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The Search for Petpet World: Part Five

by darkfaerie700


The Emerald

     Today the three musketeers would be getting their final scroll for gems. They had gotten their buggy back and they were heading off to Mystery Island. And who should be waiting at the dock for them? The Wise One. He welcomed the group and led them to his hut; although they had been there so many times they did not need to be led! So they went in and sat down. As usual the Whoot went to the back and took the last scroll for the gems.

     "Ahh. The last scroll for them gems. Well, good luck!" said the Wise One. The Whoot waddled out of the room.

     "Okay," said Jobo, "Let's see what this says." Jobo opened the scroll. It said:







     "Okay, so e is emerald but what does JW mean?" Jobo. They thought for a while when Ted said:

     " JW is Jelly World! Which means JBOD is-"

     "JBOD is Jelly Blobs of Doom!" said Jobo. They all agreed. "So now all we have to do is figure out how to get to Jelly World."

     "How are we going to do that?" asked Okley.

     "I know just how to do it!" said Jobo.

     "The three had reached Jobos old owner, the bad Grarrls, Neohome.

     "So, now, all we have to do is wait until they go to Jelly World. We will just go with them. Sound okay?" said Jobo. They nodded.

     "But when are they going to Jelly World?" said Okley.

     "I know that when I was here, they always left for Jelly World at 3:30. And that's in 5 minutes. So...... we will follow them around until they go to Jelly World," said Jobo. They all agreed. So when it was 3:30, as Jobo said, they left for Jelly World. Jobo and the rest followed them until they actually got there. When they reached Jelly World they went straight to Jelly Blobs of doom.

     "Okay, who wants to try and get more than 30 NP in JBOD?' asked Jobo. Okley volunteered. "So, you can have as many tries as you want. Just try and get 30 or more than 30 NP." Okley nodded.

     "Hello there, welcome to JBOD! Of course that stands for Jelly Blobs of Doom! Step right up and win, win, win!" said a Pawkeet quickly. Okley stepped up, and started to play JBOD.

     "Go Okley!" cheered Jobo. It took 3 tries until Okley had finally got over 30 NP in Jelly Blobs of Doom. They had earned 75 NP by playing that game.

     "So . . . . . where's the paper?" asked Jobo. Okley looked around the playing machine.

     "Back here guys! I found the paper!" exclaimed Okley. They hurried to the back.

     "Here it is!" said Okley, pointing to a piece of paper sticking out from the machine.

     "Well take it!" said Ted. Jobo took the paper, looked at it once and he looked at the others confused.

     "Look at this," said Jobo handing Ted the paper. It said:









     They all looked puzzled. Even Ted did. They thought for many minutes when Ted had an idea.

     "Give me that paper!" said Ted. Jobo gave Ted the paper. "I am thinking that I think I know what this means. Its a code. And I think I know how to decode it," said Ted. He took the paper and rummaged through the buggy until he found a pen. Ted turned the paper over and started writing. Within minutes Ted had it figured out.

     "Look at this," said Ted. "Well, do you notice that the letter sometimes have capitals? That was my first clue. Actually my only one, but whatever. I tried first to take out all the capitals. But when I did it ended up all gibberish. Next I tried taking away the letters that were not capitals. It ended up like this: GOTOMERIDELLFINDKINGSKARLTHENTELLHIMWHOYOUAREANDWHATYOUAREDOING. Then I managed to add spaces and then it looked like this: GO TO MERIDELL FIND KING SKARL THEN TELL HIM WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Cool huh?" said Ted handing Jobo the paper. Jobo gasped and looked at the paper.

     "Oh yeah!" cried Okley. "We are heading for Meridell!"

      * * *

     The three had reached Meridell and they were ready to go to King Skarl's Castles.

     "So all we have to do is just tell him who we are and what we are doing?" asked Okley.

     "Yup," answered Jobo. "I will tell him about that." The three of them walked to the kings door but were stopped by two Draik guards.

     "What do you think you're doing?" asked a Draik guard.

     "We are looking for King Skarl. We must talk to him," said Ted.

     "Do you have an appointment with him?" asked the other Draik guard. Jobo shook his head. "Then you cannot come in," said the guard. The crossed their spears over the door.

     "But we are looking for Petpet World and we need to talk to him!" Jobo pleaded. The Draiks looked at each other in astonishment and then one said:

     "If you are doing that then you are welcomed in!" said the guards. They opened the door to King Skarl's Palace. King Skarl's Palace was nothing like Fyora's. It was cold and grey and the walls were made out of stone. Jobo shivered. The palace was not warm and welcoming like Fyora's. but it was cold and the walls seemed to say GO AWAY! One of the Draik guards outside led them to King Skarl.

     "Your Majesty," said the Draik bowing down, "these Petpets are looking for Petpet World and insisted on seeing you." Jobo nodded indicating that he agreed on what the Draik guard said.

     "Leave now!" bellowed the King Skarl. The Draik nodded and rushed outside. "So you puny Petpets," boomed King Skarl. "What can I do for you today?"

     "We are looking for the emerald. The scroll told us to play the game Jelly Blobs of Doom and this paper told us to come to you. It also told us that we have to tell you who we are and what we are doing. But I see that your guard, the Draik has already told you what we are doing so we must introduce ourselves. I am Jobo the Boween," said Jobo.

