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How to Find the Hidden Tower

by azn_suga_babe


This article addresses those who have sadly not yet discovered the location of the Hidden Tower. You know, the Hidden Tower? That tower that is hidden? The tower that Fyora, the queen of all faeries takes care of where she sells only the most expensive things in all of Neopia? If you still have no idea of what I'm talking about - get out now. Also, if you already happen to know the location of it, you should get out, too. Unless you're interested in reading this article, of course. By all means, stay! Just so you know though, this article would be of no use to you.

However, for those of you who do know what I'm talking about, perhaps this article will interest you. Firstly, I must ask the following questions. Have you ever seen a link that TNT has provided, urging you to Click Here Now! to immediately take you to the ever illusive Hidden Tower? Secondly, have you ever actually clicked that link? Lastly, have you been taken to an "Oops! This page doesn't exist!" page once you've clicked? Tsk, tsk, my friend. It saddens me to say that you have fallen for the trick that TNT so dearly loves to play, as I've fallen for it myself, embarrassingly enough.

But I've smartened up since then and have really and truly found where the Hidden Tower is located! I would be very glad to tell you all where it can be found, but it's called the Hidden Tower for a reason, people. Which brings me to an important point I must make. If that tower is hidden, try searching for it in a place where it might actually be hidden behind, underneath, above or beside! It could be covered, disguised, or in any other form of hiding. Please, fellow Neopians, don't be so noobish as to try and find the Hidden Tower in a place so obviously not hidden.

The following tips have been thought of by myself, and truthfully, if actually put into action, could be of some good use! Read carefully, maybe I might even be trying to tell you something in between the lines. (I'm not, actually, but it never hurts to try.)

Tip 1: Try looking for it in a place where Fyora might like to be.

I mean, Fyora is the owner and keeper of the Hidden Tower after all, isn't she? Why would she keep the tower in a place she doesn't even like? So, try finding out the places where she likes to be best. Explore those places. Search those places. Maybe you'll get lucky!

Tip 2: Try to search in high up places. Towers are normally at great heights.

That's an obvious one. I know I told you to try and look beneath, but who knows? That tower could be beneath - I don't know - a tree or something. Give me a break, I can't think of everything! I'm only trying to help.

Tip 3: Try to use the other faeries to your advantage.

From what I've heard, Fyora is generally a friendly and sociable kind of faerie. She often likes to be in the company of her friends and scarcely likes to be alone. So try visiting the locations of other faeries. Maybe, if you're near them, you might stumble upon the tower.

Tip 4: Try your hardest to complete your special quests quickly and efficiently. You know, the kind of quests that do not allow you to use the Shop Wizard? Yeah, those ones.

I'm not best friends with the woman but I'm not a doorknob either. That basically means that I know that Fyora likes a good Neopian that can get a job done. If you continue to complete your quests given to you by any faerie, not just Fyora, they might reward you by magically increasing your luck, and you just might happen to find it.

Finally, the very last tip that I have to give you... drum roll, please!

Tip 5: Try to search for it in obvious places.

If you've been in hot pursuit of the Hidden Tower for quite some time now and have yet to find it, consider this: maybe you're trying too hard! Normally, hidden things are kept in places that are simply right under your nose, and you're just too blind to realize it. Now, if you think about it, what I've just written kind of screams out, "Ignore every tip that I've just listed above!" Well, no. That is definitely not what I'm trying to say. If all else fails (meaning Tips 1-4), Tip 5 is your best option and, well, frankly, your only option.

I have racked my brain for any other kind of tip that I could possibly give to you to help you find the location of the tower, and alas, I'm all out of bright ideas. I can only hope that these tips actually help you once you set off, once more, to find it. Just do me a favour, will you? Don't let her know what I've said to you, for pity's sake! I don't think she'd appreciate me giving out tips on how to find her super secret, hidden shop.

Be in no rush, though; the Hidden Tower is not going anywhere. It may be difficult to find for some, but it is most certainly not on wheels, lucky for you. If it was, then you'd all be in need of some more tips! The sooner you find the tower, though, the sooner you can marvel at all the expensive things she has on sale. Not to mention, you could very well buy one of those very expensive things, if you have enough neopoints, of course...

So, it is with deep sincerity that I wish you all good luck in your search for the Hidden Tower, Neopians. If my tips fail to help you, well, then, at least I tried, right? Or... if you want to be let in on a special secret of mine... all you really have to do is click here. Really, I mean it. Click there and you will be taken to the Hidden Tower, no tips needed at all!


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