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Werelupe Care

by devil_doggy_4455


HAUNTED WOODS! - Lightning flashes in the sky, a gate creaks open, and a Werelupe howls. A old lady does the polka and a teenage boy pops up in front of you.

Welcome to the Haunted Woods; either you're here to listen to my article about how to care for Werelupes, or you're here to eat my muffins, which is a no-no and if you do, I'll be forced to destroy you.

You nod, not knowing whether to laugh, run in terror, or listen. You decide to stay and listen.

YAY! You stayed, I will make sure that your time will not be wasted. I'll run you though the basics of Werelupe care, or I'm not the Muffin King!

You stare, not speaking because you're afraid of what he'd might do if you told him he wasn't the Muffin King.

Okay, without further interruptions I'll get on with my article!

How to GET a Werelupe

In order to get a Werelupe you must do one of three things. The first task is simple but one of the most terrible. That is, you BUY a Halloween Paint Brush for nearly half a million neopoints. *le gasp* The second way is to have a Werelupe BITE your pet, which isn't very nice and your pet will like to kick you in the... place-where-you-sit-down every time they get the chance. Plus Werelupes have rather shiny fangs and claws, so it's best not to go into detail. *shudders* The third and final way is to have the nice Fountain Faerie paint your lupe Halloween; the only problem is that her quests are often very pricey. When doing any of these, it is important to ASK your beloved Lupe if they want to be a Werelupe; if you force them, then you'll have a very angry pet for the rest of your life. Until you repaint them, that is.

How to care for your Werelupe

Okay, you've turned your Lupe into a huge looming giant of massive power and stamina; now you'll need to know how to care for that beast. Simple. Werelupes are mostly carnivores, so give them meat for most of their meals, but since they do need their veggies I suggest you slip some asparagus into their steak while they aren't looking. Just watch out, for if they see you, the consequences aren't very good.

Now bathing them, if your pet is older and knows how to bathe itself, then you do not have to read this part of the article. If it is younger then I suggest you do. Bathing Werelupes can be a hazard to your health, so I suggest to make it fun for them. Since your pet is younger you can just plop it in a bathtub and give it some toys to entertain it. Then, while your pet is entertained, you can set to work on the daunting task of cleaning that extremely mangled fur. *shudders*

Training your Werelupe

This is the easiest part of the article. To train your Werelupe, do the same with any other pet. Drop them off at the Academy/Training School and let their teacher worry about them. Just make sure that their teachers have Werelupe Insurance. You DON'T want to know how much those medical bills cost.

Playing with your Werelupe

This is another easy one. If your pet is older, it'll play with its usual friends; same goes for your younger pet. However, on some days, that younger pet will be bored out of its mind and will force you to entertain it. You are then faced with two options, one being to hire a babysitter and run for the hills, two being to pull out some toys and play. If you were about to use number one, you'll be in debt for your life from the babysitter's medical bills.

If you decided to go with number two, you'll need some equipment, a truckload of toys and treats, and the best medical insurance possible. To start, try to play with some plushies; if you are lucky, they will last more than five minutes of play. After that, move onto reading to them, followed by a quick snack with the treats you bought. Afterwards if they are STILL not entertained, get out some polka music and start to dance; hopefully the sight of you dancing will make them faint from pure fear.

Question and Answer

Q. My Werelupe won't eat a thing, and has become severely depressed. HELP!

A. Calm down; this is most likely from one of three reasons:

  • Number one is that they think you were only in it for the avatar, which if you are, you are truly evil and deserve to be forced to sit though a comedy show done by Lord Darigan.
  • Number Two is that your Werelupe just feels lonely. Refer to the Playing with your Werelupe section of this article for help.
  • Number three is that your Werelupe is just getting used to its new shape and form. Try to get their mind off this; take them to Mystery Island or Happy Valley for some fun. That should cheer them up.

Q. You are NOT the real Muffin King, what do you say about that?

A. *twitch* I say that you should meet me in a the dark alley behind the book shop so I can "discuss" that with you. *cracks knuckles*

Q. What happened to my Lupe!? He/She used to be nice and kind! Now they are aggressive and savage!

A. This does not happen all the time but sometimes this side-effect occurs. Your pet is suffering from a rather bad side effect that YOU must cure. You must somehow show them enough compassion to make them remember who they once were, and help them to go back to the way they used to be. Be supportive, as your pet will be going though tough times.

Q. Thank for your help with the article, but one thing is still bugging me. How do you help your Werelupe unwind?

A. Ahhh, I was hoping you'd ask that! My Werelupe likes to unwind in the Battledome; he takes out his anger on the Chia Clown. Other Werelupes may like something else. It is up to you to find out what!

Well, there you have it, the complete way of caring for your Werelupe. Also if you were planning on getting ME to care for them, hand me one million neopoints as medical coverage and I'll get back to you.

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