     "I am Ted the Miamouse!" said Ted.

     "And I am Okley, the Barabat. Pleasure to meet you!" said Okley. The King nodded gruffly.

     "So since you are looking for the Petpet world then I will give you a riddle. It will tell you where to find the emerald. Okay?" said the King loudly. Jobo nodded in agreement. "The riddle is: In white walls like marble, there is a skin as soft as silk. Next come a crystal clear fountain, then a golden apple does appear. The walls do not have good hold, so thieves break in and steal the gold. What am I?" asked the King. They were all stumped at the riddle. After a few minutes of thinking surprisingly, Okley got the answer.

     "I know it! I know it! The answer is an egg! White walls are the egg shells, the skin is the membrane, the crystal clear fountain is the egg white and the golden apple is the yolk! Am I right?" asked Okley. The King gruffly nodded again. "Whoo hoo!" cried Okley.

     "Now," said the King. "In Neopets what do eggs relate to?" he asked.

     "That's easy," said Ted. "Eggs relate to Neggs."

     "Right," said King Skarl. "Now where are the most neggs?" Jobo gasped.

     "The Neggery!" he cried. The King nodded. "Thanks King Skarl!" said Jobo bowing. "Let's go!"


      They ran off to the buggy and drove straight to the Neggery. Within a few minutes they reached their destination. They all eagerly hopped off and ran straight in. So many people delayed them a bit, but finally they reached the Negg Faerie. It was a good thing no Neopians were there. They climbed up the counter and tried to get the Negg Faerie's attention. Finally the Negg Faerie saw them.

     "What are you Petpets doing here?" she asked.

     "We are looking for the Petpet world," Jobo sighed. He was tired of saying it so MANY times. The Negg Faerie laughed.

     "It looks like you are tired of saying that!" said the Negg Faerie echoing Jobos thoughts. "So you are looking for the Petpet world?" she asked. Jobo nodded. "So it is. I can play a little game with you. If you win, you get the prize and the emerald. If you do NOT win I keep the emerald and the prize till tomorrow. Deal?" she asked. Jobo nodded and shook her finger.

     "Let's play this game!" he cried. The Negg faerie went to the back of the Neggery and took three Neggs. One yellow Negg, one Happy Negg, and one red Negg.

     "Which one out of all these Neggs is the odd one out?" she asked. "This is probably easy right?" The three of them all thought for a few minutes. Then Ted got the answer.

     "The red one is the odd one out! Because, the Happy Negg and the Yellow Negg are both yellow. But the Red Negg is not yellow, but red. Right?" asked Ted.

     "Yes that answer is correct," said the Negg faerie nodded. They all high-fived and then Jobo asked the Negg faerie:

     "So . . . . . what's our prize? And where is the emerald?" The Negg faerie took the red Negg and handed it to Jobo.

     "That your prize," she said turning to walk away.

     "Wait!" cried Jobo. "Where is the emerald?" The Negg faerie smiled and said:

     "You will find out soon enough. Now run along!" She put the three of them outside and closed the door on them.

     "I cannot believe it!" cried Jobo. "She made a deal that she would give us the emerald! And what does she give us? A red Negg. I mean what can it do? Like its good for cooking and stuff but what else is it for?" asked Jobo putting the Negg in the buggy. "Come on Jobo. Think!" Jobo said to himself. They all thought for a while when Okley had said something that gave Jobo a big clue to finding the emerald. Okley had said:

     "You know, my mother always said that if my father cracked my head open, you would be able to find too much knowledge that it would over flow." Okley sighed. "But I always disagreed that I-" Then it struck Jobo.

     "Okley! You're a genius! I have figured out what we have to do to get the emerald! All you do is break the red Negg open!" exclaimed Jobo. Jobo ran to the buggy to get the red negg but he soon discovered that it was not there. Jobo gasped and he turned to Ted and Okley.

     "The red Negg is gone!" he cried. Then Jobo caught sight of someone. Someone holding a red Negg.

     "He took it!" screamed Jobo pointing to the figure that was holding the red Negg. They all hopped into the buggy and drove off, chasing the figure that took the red Negg. Although the figure that took the red Negg was fast, the buggy was faster. The buggy soon caught up to the figure but they had no way of stopping the thief. Suddenly, something green swooped in front of the thief making him fall to the ground. The green thing also took the red Negg. The figure that fell to the ground was scared so he ran away from them as quickly as he could.

     "That was a close one. That thief could have gotten away if it was not for that green thing that swooped down at the thief," said Ted. They looked around for any sign of the green thing. Instead of seeing a green thing, they saw the Negg faerie standing there, with the red Negg.

     "I thought you needed a little help," said the Negg Faerie smiling. Jobo nodded and said:

     "Thanks a lot!" said Jobo.

     "I guess that's yours!" she said. The Negg Faerie handed them the red Negg and flew away.

     "Now," Jobo said, "The moment to truth." Jobo slowly and carefully cracked the Negg in half and in the Negg, glittered the emerald. And at that moment the three musketeers had all the gems they needed.

To be continued...

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