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Princess of Erodaire III: Part Seven

by christinetran


Rune stared at me, his old eyes filled with both sympathy and pain. My hand was still gripping his shoulder tightly, for I knew that if I released it I would surely fall. "Young one...I'm a fool for telling you this...but you need to know...someday..." he thumped his cane upon the floor once more, and, with his other hand, squeezed my shoulder before he started to slowly walk away. "I'm old now. Worthless and only full of old tales. There's nothing for me to hold onto now except for the past..." Rune whispered as he ambled past me and towards the door. "Nothing for me but the past..."

     I heard Rune's footsteps echo of the hallway walls as he walked away; moments later, I heard the door slam shut and the echoes of Rune's footsteps no longer resonated in my ears. Tears begin to well up in my eyes before I quickly brushed them away with the back of my hand. I hated crying, and I knew that I shouldn't, but I couldn't help it. My heart started to beat against my chest quickly, and I found it hard to breathe. My mind was clouded with images of my dear, sweet mother...adorned in the black clothing of the Deathdealers.

     "May they fall from Neopia and never come back," I growled through my clenched teeth, cursing the Deathdealers under my breath. I soon regretted that, for I knew that if I cursed the D.o.E., than I am cursing my own mother. Confusion started to cling to me, and more tears fogged up my vision.

     Imagine, falling for the one you were meant to destory... Rune's words echoed in my mind accompanied by pity and sympathy. It must have been hard for her in the past. He must've made her so complete, and yet she vowed to take his life away years before. Now that I think back on it, I still remember a hint of fear that seemed to glow in her eyes as she stared into space. Memories started to flood my mind once more, and I could perfectly picture her golden eyes mixed with both hatred and adoration as she gazed into my father's eyes. Everything in my past seemed to become more complete and confusing as I delved deeper into my family's history.

     "I need to lie down..." I whispered to myself, drying the tears that still clung onto my face and refused to fall. A quick glance out the window revealed that the sun had set, and that the tomorrow shall soon come. I hadn't even eaten lunch or dinner yet, and hunger did not pain me. I walked towards my room, opened the door, and the first thing my eyes fell upon was the journal upon the floor. The journal that belonged to a Rune other than the one who had just revealed my family's secrets. I walked briskly towards it, picked it up, sat on my bed, and opened it to the page that I stopped on just hours before.

Month of Gathering. The 9th Day

I know...don't scold me, dear journal. I haven't written in you for many moons, but the day after the 19th of Eating, Prince Alastare has hatched into a lovely White Draik. Handsome, and his eyes filled with light and intelligence. He's been keeping me busy ever since then with his mischievous ways and witty words. My, I daresay, he may be the best of the Erodairian Blood, for he's quite a lad. He has already memorized the maps of all the lands of Neopia, and halfway through the geography of Kreludor. He loves numbers, the dear boy, and I believe that he has surpassed me in that subject. Historical essays, though, could use some work. I have no idea where he came up with the idea that Fyora is bent on world domination. He's an ecstatic one, Prince Alastare...or as he likes to call himself: Alast! Haha...dear boy...he shall grow into a fine King...if he's given a chance to rule Erodaire. Oh yes, something else, the King and Queen have adopted three more Draiks. Two girls, Maya and Alane. One boy, Methear. Durn them...why must they continue to ruin the royal blood? Horrible King and Queen, they are, but thank Adam the un-royals are not under my care. They are in the Summer the Endless Plains.

Although all is good with the dear boy, during the past few months, all of the towers have been taken. The towns and villages are all ruined and put in flames, and most of our soldiers are prisoners of Lorezai. Our last stronghold...our last defense, is the King's army...The Royal Troops. The King is now out battling...and the Queen put in charge of the castle. Dear girl, she tries so hard, but I know from the look in her eyes that she's scared. She's scared of seeing her generation fall before her very eyes. Alastare, of course, has heard no news or tidings of the terrible news, for he shouldn't be burdened with it. He's too young...too young. I fear for his future...I fear for Erodaire's future. Each day brings more news of loss loved ones and Lorezai's victories over our troops.

Today is Draik should be celebrated. But, alas, we are all too worried. Too worried about what the fates have in hold for our kingdom.

Ending of the Entry of the 9th Day of the Month of Gathering.

