very important to know what sort of living space you will be requiring for this occult creature. For one, you may need to fireproof your neohome. NOTE: If you have a Scorchio, Draik, or fire pet already in your family, you may already be prepared. Nightsteed’s hooves have a tendency to catch things aflame and can prove to be quite hazardous.

Another thing to take into consideration is the amount of exercise your Uni will need. Nightsteeds love to run in dark, gloomy pastures. I suggest taking it to the Haunted Woods at least once a week for about two hours. Just stay away from the carnival.

It also helps if your neohome is located in the Haunted Woods. This isn’t required, and know that your Nightsteed will be happy anywhere you are. Again, just make sure it gets the proper exercise that it needs. All of that energy can turn to bitterness and anger. You don’t want that, trust me!

The Editorial

Q: Do you have to own a Halloween Uni to get the Nightsteed avatar?

A: No... but I won’t tell you how to get it either...

Q: Ahhh... my Halloween Uni is blue! Help!!!

A: Now now... this is your Uni’s daylight form. Just wait for the sun to set...

Q: Do you like cheese?

A: Now... where did that come from!?

Q: Potatoes or gravy?

A: Uh... both?

Q: Red or blue?

A: ENOUGH with these questions already!

Nightsteed wall of Fame

The real Nightsteed, as in the character from the Lost Desert Plot, is one freaky Uni. Here is what the Neopedia has to say about him.

“When the desert sun sinks beneath the dunes (or when he so chooses to drop his disguise), the terrible figure of the Nightsteed can be seen. His twisted form is wrapped in rotting bandages, and the crimson glow of the Nightsteed's eyes can send even the bravest fleeing in terror...”

Eerie... right?

Thanks for reading this short guide on how to care for your Nightsteed. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. I shall leave, but remember one thing... be good to your Nightsteed, for it is a strange thing when the sun sinks beneath the desert sands...

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