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A Bunch of Letters Again

by ladyariel32





14th Day of Running, Year 7


I am writing to you for I have seen your advertisement on the Neopian Noticeboard. I am an archaeologist working mostly in digs in the Lost Desert. Commuting from Neopia Central to the Lost Desert and back every day has proven to be a hassle which is why I am highly interested in purchasing 14234 Sphinx Road. Not only is it accessible to my workplace but it also has wonderful features that I do not want to miss out on.

Please contact me immediately. I am sure we can arrange something that will benefit us both.

Thank you for your time.


Sarah Q.


20th Day of Running, Year 7

Ms. Sarah Q.,

I am sorry to inform you that the Neohome you want to purchase is no longer for sale. In fact, it never has been. I suggest you look into having your own Neohome built in the Lost Desert instead of wasting your time trying to buy one that already belongs to someone else. Besides being needlessly rude, this will also get you in trouble with TNT.

I own the house on 14234 Sphinx Road. It is my home and it will remain that way for eternity.

So, back off, you!


Isis, the real owner of 14234 Sphinx Road

20th Day of Running, Year 7

Dear Yannagiba,

I can't believe it! I really can't. I was furious the first time I found out and when I confronted Lady Re, I couldn't help but cry. She hurt me, Yannagiba. She hurt me a lot. How could she even think- no, wait... that's exactly it... she didn't think. I'm sorry, my dear friend, but I'm going to rant (and, this is going to be pretty long).

It all began when Lady Re finally finished her book about life here on Terror Mountain. She called it, "Winter Solstice". She gave me the manuscript to proofread and I must say, it's not half bad. She managed to incorporate all the research (loads of research which doesn't surprise me at all considering we've been here for almost a year now) she did into her novel's plotline. It's very informative but at the same time, it draws you in with its powerful characters. I told her that this was its edge over other books of the same subject. Anyway, she headed for Neopia Central not long after that, final copy of the manuscript in hand. She said she was taking it to the publisher. And, silly me, I believed her.

I was very happy for her but I cannot hide the truth. I was happy for myself. After all, now that she's finished the book, there's really no reason for us to stay here on Terror Mountain. Now, I thought, we can go back to our home in the Lost Desert.

Well, guess what the traitor did upon getting there? Okay, so she did get her book published (I'm sure you've heard of it by now, what with all the raving reviews critics have been giving it) but she did something else for which I will never forgive her. She put up an advertisement on the Neopian Noticeboard. And guess what it said? Go on. Guess. Neohome for Sale. Oh, it would have made me glad if she were selling this stupid igloo but no, she put my home in the Lost Desert for sale!

And, do you want to know how I found out? No, I didn't follow her to Neopia Central that day (although now, I wish I had). I was browsing through the mail a few days after her little trip and I found a letter addressed to her from some random Blumaroo in Neopia Central. So, it was wrong of me to open the letter and read it without asking her permission but after I read its contents, I really didn't care.

She betrayed me, Yannagiba. She could have at least consulted me before going ahead and putting my Neohome for sale. I am her pet, for Neopia's sake; shouldn't I have a say in decisions that could affect me afterwards?

When I confronted her, she wasn't even the least bit nervous or upset. She sounded so irritatingly calm when she told me that the publisher was so impressed with her work that she was asked to write a sequel. So, she had decided that we would stay on Terror Mountain permanently.

"Besides, I was already planning on selling that house because we're so happy here. Icy isn't used to the harsh weather down there, anyway. Don't you want what's best for your baby sister?" she implored, looking at me with pleading eyes.

"And, what about me? Don't I count?" I shot back.

"I thought you loved it here. You're a Snow Aisha. You have a lot of friends. What's the matter?"

"Just because it seems like I'm enjoying myself here, it doesn't mean I want to live here! I belong in the Lost Desert!"

Then, I stalked off, tears in my eyes.

I'm angry, really angry but most of all, I'm sad. Lady Re and I were getting along so well and then she goes and does this. I am so disappointed.

Again, I'm sorry for ranting. I just... needed to let it all out. I'll probably feel better tomorrow. How are things going at your end?

Yours truly,


30th Day of Running, Year 7

Dear Isis,

We all have the tendency to assume sometimes. Just the other day, I tried to feed Currant (did I ever tell you that that was what I finally decided to name the Zomutt you gave me?) a Lemon Sprinkle Doughnut because he ate three of them yesterday. He sniffed at it then totally ignored me. So much for my assuming that he loved those things. That was a pretty weird metaphor, wasn't it? But I think it explains a lot.

Your owner assumed that since you seemed to be enjoying life up there, you wouldn't object to living there permanently. You can argue that she should have consulted you first but perhaps, she was caught in the moment. After all, the publisher had just praised her very first novel and asked her to write a sequel. That doesn't happen to the common writer (much less, the common Neopian).

