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Maximus Insanitus

I heard that when an owner celebrates his birthday, his pets get lucky...

by hehe041578
Grey Jelly: "The Grey Faerie"

I hate the grey cloud -.-

Idea by ciubie

by tirrya

Perils of the Kadoatery

And she thought there were no dangers to being fed all day...

by x_seabee_x

Kougras have such active imaginations!

by aiyakhiori
A World Of Fools

Be cool.

by trenla_rayne

That Kougra is a snowball addict.

by coshi_dragonite
Proud Painter

Be proud to have reached your goal!

by shaddykins
No Comment : Crossover- Soo thirsty..


Art by ssjelitegirl

by tirilia

Feepit Frenzy #2


by fariy287

What's wrong with asking for directions in the Deserted Tomb?

by tropical_tweety6
Razzle Dazzle - Episode XI

Already she has managed to insinuate herself...

by khestrel
Pet Kicks Club

Help! Help! Splash! Ka-Boom!

by gelert548
The Grey Life


Also by tinkx

by kazukazue

Faerie Hair

I wonder why the faeries don't have elemental hair?

by ali_oop58
Hardly Working

Where do you go when you leave?

by crystalcat10488
Dandilion Tails: Money Tree Madness Feat - Jhoaquin

I sawed it first!!!!

Also by walkaroundstar

by dandilion_crucifix

Life with Jen

Good thing about Robot pets...

by hiomoni
The Ka-DOLT-ery Part 2

What's another reason kadoaties no longer ask for draik eggs? Oh my. :O

by lissy_chan
Just Another Day

Be careful of those weapons you get from the Snowager...

by miacirclegirl
Late Night Snack

Food can be found in unexpected places...

by coco_dog_92
Just Sit

Starving --> Satiated --> Very Full --> Bloated.

by katopia12
Woes of a Farmer

Anything but that!

by explorer_253

Who you callin' a petpet, one-eye?

by lachtaube
Friend or Foe?

RUN for your virtual lives!

by stacy_summers2006
NQ II: The Mysteries

Snorkie, my ghost Kougra, decided that I should use Velm in a comic. He's quite good at being annoying, so...

by gabeedragon
Spooky #50

Looks like someone's gained a couple... dimensions.

by ghostkomorichu
The Petpetpets of Neopia

A new Petpetpet?

by starlet12
It's Hard Being A Pear

Don't you think life is hard being a pear?

by mrbrucettesdad
Fiesty Freaks


by eevilbirdiezuh
Amikarashui #2

Can you help me?

by bluecloud300
Grey Day

What's wrong?!

by da_dude_with_shoez
Little Benny

Little Benny's Costume for Halloween...

by chibblers
What He REALLY Means!

The Monocerous roars!

Concept by swedish

by pyrorockchik

Snack Time!


by azn_shorty
In Honor of Grey Day

Happy Grey Day!!!

by scarvogue
HAPPY Grey Day?!

What's so happy about GREY Day?

by glass__heart
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"A Cold, Grey Rain" by maxalt
A cold, grey rain drizzled slowly down onto the cold, grey, gloomy city of Neopia Central, covering everything and everyone within it in a cold, grey, dripping layer of (coincidentally) cold, grey raindrops. A small shadow Lupe, curled desperately on a lonely wooden bench, was no exception, being as cold and wet as everything else was--though perhaps not...

Other Stories


In, Through, and By Brotherhood
I got your letter. So, how's life hacking your way through wild Lupes, Bearogs and Aishas and staying alive along the way?

by precious_katuch14


Chronicles of the Court Rogue: Witchcraft
"Well, congratulations for making it to Woodfen," the blue Ixi drawled. "Unfortunately, we’re having a bit of a witch problem at the moment..."

by nimras23


WARNING: Grey Day - Do Not Smile!
Neopia celebrates this event in a wonderfully woeful style each year, and this year won't be an exception. But what can you do on this drab and dreary day? Will there even be enough time in your hectic schedule to fit all the sorrowful activities in?

by puck_vangerwen


Relax with Whack-a-Kass
Learn the secrets from the Whack-a-Kass master, that lovable blue Blumaroo himself!

by soaringeagle25


Neoplay: Two Faeries and a Wannabe Evil Overlord - Part One
"Excuse me, does anybody know where the nearest inn is?" The voice. Arathyne froze. It was too familiar...

Also by fsufan266

by kioasakka


Traitors And Warriors: Part Three
The battle faerie was the very image of power and superiority. Her face was hardened by her proud, disdainful gaze. She eyed me from head to toe, before unfolding her arms and sucking in her cheeks again. "You're not afraid of me, are you?"

by humgruffin

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