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Hey TNT! I'm gonna skip all that "you rock" stuff, because you know you do. So anyway, there was this board I was on, and the creator of the board posted this new Neopets link. It gave you a Random Event, such as mysterious chanting, a codestone, or even the Sloth avvie. I was just wondering if this is a glitch that will get us all frozen (please, no!!! I luff my account), or if it's okay to use. Thankuu! ~marauder62442
The link was not "okay" to use, but don't panic -- read on.

For those who aren't aware, someone managed to find a link that was never meant to be visited directly, and then went and posted it all over the boards. This link gave away Random Events like they were going out of style, and most people who visited this link realised quite quickly that something was amiss. To those of you who immediately stopped using the page and submitted a bug report, THANK YOU! We definitely appreciate your honesty. If you clicked the link on accident, you have nothing to worry about. You didn't know what it was, you did not abuse anything, and there's no fault in trusting a link on, so don't worry.

Those who took the opportunity to try and get as many Random Events as possible and BLATANTLY abused the glitch are either already frozen or are having their accounts looked in to. If an ATM was spitting out cash, you would summarily be arrested for grabbing the cash and running off with it, right? Just because the "cash" in this instance is virtual Neopoints doesn't mean it's okay to take advantage of a mistake.

Hi TNT! You guys ROCK! Well, let's get to the point. In January, I was advertising on the Neoboards about this super duper awesome high school RP site (outside Neopia) that I had been invited to. Apparently some people were annoyed and reported me, because a few days later, I logged in and found myself suspended for two days. The screen said that I had been suspended because I had advertised a commercial website on the Neoboards. As far as I remember, I cannot recall the high school RP site being a commercial site - unless I am mistaken. Please clear this up for me. Oh, and by the way, is it legal to collect dailies on a side account if your main account is suspended? Thank you. You guys ROCK! :D (Please leave my username out of this. Thank you. Once more, you guys ROCK!)
Seriously, man. The rocks.

Anyway, that warning reason should be updated a bit, but to clarify here, please do not post ANY offsite links on the Neoboards. There is a reason they are blocked and, if you have to go around the filters to post something, it should be a hint that it's not allowed. ;)

As for collecting dailies while your main account is suspended, this is not allowed. We set up the suspension system to allow users to keep their account, but to restrict access to the site and its functions for a period of time. This does not mean you can just do these activities on your side. It's the same principal as restock banning. We've restricted YOU, so that doesn't mean you can move to another account.

*BONK* ... *sob*

Okay, I read the rules about 5 times plus I read the Terms and Conditions and I did not find the answer. I know account sharing is not allowed, no matter who it is. What about giving away an account, though? I see in the rules where it's not allowed, but on a board I was on tonight a girl said her sister gave her the account, and I informed her it was not allowed. Another user told me that you said it was okay to give accounts to relatives. So please, TNT, could you answer this question for me? Can you give your account to and/or share accounts with a relative? ~egyptian_prophecy
Accounts can only be "shared" by family members who are assisting a user while they are playing their account (users who are too young to navigate the site by themselves or users with disabilities are some examples). Accounts are not to be given to anyone else under any circumstance, so we're sure those users just misunderstood. If you no longer wish to keep your account, you can sell the items (or donate them), abandon the Neopets, and either abandon or self-deactivate the account. Please do not give it to anyone else!

Every once in a while, when I'm reading the comics section of the Neopian Times, I come across a comic that is pretty much an exact replica of a comic in the real world, except it has Neopets replacing the comic's regular characters. I'm pretty sure that this is not supposed to be happening, but I'm not sure what I should do about it. Also, can you please remove my username?
If you find a comic (or article or story for that matter) that you believe has plagiarised another source, please report it (along with a link or detailed description of where the original can be seen). To anyone that submits to our creative site contests, please remember that plagiarism is NOT allowed. If you submit such a thing and we are then provided proof that it was stolen, the offending account will almost always be frozen.

Okay, maybe I'm completely blind TNT, but after reading about the strawberry paint brush & seeing the oh-so-cute strawberry painted Usul, I REALLY REALLY want one. *stomps feet* My fluffy_bon_bon would look so adorable. :D *giggles* I can't seem to find it, though! Are you sure that Strawberry Paint Brush is its name?! Lol. In fact, are you sure it even exists?! Hehe.... ~17babygirl2003
Ahh, sorry about the confusion. The actual name of this brush is the "Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush" and it currently sells for about 200,000 NP.