Perhaps you could talk to her again when you're feeling calmer. I'm sure if you both listen to each other, you'll be able to work things out. Hang in there, Isis. I know how important the Lost Desert is to you. With a little work, you could make your owner realize that it's important to her, too.

As for me, I've decided that I want to be a Neopian Times writer now. Okay, this is going to sound a little silly. I haven't told you about my owner's job before, haven't I? Well, Belle's a Times author. She only submits stuff sporadically (and some of her work's been rejected) but she's been published enough to be "known" in our little neighborhood. Some of our neighbors have even given her small presents before because they really enjoyed her work (although there was this one random who sent her a pile of dung... which I put to good use, of course).

You know me. I, ah, like attention (and don't go saying I get enough attention being a Krawk. I want to be known not for my species but because of who I am, what I do... which is so hard to do. For me, at least). So I decided to write something for the Neopian Times myself. Ehm. Now I sound like a self-centered jerk, but believe me, Isis, I'm not doing this just for the attention.

Lately, I've realized that I'm... well, getting older. Yet, I don't feel like my life's getting anywhere. Chi's gardening skills have given the family both NPs and food. Even my vain Aisha sister, Ashi, is doing something to help Neopia. Giving pets makeovers isn't really what I'd call helpful but she does boost their confidence so I guess she's doing something right. Yuki's too young to think about these things. And me? Let's see here... I'm mentally searching my head for something remarkable I've done. Hmm... nope, nothing.

Don't mind me. I tend to get philosophical lately. I'll probably get tired of thinking of what to write soon enough. Short attention span and all...

Reply soon. If I could give you a hug right now, I would, but my arms can't really reach that far. This letter will, though, and I hope it makes you feel better.



5th Day of Eating, Year 7

Dear Yannagiba,

About your writing career: good luck! If it's what you really want to do, then go for it. I'll be right here waiting for your very first Neopian Times publication. If you ask me, you don't have to prove anything to anyone. Then again, we all have dreams of being great (or at least, being likeable and useful). You're remarkable just the way you are. You've put up with me for this long, haven't you? I call that an accomplishment.

Back to my dilemma. I've made my decision. I know you've got nothing but good intentions in mind but I'm afraid I won't be following your advice. Not today. You don't know Lady Re the way I do. She's as stubborn as rock candy when she thinks she's right (keyword: "thinks"). I've decided to take things into my own paws. I'm going back to the Lost Desert to live there for a while. I don't belong in this ice-cold place that accepted me only when I shed my Lost Desert Aisha self and became a Snow pet like everyone else. I just think I need some time alone. I'm going to miss my baby sister Icy but she can come over to visit me any time she wants to.




I just used the Desert Paintbrush you gave me last Christmas. I intended to keep it with me for a while more but I couldn't take being a Snow Aisha for a second longer.


Don't forget to address your letter to 14234 Sphinx Road, Lost Desert. I'll be there waiting for your letter in anticipation.

5th Day of Eating, Year 7

Dear Lady Re,

I'm leaving. I'm not sure when (or if) I'm coming back. I just... really need some time to think alone right now. Don't worry about me. I've got some NP stored. And, you know where to find me, just in case, you know... you want to check up on me.


17th Day of Eating, Year 7

Dear Isis,

I'm not going to say anything except holler if you need me. I'll ride the nearest caravan to the Lost Desert if you do...

Oh, all right. I have to say something. Seriously, you and your owner need to talk. I bet Lady Re's worried sick right now. In fact, I bet she's already there at the Lost Desert forcing the door to your Neohome open as I write. Okay, I'm exaggerating. Or not. But if she really does go there, you would know she cares and that isn't such a bad thing, isn't it?

Hang in there, Isis. I trust your decision. You're one of the most responsible pets I know. If anyone can live independently, it's you. If you happen to need spare furniture or anything like that, though, I'd happily send some stuff over to you. And plushies. You've got to have plushies. I'm sure I could steal, er, persuade my sister to part with one from her precious plushie collection.

Sadly, I'm not making any progress writing-wise. I mean, I know I want to write something but I can't quite put a paw on what. There are just so many topics to choose from. How do writers do it? I haven't even started the actual writing process yet and I'm already stuck! Maybe I should just give it up already.

But I don't want to be a quitter.




20th Day of Eating, Year 7

Dear Yannagiba,

I've forgotten how hot it is here in the desert. How I've missed it so much! The warmth of the desert sand under my paws brings me boundless joy. Yet at times, I find myself looking out the window and thinking of snow. How weird.