Month of Gathering. The 13th Day

I have discovered that the Queen is going to send Prince Alastare away to a cabin. A cabin in the deepest woods of the land. He is to be sent there with one guardian...and I am appointed that guardian. We shall make leave just as the sun disappears behind the horizon of this night. I am to take nothing with me except the Prince and some Neopoints for necessities. Lorezai has conquered The Royal Guard. The King is gone. The Summer Castle has been attacked during yester-eve. Methear was captured, Maya was captured. Alane barely made it out with the help of a remaining Royal Guard. She now resides with the Queen in the Castle of Erodaire. All before my eyes...I am seeing the demise of Erodaire. I am a witness to the fall of our kingdom.

Prince Alastare is now King.

Ending of the Entry of the 13th Day of the Month of Gathering.

I stopped reading and discovered that my eyes were filled with tears. I did not know why...wait...I did know. I was reading about the near destruction of Erodaire, my kingdom. My heart stung with pain and sympathy for all who lived during that time. I felt more tears well up in my eyes as I thought of the past King, my Grandfather, Uncle Methear and Aunt Alane...they were never given a chance to see Erodaire in it's true beauty. I quickly brushed the tears from my eyes once more as I turned the page.

Month of Gathering. The 20th Day.

We, the King Alastare and I, are in the cabin. Cozy, dark, secret...perfect hideout. The Queen, intelligent, I always knew that. Lorezai is now at the eaves of the Castle of Erodaire, and the castle guards are barely able to defend it as it is. King Alastare, the dear boy...witnessing so much destruction at such a young age...I had to give him a Transmogrification Potion. A disguise...if they were ever to discover me, they would recognize me as the caretaker...but they won't recognize the king. They would leave him alone...hopefully...I shall risk my life for him! He is the heir to the throne. He is the King now. His mastery with the sword seems to improve each day, and so does his archery skills. He will be a great warrior...

Ending of the Entry of the 20th Day of the Month of Gathering.

Month of Gathering. The 24th Day.

This entry shall be short. There is not much time. I have heard news from the Dragoyle's that a new enemy lurks on the eaves of Erodaire. I have heard that wherever they go, they leave death and pain behind them. I fear them. They are the most powerful of all of Lorezai's troops. They were created to hunt down the King. I fear for King Alastare, and the moment I received the Neomail, I burned it. I do not want to burden him.

Ending of the Entry of the 24th Day of the Month of Gathering.

Gathering. 30th Day.

Lorezai's troops are still held at bay at the Castle of Erodaire's walls. I dearly hope that the Queen and Princess Maya are doing fine. May the dear Fyora watch over them. Prince Alastare has grown silent the past few days. He eats, sleeps, and trains all day now. Dear boy...I wish I could somehow comfort him. I shall speak with him tonight.

Entry's End.

Collecting. 7th Day.

It has almost been a month since Alastare and I have ran from the castle. Lorezai still hangs at the castle's doorsteps. I guess that the castle guards aren't as horrible as I thought they were. The Death Bringers, the troops who were sent to find the king, continue to pillage and plunder every person who does not know the King's whereabouts. How much blood shall have to be shed upon his behalf? Dear boy...I wish that he would never discover this dreadful news.

Entry's End.

"The Death Bringers..." I whispered to myself. I knew for a fact that the Deathdealers of Erodaire originated during my father's time, and I was positive that these Death Bringers Rune speaks of in this passage were the original Deathdealers. "Is that why my father hates them so? He lived in such a dreadful time...and I believed that Vevina was a true enemy..."

My hand still rested upon the page, uncertain to whether it should turn it or not. I had always loved happy endings, when the hero lives happily ever after and the antagonists receive what they deserve. I practically live for happy endings; their tales of adventure, bravery, and courage give me hope for something better...something more. As I re-read the last passage, I have a foreshadowing thought that Rune's journal shall not have an end which I will enjoy. I unconsciously know that everything shall fall before his eyes, and that, like his kingdom, he will crumble along with it. I continued to read.

Collecting. 10th Day.

I have stopped writing the fancy titles since my ink shall run out sooner or later. Right now, I have to use crushed juice of the brogle berry to write. Ink is scarce in this region. King Alastare grows silent. I can see the pain in his eyes...the suffering he is going through from being separated from his kingdom, his friends, his family. I can see the hurt in his eyes from being isolated with no one but an old geezer to speak with. I am but a caretaker...not an acquaintance, and both he and I knows that. Our friendship, though not forbidden, shall be strange, and he does not want to console in me his thoughts and problems. He needs his family...he needs his friends by his side. Dear Alastare...if I could only help him become happier...merrier. I would give all my possessions to finally be able to light a spark in his eyes like before.

King Alastare is slowly wasting away before me...

Entry's End

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