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Trophy Extravaganza!

by devil1699


GAMES ROOM - Trophies; those shiny things you see on the bottom of your user lookup and in your trophy cabinet. Do you ever get jealous of those Neopians with a full page of trophies?? If you’re like most Neopians, you’ll find that your trophy cabinet is collecting dust. And you probably think obtaining these trophies is HARD WORK! Well, if you’re anything like me, you'll want to get trophies in the quickest, easiest and cheapest way possible. You’re in luck; I've compiled this list of the 10 easiest to obtain trophies in Neopia! I'll start out with the easiest ones first and end with the hardest. Keep in mind, while these trophies are relatively easy to obtain, nothing is free!!

1. BEATING PUNCHBAG BOB - You might say... How in Neopia is this the easiest trophy to get? He has 5000 HP!!!! Well, all it takes is a bit of patience. In fact, a level 1 pet can beat Bob! This opponent will never fight back. If he hurts you, it’s most likely by accident! To make this go faster, I suggest you visit Coltzan's Shrine a couple times before the battle to help your pet get stronger and stock up on weapons, snowballs and anything else you like to use in the Battledome. After each 1000 HP you take him down, take a 10-minute break, and go get a Neocola (if you’re in the Ice Arena, I suggest a Cup of Borovan). You'll get the trophy once you successfully beat him in the Battledome.

2. CHEAT! - Maybe one of the easiest and most fun games in Neopia. The object of this game is to get rid of all your cards, before any of the other 3 players do. The players put down cards in numerical order. You can "cheat" by putting a different card if you don’t have the one that’s asked for. This game gives a handful of NP and a few battle cards for each game you complete. You get the gold trophy once you have cheated your way to conquer all the opponents.

3. SNOW WARS - Another easy game. The objective of this game is to hurl snowballs at the opposing player's base, and successfully snowball all the items in their base before they get yours. You'll receive a runner-up trophy after completing the first level and a gold after defeating all the opponents.

4. CELLBLOCK - The objective of this game is to get 5 of your game pieces in a row before your opponent. They can be going horizontal, vertical or diagonal. This game tests your wits; you need to outsmart your opponent! You'll get a runner-up trophy after you complete the first tournament and a gold after you finish the game.

5. DEFENDERS OF NEOPIA - Getting this trophy has to do with your excellence in the Battledome. The Defenders of Neopia operate in a series of Missions, given to you by Judge Hog. Each mission will ask you to defeat a certain denizen of Neopia. The first offender you must defeat is the Pant Devil, who is difficulty 21. After you complete the mission, return to the Defenders of Neopia HQ and Judge Hog will give you a new trophy! After each mission you complete after the first, the trophy on your userlookup will be slightly different and the mission number under it will change.

6. SAKHMET SOLITAIRE - This is much like your classic card game Solitaire. You know, that one your granddad plays when no one else will play cards with him. The objective is a bit complex if you don’t know how to play already. You want to get the whole deck of cards into the four piles of cards located to the top right side of the play board. The trick is, you need to put them in numerical order (starting with ace) and each pile has to be the same suit!!

7. PYRAMIDS - The only way to get this trophy is through patience and hard work. You must play the game a lot. Luck and skill are major factors in this game. The object is to uncover all the cards in the pyramid, by selecting an active card (card that is facing up) that is either 1 higher or 1 lower then the play card (on the top of the playing board). It's up to you which cards you pick. When you get a high score, you'll get a nice new trophy!!

8. NEOPIAN TIMES - Why do you think I'm writing this article?!? It's so I can get the Neopian Times trophy. After writing a beautiful story, article, or comic for the Neopian Times, you'll be awarded with a spiffy new trophy for your cabinet! This depends on your writing skills, and if the kind publishers of the NT like your work (I hope they like mine!!!)

9-10. POETRY COMPETITION and PICTURE COMPETITION - These two are based on your creativity! They are still very easy to obtain, though; you don’t have to play any games or beat anyone in the Battledome. Just take some time to draw a nice picture of your pets, Petpets, or items OR create a poem. My suggestion is to give your poem or picture a theme. Neopets likes to pick the pictures that go with an upcoming holiday or event. Some examples might be for Jhudora Day - create a poem describing the dark Faerie herself, or for Gadgadsbogen draw a picture of your pets taking part in the festivities! When you’re finished submit them to Neopets and wait for them to pick you! If you don’t get picked, keep trying! They can only pick a certain number of pictures and poems a week, so who's to say it can't be you next week??

There you have it. Hopefully I've somehow made your quest for these elusive trophies just a little easier! And not to mention, add a little sparkle and flare to that boring userlookup!

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