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An Irritable Queen

by chao_keeper21424


One day Fyora stepped out onto her balcony overlooking Faerie City. As she looked over the towering city she let out a tiny sigh and turned back to prepare for a long day managing her tower. She walked up a spiral staircase into her tower. But not even five minutes after entering she heard a knock. Already Neopians were flooding her tower looking for baby paint brushes and dolls made in her image. She unlocked the door and nearly got trampled by the wave of Neopians rushing in.

     “FYORA! FYORA! I'd like a Baby Paint Brush for my Lupe!" said one Neopian.

     "I want a Faerie Queen Doll!" said another.

     "NO, NO, PICK ME! I want Battle Dung!" said an impatient Newbie.

     Fyora heaved a great sigh and said, "Alright, you. What item do you want?"

     The shy Neopian walked up toward the queen. "Do I have enough for a Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy?"

     In reply the queen blurted out, “You could never afford any of these!”

     The young Neopian ran out of the tower with tears streaming down her face. After the Queen realized how she had hurt the poor little girl’s feelings, she said, “Please, everyone, I need some time to myself; come back in an hour or so." The Neopians respected her wishes and left the tower.

     The Queen left the tower as well and went to her garden. Faerie snorkles and harrises of every color flew around her as she sat upon a Faerieland Garden Bench gathering her thoughts.

     The Queen thought to herself, "Why have I been so irritable? Why did I hurt those poor Neopians' feelings? What's going on with me?"

     As she sat, a faerie harris floated down and landed next to her on the bench. It looked up at her as if asking, "What's the matter, Queen Fyora?"

     She looked at it and patted its head and smiled. In that moment she realized that it was the first time she had smiled in a long while. She looked up and the Faerie City clock tower and saw that it was almost time to reopen up the Hidden Tower. She rushed up to her tower just before the Neopians and their pets started banging on her door. She unlocked the door and started finding the items that they all asked for, if she could. After a long 8 hours of helping the Neopians and running her tower she went to dinner. It was her favorite meal Spaghetti Faerie Hoops, Faerie Asparagus, and on the side a Faerie eclair. She ate all of it and retired to her bedchamber.

     In her Bedchamber there was a Fyora Inspired Vanity Table, Queen Fyora Rocking Chair, Fyora Inspired Bedroom Desk, and a Fyora Print Bed. Her rocking chair was found next to her rainbow fireplace. On her vanity table she had a Fyora hair brush, a set of Fyora nail clippers, and a Handcrafted Fyora Plushie which she made when she was but a tiny faerie.

     Not long after entering her chamber she went to bed waiting the next long day. The next morning it was Sunday and her tower was closed. So she liked to spend most of her time in her garden with her harris and faerie petpets, because as Queen she got very little time to herself. She found that the petpets listened to her thoughts or anything she wanted to tell them. She confided in them, and although they didn't respond, their warm smiles and cute faces were enough.

     She returned to the castle and followed the guards into the throne room. Where they were holding a ceremony for new young faeries entering the Faerieland Neoschool. She sat, slumped in her seat, waiting for the ceremony to be over. Even though after twenty minutes the ceremony was not even half over, she left the room and headed up a winding staircase up to her bed chamber for a mid day nap.

     About an hour later the queen awoke to a not so pleasant knock at her door. It was the palace guard informing her of the lunch that had been prepared in honor of the new faeries entering Neoschool.

     The queen slammed the door shut in the guard's face without saying a word and went back to her nap.

     About three hours later she awoke, still in a not so good mood. She dressed herself and went to her garden. When she reached her garden, she saw that all her petpets were gone! She looked frantically around for her sweet darlings, but they were nowhere in sight. Then a sudden breeze brushed a tiny sheet of paper across her face. She snatched the paper quickly. It read:


     We have decided to leave for a while. We'll be back when you feel better.

     Love, Bitsy (the Faerie Harris)

     A tiny tear ran down the queen’s cheek. She darted up to her chamber, locked the door, and did not leave for the rest of the night. The next morning she woke up with a plan she had devised the night before while sleeping. She wrote the steps of the plan on a sticky note from her vanity table.


     1. Get: Cloak, Rope, Mirror

     2. Wait until the sun sets

     3. Leave through the west wing bedchamber through the left hand window.

     4. Use mirror to deflect the security lasers.

     5. Visit island mystic for help.

     The next night, she put on her black cloak over her dress and darted for the west wing, avoiding all the security guards. She reached the bedchamber. She walked through the shadows past the humongous bed and went to the lefthand window. She let down the rope out the window. It reached the ground with plenty of rope left over. She carefully climbed over the window sill and let herself down the rope carefully. Once she reached the ground, she carefully watched the security lasers go back and forth past her. She used the mirror to send them in other directions. Once she reached the security gate she made her way to Mystery Island. Reaching the harbor, she pulled her cloak hood over her head and handed over her ticket to the attendant at the gate for the ferry. She boarded the ferry and was on her way to Mystery Island.

     She was greeted like any other guest to the island (she was in disguise; they did not know who she was) and she made her way towards the mystic's hut. There was a long line of Neopians waiting for knowledge and wisdom from the all powerful mystic. When it was her turn the advice given her was,

     You will quickly realize you have to never eat bananas.

     "THAT'S IT!" she exclaimed. The queen was ecstatic! She ran past everyone, being careful not to let her cloak fall.

     Once she made her way back to Faerieland, it was about 6 am. She climbed up the rope that she had let down just hours before and pulled it up behind her. She darted back to the throne room and threw off the cloak and walked into the room. All the new faeries for Neoschool were there eating breakfast. She walked up to her throne and ate her faerie theme breakfast. Once they finished, she stood at the podium and gave an apologetic speech to the young faeries.

     After that day the queen never felt those angry mean feelings again! The petpets came back to her garden and every day she visited them and Bitsy stayed with the queen every day until the day that she passed and went to the great petpet puddle in the sky. So now on the eighth day of Relaxing, Petpet Appreciation Day is celebrated for Bitsy and all the love she filled the queen’s garden with.

     Never again did the queen become so irritable that she hurt a Neopian's feelings again.

     I guess we'll never know what not eating bananas had to do with anything....

The End

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