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Battle of the Brushes

by evilfaerie3400


"Shh! If we ever want to get past the Snowager, we have to be quiet!" whispered Jenny the red Kacheek. She and her best friend NeoJapanAvnitia the red Meerca had heard many tales of the Snowager's hoard, but had never actually been inside. One early morning, curiosity overcame fear and she and NeoJapanAvnitia (better known as NJ) set out from their homes in Happy Valley for the Snowager's cave. As they rounded the last turn in the tunnel, Jenny began to regret her reckless decision. But her regret shriveled away to nothing as she took in the Snowager's lair, with the Snowager nowhere in sight.

      "He must be out somewhere!" exclaimed NJ excitedly. "Let's look around!" Although slightly disappointed that she hadn't gotten to see the Snowager, Jenny couldn't resist digging through the enormous pile of stuff that filled the cavern.

      "Ugh," she said to herself as she stumbled upon a Disco Fever Paintbrush. "Why do they even have these anymore? Hey, NJ! Think fast!" she called and tossed the Paintbrush to her friend. Jenny laughed as NJ was painted Disco. "Nice new look, NJ! Who does your hair?" NJ grinned conspiratorially as she slowly picked up a Tyrranian Paintbrush and hurled it at Jenny.

      "I don't know, Jen! Who does your fur?" she cried hysterically as Jenny grew long, coarse fur all over her body, her teeth became crooked, and a blissfully stupid look crossed her face.

      "NJ!" Jenny said angrily. NJ ignored Jenny and continued to roll around laughing, a big ball of flower power. Jenny grabbed a Maraquan Paintbrush and threw it at NJ, who immediately started gasping for breath. She fumbled around, grabbed the nearest paintbrush and quickly painted herself with it.

      "Jenny! Dat's not funny! Wiw yew quit waughing? I could haf died! Wat's so hiwawious, anyways?" NJ scolded before looking down and realizing she had painted herself with a Baby Paintbrush! "Oh, so its warw, is it?!" she exclaimed, trying her best to drag what seemed to be a huge Skunk Paintbrush to her over to her friend. She poked Jenny in her still-hairy Tyrranian leg, and the rest of her body followed along. NJ smiled as Jenny was turned skunk. Then she frowned. "Oh, wat is dat smew?!?" she exclaimed in disgust.

      "It must be the skunk!" replied Jenny. "I'm getting a different paintbrush!" Jenny grabbed a Mystery Island Paintbrush and used it on herself.

      "Ooh, it's a good wook fo' yew, Jen!" NJ said truthfully. "Oh, I can't stand dis Baby no mowe! Gimme a Paintbwush!" she said, grabbing a Faerie Paintbrush and painting herself with it. "Ahh," she sighed. "That's better. Now, let's get out of here before the Snowager comes back." The earth began to rumble. Suddenly, in roared the Snowager. NJ screamed and tried to run, but Jenny grabbed her wing and pulled her back.

      "Stand still. Don't make any sounds or sudden movements," she whispered.

      "How are we going to get out of this?" NJ whispered.

      "I'm thinking... Got it! There are two Invisible Paintbrushes behind you. Get them," she whispered urgently, her paw clasping onto a Paintbrush herself.

      "But I'm a Meerca! I can't be painted Invisible!" NJ whispered back.

      "Get Uni and Red Meerca Morphing Potions." NJ fumbled around behind her back and finally her paws closed on two Invisible Paintbrushes and a Green Uni Morphing Potion. She passed a Paintbrush to Jenny and felt around for a Red Meerca Morphing Potion. She felt a Morphing bottle. 'That must be it' she thought to herself and, still holding it behind her back, she slowly brought the Uni Potion to her lips. She took a gulp, and, in a hurricane of light, she was transformed into a Green Uni!

      "Oh, my goodness. I'm a Uni. I'm a Uni. I'm a..." She was cut off by Jenny's voice shouting from nowhere,

      "Paint yourself! Paint!" NJ hurriedly obeyed, doing the best she could with Uni hooves. It worked. She was invisible. "Run!" Jenny shouted. And they did. They ran for their lives. When they were finally safe, in the daylight, where the Snowager did not dare to go, they stopped. Panting hard, Jenny got out her Paintbrush and painted herself before bothering to see what paintbrush she had picked up. "Gweat. I'm a Baby," she muttered, turning back to NJ. "NJ, no! Dat's not a Meewca Potion!" But it was too late. NJ had taken a drink, and was in the middle of another hurricane of light, before coming back down to the ground.

      "Wahahaha! You picked up a Baby Paintbrush! ...What, Jen?" she asked. "What is it?" she said more anxiously. She looked down at herself. She slowly reached up behind her and felt a pair of wings. She reached up to her head and slowly reached for the back of it. A horn. She had a dull horn at the back of her head. "Oh...OH!! I'm a Shoyru! Ohhhh..." she moaned, looking down at her claws. "I'm a Red Shoyru. Now what are we going to do?"

      "We only have one choice. We have to go home and face our parents," Jenny said sadly.

      "I wonder what it feels like to be a grounded Shoyru?" NJ mused, stretching her wings.

      "Well," said Jenny, "You'll have a long time to find out." And so, the two friends went home, never again to venture into the Snowager's lair.


     1) Be very careful when you are in the Snowager's lair, especially when he IS in it.

     2) Never just assume in important situations, like Jenny and NJ did. If they had checked the things they grabbed instead of just grabbing, running, and using, everything would possibly have worked out.

     3) Try not to steal, especially if the person you are stealing from happens to be an 800 pound ice worm with an attitude. If you do take from the Snowager, I'd advise you make only one trip a day.


      "What do you mean, you went to the Snowager's lair?!?" Jenny's mom cried that evening. "And why are you a Baby?"

      "Wew, Mommy, you betta sit down, 'cuz it's a wooong stowy..." and they sat down and Jenny told her mother the entire story. Meanwhile, NJ was not having much luck with her mother, either (which sort of rhymes :) ). She refused to believe that NJ was her child.

      "Mom, get over it! I am NeoJapanAvnitia, and nothing you say can change that! Go ask Jenny if you don't believe me." So NJ's mom went next door and rang Jenny's doorbell. Jenny answered the door.

      "Jenny?" NJ's mom asked with wide eyes.

      "Hewo. How a' yew?" Jenny grinned, trying not to laugh at NJ's mom's hilarious face.

      "I'm... just fine. I came because of the appearance of my 'daughter'?" she replied slowly.

      "Yes, dat's youw dawta, da Shoywu," Jenny grinned even larger at her face.

      "O...OK. Thank you..." she said, dazed.

      "Good night. And tew NJ I said good wuck."

      "I... I'll do that. Good night, Jenny."

      "Good night," Jenny replied, and slammed the door, barely closing it before bursting out in laughter.

      "What was that all about?" asked Jenny's mom.

      "Wew, Mommy," Jenny gasped in reply, "Wet's just say be wucky I'm a Baby Kacheek!"

The End

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