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Adopted: What It Meant For Me

by ses_1


Hi, I am jumblejumble40... but you can just call me jumble. I’m a Meerca and I’m red. And this... *dramatic pause* is my story!

      “NO! NO! PLEEEEASE DON’T ABANDON ME!” I wailed as my owner dragged me to the ‘abandon’ desk in the adoption center. “I WAS YOUR FAVORITE PET... YOUR FIRST PET! EVER SINCE YOU STARTED PLAYING TWO YEARS AGO!!!” I kept screaming but to no avail. My owner Jonathon simply pressed a button on the desk. I never saw Jonathon again.

      I looked up at the evil looking Techo, smiling strangely down at me.

      “Well,” he sighed, “all you little pets keep getting dropped here... it’s getting crowded.”

      “Who are you?” I ventured to ask. “Why do you look so scary when you talk to the owners and now you look nice?”

      “I’m Harry,” he replied, “and I have to look scary to try to stop owners leaving their pets alone here. I guess it didn’t work on Jonathon...” He looked sadly down at me. “Follow me. I’ll take you to you the play room.”

      My future was looking brighter. I hesitated, then followed Harry down a windy, narrow hallway. He approached a drab looking door that might have been painted blue at one time, now it was a streaked grey color. He hesitated before opening it.

      “This will probably be the saddest sight you’ve seen in your life.” He sighed. His face had the creases of concern on it. “I hope you will be adopted quickly, and not be left here forever like some of our long term residents. They are a few years old. And will probably never be adopted. But you... I can tell someone will come soon. They will approach Maria, that pink Uni you saw, they will enter this very room... and see you.” Then Harry opened the door, lifted me up and set me inside. Then he was gone.

      I turned around from the door, and a sad sight met my eyes. All the pets in the room were looking at me. They seemed disappointed, as if they were hoping Maria and a potential owner were at the door. Not me, a small red Meerca who would join them in their misery. My happy grin had long since dropped from my face. But now I dropped off of my tail to the floor, scuttled to a small, abandoned corner, huddled up into a small, red, furry ball... and wept until I could weep no more. It was the worst day of my life.

      None of the other pets acknowledged me. But from my dark corner, I observed them all. Some of the younger pets were playing with plushies, while the older ones attempted to clean up the mess of everyone’s meager belongings.

     A small JubJub, who couldn’t have been more than seven days old, was lying in a corner. He seemed to have a bandage wrapped around his head. My curiosity was overwhelming, so I slowly made my way through the sea of sad pets, and sat down next to him. He groaned. The JubJub was very small and lonely looking; he was also shivering. I wrapped my tail around the little fluff-ball and he seemed to be startled. He opened his large, green eyes. I looked down at him and saw that he was very sick. Someone had to adopt him fast or he would die! I looked around frantically. Why wouldn’t anyone help him?!?

      I heard a creak from the other side of the room. I looked up at the grey-blue door and realized all the other pets had stopped what they were doing and were busy making themselves presentable. I looked down at the tiny JubJub who was shivering my tail. I was determined for him to be adopted. Even though I had only known him for a few minutes, I realized that his condition was critical.

     I scooped him up and ran to the door. Just as a young girl entered the room. She looked down at the shivering JubJub. Quickly this miracle person bent down and cradled him. I knew her decision was final. She turned around and left the room. Shutting the door tightly behind her. As she was leaving, I peered out the window of the pay room and saw an inscription on her purse. It read,


     Sarah Elizabeth Smith

      I also saw the JubJub sitting on her shoulder. He must have caught a glance of me before she turned the corner, because he waved.

     I smiled. I knew Sarah would take good care of him. But I realized that I had made myself an enemy to all the other pets in the room. Sarah could have been their owner. And I had denied them that chance. So no longer did they ignore me. They were hostile to me. They hated me.

     About two hours later the grey-blue door opened again. The pets once again set to preening themselves. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was Sarah again!

     “Jumblejumble40,” she called. I couldn’t believe my little ears. “I’m looking for jumblejumble40.”

     I ran up to her and looked her in the eyes. She wasn’t beautiful, but she wasn’t drab either. She had a kind smile on her face. And her eyebrows furrowed with questioning when she caught sight of me. However. She seemed to know who I was.

     “I... I... I’m jumblejumble40,” I stammered.

     “Good!” She scooped me up into the palm of her hand and lifted me to eye level. “You know, you saved that JubJub by making me notice him. Would you like to see him again? His name is jubyJubJub5645. He realizes that without you, he wouldn’t have me.”

     Oh my gosh. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

     “How did you find out it was me?”

     “Harry,” she said simply. That was all I needed to know. She carried me down the hallway. When we got to the desk, she stood in front of Maria and signed a few papers. While she was doing that, I looked at Harry, who was looking evil. But under the lines of his frown... I could sense kindness. He looked at me, and I think I caught a brief glimpse of a smile. Then he winked.

     Sarah picked me up and kissed me. I hugged her thumb because I couldn’t fit my paws around her. And as we walked out the door, I waved at Harry. A tear leaked out of my eye. He saw me. Harry smiled and waved back. ‘Thank you,’ I mouthed. He nodded.

      “EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” I heard a squeal as we approached the door of my new neohome. The pet door at the bottom burst open and a little green ball of fur with orange feet propelled itself at me.

     “IT’S YOU! IT’S REALLY YOU!!!” he yelled as he squeezed the air out of me. “MAMA! YOU FOUND JUMBLE!”

     “Hush...” Sarah smiled and pried Juby off of me. The only motions I could feel were love, and thankfulness. I knew I was home.

      We stepped inside and I saw the room that Juby and I would share. I also met UNIcorneds, Sarah’s first pet, and belliegirl2003, a rambunctious Quiggle who was very eager to meet me. I had never dreamed a home could be this warm and loving. But it was. I knew Sarah would never abandon us... any of us. And that this would be my home forever. So if you really want to make a pet’s day. Don’t get them books, or plushies. Get them a brother or sister. Help those long term residents step out of their misery. Make the world a better place.



The End

If you are reading this... it's my first ever story publishing!!!! Thanks for seeing it!

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