As soon as I stepped into the Neohome, I forgot all about my problems with my owner. It just felt good to be on familiar ground once again. You don't even need to send me any furniture, my friend. Mort (my Moehog friend, if you remember) has already given me some cheap furniture including a nice bed and a Faerie Kitchen Oven. The first thing I did after setting up was spend two hours just lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling and enjoying the sunlight emanating from my bedroom window.

Afterwards, I visited Mort to catch up on the news. I ended up spending the day with him, laughing and talking about new books we've both read. It reminded me of the last time we were together... that time on Terror Mountain. Perhaps I could visit you for a while some time soon? Could I? It's been a while since I last talked to you face to face.

I left Lady Re a letter before I went away. She hasn't come over to fetch me or even just to check up on me. I guess this means she understands my need for some alone time (technically, I'm not alone, though, because I took Horus the Anubis with me). I don't know why I'm disappointed but I am.

All right. I'm lying. I miss Lady Re. I miss her impracticality, her stubbornness, and her workaholic attitude. I miss arguing with her, talking with her about the most pointless things... laughing with her. I've realized something, Yannagiba. Back when we lived here in the Lost Desert, our relationship was very superficial. We seldom fought then but we hardly ever talked either. She was mostly too busy with the stock market, earning NPs that I thought I didn't need. When we moved to Terror Mountain, though, she started loosening up. I began seeing her in a different light. I never knew she could be so passionate about something (that is, writing). I never realized how much she gave up just to provide me with everything I needed. I never knew how much she cared.

And now I do. I want to go back to Terror Mountain and be with my family. I want to tell Lady Re I'm sorry and that I love her. But something's getting in the way: my pride. I just can't do it. I can't go back.

Enough about me. I've been rambling long enough. I have no idea what you could write about for the Times but perhaps you could choose a topic that's close to home. I'd probably do an article on taking care of Petpets or a nifty guide to the Lost Desert. It would be easier to write about what you know, right? Also, writing calls for patience so don't rush yourself (not that I would know but Lady Re is an author now, after all). If you can't write anything today, try again tomorrow. Or, at least, try to write one paragraph a day even if you think what you're writing isn't making any sense (like my letters). Besides, Belle's an author, so why don't you ask for her advice? I'm sure she'd be glad (and flattered) to help.

Before I end this letter, I would just like to thank you for trusting me and always being there to support me. You mean a lot to me. I hope I've shown you that.

Yours truly,


25th Day of Eating, Year 7

Dear Isis,

You're welcome to come visit anytime! Ashi has a bunch of new plushies she wants to show you (you're still the only pet who had the patience to view her entire plushie collection) and Chi just finished a new recipe that he says is guaranteed to make you want to stay here with us until the day Sloth takes over Neopia (his own words, I might say). We're all getting excited around here so please... do visit.

As for Lady Re, I'm glad you told me how you feel. I'm sure that even though she hasn't come there yet, she's thinking about you and worrying about you this very minute. Our owners do care about us even though at times, it may seem like they're ruining our lives (heck, I should know but that's a story I'll tell some other time).

My advice? Forget about your pride and go back. You did say you were going away for some alone time, right? Well, I'd tell my owner I've had enough to last me a whole lifetime. Or something like that. Lady Re could do one of several options:

a. Break down and cry, then hug you, asking you why you ever decided to leave, anyway.

b. Pretend nothing happened and ask how things are going back at the desert.

c. Scold you and ground you for a year.

Or, you could head her off and tell her everything you want to say... everything you've been keeping inside your chest for the longest time. And, if your luck holds, she'd do the same thing, too. In the end, you'd both emerge from the experience with a relationship that's stronger than before. After that, you and your owner (and don't forget Icy!) could go outside and throw snowballs at each other provided, of course, that you don't freeze in the cold being a thin-skinned Desert Aisha (just joking, Isis).

Thanks for your writing advice. I feel like I can write a novel right now. (Heehee... maybe I'll move to Terror Mountain -- ehm, just joking, Isis! Really!) I've decided to write a short story. I'm going to ask Belle to proofread it after I'm done, but right now, I want you to hear about my plot. It's about the adventures of a lonely Desert Aisha who wakes up one day and realizes how special she is and how much others actually love her. Heh. That's as far as I got. Personally, I think it's a perfect plot with a perfect protagonist. I'm welcome to criticism, though. Just... don't be too hard on me, okay?

And now, I'm off to eat some Seaweed Pie! Yum!




I love you, too.

The End

Author's Note: This short story is the fourth in a series of stories that tell the tale of Yannagiba and Isis. You can read "Just a Bunch of Letters" here, "Just Another Bunch of Letters" here, and "Yet Another Bunch of Letters" here.

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