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The Ultimate Guide to the Moon

by speredude321


KRELUDOR - Not too far from Neopia is Neopia's first and only moon, called Kreludor. It is inhabited by Orange and Purple Grundos.

Please remember to wear your Space Suit before going to Kreludor. It will give you what oxygen you need and will keep you grounded so that you don’t float away.

* * *

Current Kreludor Attractions

There are currently only a few attractions to see while visiting Kreludor. From Books to Furniture, you’ll have a ball!

Booktastic Books – Not only are the Grundos on Kreludor stylish but they are also very scholarly as well. There are more than 5 novels that can be bought from this Book Shop, some titles including: Orange Grundo Survival Handbook, 105 Lava Cake Recipes and the ever-so-popular Back In Peaceful Times.

Neocola Machine – No one is actually quite sure of what this Machine is capable of doing since it has only been tested a few times, but if you are lucky enough to get a Neocola Token you can pick 1 out of 8 choices of beverages listed which are: Dr Slother, Diet Doom, Na'cho Cola, Smite, Alt-Tab, Minion Maid, Mountain Poo, Dehydrated H2O, not to mention when you pick the beverage, you also have to pick how many Clicks you want (from 0, 1, 2, 3, 10 and 42). Who knows, you might get a fantastic prize, or you might end up with a big pile of smelly sludge!

Kreludan Homes – Every sophisticated Kreludan Grundo needs their very own Grundo related furniture in their Neohome. The top seller to date is currently the ever-so-stylish Orange Kreludan Flag.

Café Kreludan – Are you sick of the Grundo Chef Gargarox Isafuhlarg’s food? Why not buy from the Café Kreludan with popular dishes such as the Orange Moon Rock Pie, Orange Rambus Burger and the delicious Kreludan Grunpop.

Kreludan Mining Corporation – This active mine is guarded by the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot. Nobody knows what this mine is actually used for but if you try to get a close-up glimpse of what is actually going on the Defender Robot is known to aim and fire lasers at you almost instantaneously, so please be careful!

* * *

History of Kreludor

Not too far away from the world of Neopia is the first and only moon named Kreludor. This new world was where Dr. Sloth had originally found the Grundo species and currently it is inhabited by Purple and Orange Grundos. Xarthab being the leader of the Orange Grundos and Zorlix being the leader of the Purple Grundos and it just so happens that these leaders are brothers.

Long ago both brothers and their hordes of Purple and Orange Grundos were at war with each other, this war being Purple vs. Orange and of course each group thinking its color was superior to the other's.

After months of raging attacks both brothers finally made a peace agreement and Kreludor became a war-free land. Along with the peace agreement came a neat new flag. This sadly would not be the last war they would ever see.

With only 1-2 years gone by and Orange and Purple Grundos finally happily getting along, both leaders (Xarthab and Zorlix) had received a warning that an evil force would be visiting Kreludor very soon. A few weeks upon receiving such a warning, a dark space ship shaped in a V format hovered down to the rich-purple soil of the land of Kreludor. As the Kreludians stood feet away from the space ship they watched the door, anxiously waiting for someone or something to appear.

The door started to make a funny buzzing noise and it proceeded to fall downward slowly. The Grundos coughed heavily as the dust flew into their face. There stood 4 large and mysterious shadows until they walked out and revealed themselves.

The crowd gasped in horror as the slimy-green three-haired evil genius himself walked out. Yes, Dr. Frank Sloth walked out and gave his trademark grin, continuing to view his surroundings and waiting for the others to follow him. Three other mysterious creatures followed Sloth out – those being Garoo Elite, Green Seven and the ever so vain Aisha known as Sophix II.

Dr. Sloth pointed northwest and without saying anything to the onlooking Kreludians, he and his three minions went just to where Sloth had pointed.

It was indeed a long walk from the V-Shaped Space Ship to where Sloth had wanted to go but they had finally arrived at the desired location. Dr. Sloth turned to Green Seven and nodded his head while grinning. Green Seven then reached into his utility-belt and grabbed a long green prong, he stuck it in the soil and the prong itself started turning a different color, this being a light purple. Sloth laughed with excitement as his eyes glowed a bright red.

The Kreludians were still standing where the Space Ship had landed, shocked, horrified and unaware of what Sloth’s plans were. Unfortunately at this time they did not know that Kreludor itself was basically made out of a gigantic mass of Kreludan Metal which Dr. Sloth had planned to extract from the deep soil. This Kreludan Metal is a mineral essential for construction of Evil Robots as in evil Sloth Clones, a plan once used in the Tyrannian Land War (but that’s a whole other story).

Poor Sloth, even with his extravagant fortunes and ingenious plans, has no idea what is in store for him if he tries to mess with this planet!

* * *

Some Neopians say that if you look up at the moon on a clear and dark night, you will be able to see what looks like to be Sloth-shaped mining rigs. If these rumors are true would this mean Sloth had successfully managed to build a Mining Corporation? Has he really created the most powerful army that Neopia will ever see in a lifetime? Only time will tell...

Author's Note: Some statements made in the section called “History of Kreludor” are still unknown and are my thoughts/opinions on what may have happened.

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