Finally! The recognition I deserve!

Just curious... who monitors the boards in other languages? Like French, and Japanese and stuff? Do you have people who work at TNT that are fluent in many languages? ~allathlete12
While many members of our staff are fluent in multiple languages, we have also hired monitors from all over the world to keep the boards clean in all languages.

My mom mailed my parental permission thing last week and it only takes a day for it to get from here to there but I still can't do anything. Do you ever check your mail or do you have a lot to go through or what? (Leave my name out of it.)
If you saw the mountains of envelopes and permission slips we need to go through you'd understand why it takes such a long time to get your permissions set up! D: Alas, it takes a lot longer to open an envelope than to grant permissions sent by fax (which are automatically scanned and uploaded via a nifty system we built). We know you're excited, but please give us more time. :)

If the lab map is assembled, can you take it back apart and sell it? Kthnx! ~xthousandmileso
Nope, once any map is turned in the pieces cannot be retrieved.

WUZUP? You rock my pink fuzzy socks, TNT! Anyway, is it normal to see a different language on the boards? Like, I keep on seeing some Chinese... then Spanish... and English all at the same time! Aren't there different servers for different languages and countries? ~foreverclueless
This is controlled by a board option, actually. If you go to Chat Preferences, which is located on the Neoboard pages, you can change your settings to either view topics only in your native language or to see all boards no matter what language they are in. Additionally, all versions of the site exist on the same servers simultaneously! It's pretty cool. :)

I wish I was pink and fuzzy. :(

Is there any possible way that you guys, the lovely staff of Neopets, could work it so that (even if we lose) we could still scratch off the last 3 slots on scratchcards? It's a weird request, I'm sure, but it kills me not knowing what the other 3 are! The two times (in the real world) that I have actually bought a scratchcard I lost, of course, but it was so satisfying scratching off those other foil covers (even though I knew I didn't win). Please take this into consideration; the scratchcards are driving me nuts! ~bunnie_swan
Haha, sorry, but we think allowing Neopians to scratch off the rest of the slots would either A) Confuse them, or B) Torment them horribly with the knowledge that they could have won if they had scratched off different slots.

How can you leave your guild when there's a silly layout code blocking the "leave guild" button? Is there another way that I failed to see, 'cause that happens sometimes. o__o; Help, please! ~cool_cat104
Doh! Yeah, that's not cool. If this is simply a coding mistake on the part of the guild admins, please notify them so they can remove it and you can leave the guild. If they refuse, well... that's another story. They should not be allowed to force you to stay in a guild that you'd like to leave. To be quite honest, this is the first we've heard of this happening, so there is no definitive rule on the subject.

Good afternoon! Today I was playing Dice-A-Roo and my 11 year old grandson was watching me play. He also has a Neopets account. When he saw me pressing the grey "roll again" button very fast (like 3 or 4 clicks at a time), he said I'd better only press it once at a time or Neopets will think I am an automatic program (he tried to explain this to me; I don't get it, though... suffice to say, you don't allow it). He is worried for me that I would get frozen because of this. Would you please let me know if this is so? Enjoy your spring! ~papabillj
Good afternoon! Some less scrupulous players do use programs to try to play the site for them instead of working hard like the rest of us do for our Neopoints. That being said, don't worry about clicking things quickly like that. As long as you aren't actually using a program to play for you or setting your coffee mug on the refresh key for hours at a time, you don't need to worry.

I was looking at the Hidden Tower items and I saw a squeezy Tombola guy toy for 110,000 NP. I bought it and tried to sell it for 80k but someone told me it is only worth 8,000 NP. I was wondering if you can take the item off the Hidden Tower so no one else makes this mistake. ~flavaflavyeahboi2
Since it's the cheapest item in the Hidden Tower, most players buy the item to get a certain secret avatar that is only received when you make a purchase from the tower. Since the item has no real use and so many people have purchased one, it has deflated to the low price you see now. It isn't meant to trick anyone into wasting NP. In the future, please be sure to check the value of an item before deciding on your purchase.

Hey, who you callin' useless? I squeak, ya know!

Does it matter which Neopet you play against in Godori? If, say, one Neopet has a higher intelligence than another, will it make the cleverer Neopet harder to beat? ~rubystarcat
Nope, intelligence doesn't make you good at everything! A Neopet that has read a lot of books is not better at Godori than one who hasn't been read to as much.

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